Here you will find everything I’ve written and not categorized elsewhere. In order of posting date and in an ascetically pleasing layout to find anything of interest! I hope you enjoy the immortalization of my writing!

What is This Conversation About?

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The war had left its toll on everyone but Spencer had it the worst. Emily his long-time friend always took his smoke break together. Who knows what they would talk about but its a sure bet its something to do with the Great War. The city was bustling with activity as everyone put in their hours to make a living. The new war had made a demand for weapons almost unobtainable.“So handsome, whats on your mind today?” Emily said with a smile as she brushed back her red hair.She always wore too much make up which was only because of her job as a downtown bar hostess. She always had to look good in this fucked up society.“Nothing much, just wish this day would be over soon, I’m in dire need of sleep,” Spencer said as he took a drag of his cigarette.Spencer was your run of the mill worker bee. He was in the engineering department and worked on their super weapons and vehicles. He has messy black hair and a clean shaven face. He always took a smoke break every two hours like clockwork. Emily would come around whenever she could.“I bet there is more going on in the mind than you care to share with me,” Emily flirted.“Yeah sweetheart but its always a jumbled up mess without any real substance,” Spencer smiled back at her.“What is your big project you are working on right now?”“Right now I am crafting a suit of armor for the Marines to use in battle. They get beat to shit whenever they are deployed. Which is a lot of work just to have it destroyed again, but whatever makes the day go by I suppose.”“Touche I suppose, right now we have the infamous mayor and his party of political creeps in the diner down here, but they tip well. Just sick of hearing about the body counts they spew like nothing. Life, nowadays is nothing but another number. I’m sick of it. Hey can I have a drag of that?”Spencer took a drag and handed the cigarette over to her. She promptly took a big pull on it and left a lipstick stain as she passed it back. Spencer looked into the sky at the protective dome that secured them. He smiled suddenly thinking about his parents and what they did to keep this city safe.“Well I suppose I must get back to work!” Emily smirked as she flirtatiously wink back to him.“See you around Emily.” Spencer waved back.

Two Officers Down

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Being a long coat had its disadvantages. When your skills outclass all the officers that accompany you on your missions, you have a lot of death to face. Chloe has just been sent into the infamous Galactic Headquarters, the building of the most elite scientists known to man. With her was two level ten officers. Jorge and Ray.“Okay so we need to get in and grab the hard drive of their super computer, shouldn’t be too hard right?” Ray smiled as he polished his AX4500, an elite rifle capable of shooting fifty bullets a second with an unbelievable magazine of a thousand that was supported on their armor. Ray put on his helmet that allowed for a much better sight. Connecting to headquarters and possessing hundreds of uses he was ready for battle.“Don’t get too cocky, if they sent a Long Coat on this mission it must not be easy, speaking of Long Coats where is she?” Jorge said in a grimace as he closed his helmet visor.“Sorry I’m late boys, I got caught up with some red tape but Cupertino took care of that one for me,” Chloe laughed as she pushed back her hair.“Hello Officer my name is Jorge and this is Ray,” Jorge said with a perk at her beauty. How could anyone this small be a long coat?“Good evening, my name is Chloe. I work for the Red Ribbon Army. I am a long coat, the highest rank achievable in my squadron. I will be assisting you in this high level mission, we cannot fail.” Close said suddenly serious.“Where is your weapon?” Ray snickered.Suddenly Chloe pulled something resembling a flashlight from her pocket and pulled back hard. A staff exploded from it and she swung it with incredible precision. Electricity sparked on one end and a blade on the other. She swung it around fancily and smirked at the brute questioning her.“I think I’ll be okay,” she smiled as walked through the two men.“Has all our security been shut down?” Jorge asked, seemingly the only one with more than muscle backing him up.“Yes. Now we need to make this quick it can only be jammed at short intervals to avoid suspicions. The main computer is in the center of the building. We need to override it with this ID card that we forged in the lab. Once inside we don’t know what we are up against as there is no cameras for us to hack in the computer room. Are you prepared for this A-Rank mission?” Chloe asked carefully.“Yes officer we are prepared for this battle.” Ray and Jorge said together.Not the best but I’ve written every day now!

The Ebony Blade

-Image Prompt

We had been playing Knights vs Dragons all afternoon at the park near our house, Jeremy, David, and Michael were close friends and we brought along our new friend Vlad. He was an interesting child, always seemed to be in his own little world. His parents were poor so he had a stick instead of a nice plastic and foam sword and shields like we did. We made the mistake of telling him about the history of the park. It was rumored that many years ago it was the grounds of a castle, hence its name Bayonetta Park. Bayonetta castle was rumored to be the home to Artesia’s King. Many knights lived and died on these lands. Leaving them supposedly cursed and haunted at night. But we never worried about that. Until one night our parents forgot about us. We were playing in the park when it began to get dark. The moonlight pulled through the clouds and David cried. We needed to find out what was going on. So we pulled out Jeremy’s cell phone his mom gave him, one direct line to her phone. But she wouldn’t pick up. Vlad strayed from us and found himself staring at the cool rock that was never moved here. However, he noticed something sticking out of the rock. The handle of a sword of some kind? Of course, Vlad was very curious and walked right up to it and that’s when things changed forever. He pulled the sword out of the rock and suddenly moonlit fog spread across the grass. Transforming the world we knew into a tragedy. After the fog lifted we noticed that we were in a castle. It was empty besides the guards standing atop the towers. We stared at each other horrified and confused. Vlad looked at us with a grin that sent shivers of fear down my body.
“Finally, I’ve found it. It’s been so many years. My father spoke of the blade but he never knew his son, his outcast of a child, could find it. Now I will make them all pay.”
“Vlad, what’s going on?” David said through tears.
“What are you talking about?” Jeremy said defensively.
Michael stood in silence beside them.
“My father told me bedtime stories of the infamous Ebony Blade wielded by the Black Knight. He said it granted the Black Knight powers unimaginable. With it, he slashed many foes. Took down empires and overthrew the king. Now I will follow in his footsteps. I knew the stories had always been true. I just never knew I could be so close to them! Here in the park where I live, almost like fate had a hand in this decision.” Vlad said, his vocabulary articulate for a fourteen year old.
“What if you put it back? Will everything go back to the way it was?” David suggested as he wiped away tears from his face.
“This is what I wanted, I needed an escape from this terrible world we live in,” Vlad yelled triumphantly.
“Vlad you’re scaring me!” Jeremy said shook up.
“What more do you know of these stories?” Michael asked curiously.
“Here take a look,” Vlad said tossing him a small journal, “I’ve written everything down.”

Suddenly a man appeared behind them in black robes.
“Finally the prophecy has been fullfilled. I will finish this curse and lay it upon the lands. Bringing back the memories of forgotten pasts,” a man hissed.
“What curse?” Jeremy asked.
“Once the Ebony blade is pulled from its pedestal, waking it from its forever sleep the land will be thrust back in time to the days where armor and sword ruled,” Michael said reading from the book.
“Finally it’s here! My future! My overthrowing of all the silly peasants that shunned me! I, Lord Vlad-The Black Knight shall slay the king and throw the world into chaotic dictatorship!” Vlad said as the sky grew dark with clouds and magic could be felt in the air.

The Alley

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Whenever someone mentions witches, they immediately think of old ugly women who are hundreds of years old. With that signature mole on their nose. However, this is not always true. Sure I know a few older witches that fill that stereotype but they all don’t. In matter of fact, anyone could be a witch regardless of age or looks. The only rule, is that it’s a woman. Men are called wizards, warlocks, or sorcerers. I find this highly offensive. But that’s how Artesia works. The king makes the calls. I’m a special kind of witch though. I’m a huntress. I am hired for not only my proficiency in spell casting but also my skills with a blade. It’s gets lonely on the road, so I have my friend Spook with me. She’s a little furry feline, another stereotype associated with witches. They all think we have cats, and no other animals. I know a couple witches that have fricking wolves. So fuck that. However, I like cats. They’re stealthy, defensive, and cunning. No one expects a cat to be on a high stakes scout mission. Reporting to her mistress all the intel I need to assassinate another unfortunate Shattered Soul.

Let me explain those to you as well. Witches and Demons have fought for centuries. You think by now they would have a pact, but here’s the thing. Demons don’t get along with fucking anyone. They are hunted by priests, paladins, Angels, and witches. Although the latter for a separate issue. Back in the day the first witch, Morgan Le Fey was slaughtered by her demonic lover Lucifer. He smashed the witch and demon alliance all because he couldn’t keep it in his pants. Almost as bad as Zeus. Although he started wars on behalf of his penis. Shattered Souls are people that have been infected with a demon. We are charged with destroying them. While Angels and Priests try to save the humans souls, that just makes the demon find another host. They need to be destroyed. So they can no longer infect the innocence in the world.

I was stationed in the alleyways of a local village only towns from the king. They were reports of a gang of demons traveling village to village infecting innocent people in order to expand their horizons. Reach more areas so whenever a demon need to do the bidding of their master they could, in record time. I’ve been trailing them. Watching them try to find a host. Once they do. I kill them. They have yet to caught on. The alley was silent in the dead of night. But I knew my demon I was hunting had a special place in his heart for a host here. See, the out skirting villages are already on suspicion of espionage and treason, so they are often swept to kill all demons. However they have a three village rule. Do to the demand for this type of work they can’t go to all the villages. So this village was perfect. Pretty well thought out for a demon, someone was definitely pulling the strings here. I would never have guessed who.

I walked around the bricks and saw my target, he had gone for a smoke break. Leaving himself alone and vulnerable. My chance to slay him once and for all, but this would not be an easy fight. I rose my sword high and placed a wooden pipe between my teeth. I often used tobacco mixed with herbs to entice a feeling of calmness over my body. A little herbal medicine.
“Flee Spook warn the others, I’m going in!” I said calmly to my companion.

I rushed in with my blade in hand and cut the demons cigarette from his lips.
“Oh boy, someone to play with. I was wondering when you were coming after me little huntress,” he smirked as light enveloped his body.

“You knew I was following?” I gasped, suddenly losing my confidence.

The Broken Parents

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They say love can conquer all. However, I feel like that may be true but some losses love takes its toll. Who would have know that something this horrific could happen. It wasn’t supposed to be this way, of course. It was a simple mission. Our voices needed to be heard. People with abilities like us were shunned terribly. We were so sick of the oppression. We needed to take down the infamous organization, CRI. They paid other people with abilities to kill off their own race. It was sticking. Although Alchemy wasn’t well known, it’s power was overwhelming for so many. I was a master of Alchemy, and I used it sparingly but effectively. My beautiful wife possessed the ability of persuasion. We just needed to get to “Zeus” and convince him all would be well if he crumbled his organization. Who would have known the casualties we would face. They had employed a new person with abilities. Turns out to be their number one. He is only know as the Enforcer and he possessed Telekinesis. What maddening power. No one stood a chance l, he blasted us all back with his terrible power. If it wasn’t for him we both would be dead. A time traveler of all things. We hated him though. Because of all the ones to save. The one he didn’t save was our son. No abilities. Just following in his parents footsteps. An unnecessary life taken. He didn’t even give me the pleasure to spite his name. Now we lay teary eyes on the commercial bus. Loathing in sadness.

My dear Benjamin, I’m sorry. I’ve been a terrible father. It’s only a matter of time before we come to see you. We’re going to end what we began and we’re going to do it for you…

The Battle in the Woods

-Image Prompt

She stumbled into the soil, it’s moistness penetrating her robes. Filing her nostrils with the earthy aroma of mushrooms. Her eyes watering from exhaustion and her breath a shallow gasp she stood to her feet. The branches breaking around her as she watched glowing red eyes begin to surround her. A stream of blood metallic in her throat she swallowed in fear. 

Her sword raised, her goddesses looking down on her, and a ball of fire in her hands, she still wasn’t confident she could win this battle. 
Hellraisers; hellraisers, everywhere! 
Suddenly claws came for her glinting a speckle of light of the moonlight slicing through her robes leaving tattered remains. She blasted the horrific creature away with fire and two more appeared behind her. Tackling her to the dirt begging to rip her head off. Drool flying and teeth gnashing, what a horrifying nightmare her life had become. She closed her eyes and began to recite the old defense spell. 
“Skjöldur” she muttered in desperation. 
An explosion of magic erupted from her body, blasting away the creatures begging to feast upon her flesh. The cried in agony as they flattened trees and brush with their bodies. She looked around painfully to see that more were coming. She fell to her knees tears begging to overflow in her eyes. She pouted and began to cry knowing that this was one battle she wasn’t coming back from. 
A crash could be heard from the wood line as a Knights sword sliced through one of the creatures flesh, bursting it into flames. He swung backwards and another creature burst into smoke. He began slashing through them with his blade turning her grave into a place of rebirth. His moves were swift and quick as hellraiser after hellraiser he sliced through them in desperation. He suddenly tossed his sword into the ground and leaned on its handle. Hands resting as the gnawing creatures came closer and closer. Did he give up? It looked as though he was muttering something quietly to himself. Did he know magic. She trembled in the soil as they got closer. 
“Stríðsmenn Blása” he cried out, his eyes glazed over in light. 
Energy emitted from the blade like a typhoon, exploding around him in waves, massacring the creatures in lights unseen. Waves continued to blast from his blade making sure to get every inch and corner in it’s radius. Hellraisers were bursting in flames and turning to smoke in agonizing screams as the battlefield was cleared by but one man. 
She lay there in awe over his power. Wondering who he could be? What is he doing here? Is he a soldier, a king, a God! The possibilities of his existence were forever lasting. She looked at him her jaw dropped in shock as suddenly she realized. He was gone. She crumpled to her knees from exhaustion and overwhelming admiration for whoever just saved her life. 
Or did she save her own life? 

The Fight

-Writing Spark

“I do everything for you! I couldn’t dream of anyone else, all I ask in return is devotion and love. You can’t even give me that!” I cried as I grabbed my backpack.
“Please Radon, don’t it was nothing I swear!” Beth cried in dissatisfaction.
“You want to go fucking sleep with your ex, do it. I’m done. I’m so done.” I said as I ripped open the door and leapt into my car.
Beth came up to me with tears in her eyes begging me not to go. But I had too. I couldn’t do this anymore. She’s cheated on me three times with this guy already. She’s had her chances. I blasted Disturbed as I blew out of the driveway.
“The apartments yours, bitch.” I screamed in a flurry of dust and pine needles.
Beth dragged herself inside and threw her head in her hands. Tears rushing from her eyes. It was supposed to be coffee nothing more. Then before she knew it she was helping him take his shirt off in the back seat of his car. Her tits flopped out of her bra as he ravished her with his lying lips. It was only a matter of minutes before she climbed on top of him. Ecstasy steaming the windows. She knew it was wrong. She knew how he felt about her. He knew how Radon felt about him. The secret though she had no idea.
It was a muggy night when he saw it. She asked him to wake her up early for a cup of coffee with Derek. He distasted the thought as he snuck outside while she slept for a cigarette. His mind racing with the possibilities that overwhelmed him. That night he crawled into bed next to her. Thinking if he could only slip into the peaceful bliss of sleep. Where his thoughts couldn’t hurt him anymore. But they flipped it on him. He didn’t realize his abilities yet. That night his mind was tortured with vivid images of the two of them sneaking into the backseat of his car. They were all over each other, helping each other undress. Her tits filled his lips with a lustful addiction. She crawled on top of him when the windows began to fog. The images slipping away from him as only moans filled his mind. He shocked himself awake with a technique his friend Mitchell taught him. He sat up in bed his face dazed at what he just saw.

Late Night Convolutions


Am I even alive? I feel like I’m floating through the air. I can’t write because my life was not led through trepidation. I didn’t abuse drugs, I never drank like a fish, I never went on the prowl for the delicious flesh of women. My past isn’t broken or cracked. I can’t write because in all honesty I’m not broken. If I was broken then I could write. All the good authors had something or someone tear them down. They built themselves back up with words when they couldn’t break any more. I’ll never be a famous author because I was never damaged enough as a kid. The world is full of danger, ill intent, and darkness. I’ve never been able to experience the revitalizing waves of being smashed. Instead I’m overly ordinary. Nothing about me is special, I’m just like everyone else. Why do I pursue things I can’t achieve? Hopeless fantasies of worlds I should have led. Until then I’m nothing. I’m no one. I’ve never been anybody to anyone. Things come and go like lightning. In the end it never even matters. I can’t achieve greatness until I’ve been destroyed.

Coffee as Black as my Soul? Or Something More


“Black coffee is a synecdoche for life; when you eliminate the excess—when you deliberately avoid life’s empty calories—what remains is exponentially more delicious, more enjoyable, more worthwhile. It might be a bitter shock at first; but, much like coffee, a meaningful life is an acquired taste. Sip slowly and enjoy.”

Life is an Aquired Taste-Joshua Fields Millburn

What an interesting epiphany this quote delivered me. I’ve never thought of black coffee as a pleasurable experience, but none the less once you get over the bitter taste (which happened for me within minutes) what you taste is so much more enjoyable. It’s more powerful. You can really taste what you’ve been missing. It is definitely a good quote from one of The Minimalists. A lifestyle choice I hope to embrace. It’s much easier to read the benefits then try to fight for them yourself. It’s going to be a rough and bumpy ride but how my life has changed in the last couple weeks have really opened my eyes. Change isn’t always necessarily a bad thing it just can take a lot of effort and conscious decisions. It’s so much easier to float through life in oblivion then it is to look at yourself, really look into everything you are, to realize, change can be a good thing. Nothing will happen overnight, it rarely ever does. The best things in life take time. Mimalism however isn’t the “oh god get rid of everything you own and you’ll be better” kind of thing. It’s  more of a refocus on what is truly important in you’re life. Look at every piece of your life and analyze it, what brings value and what weighs you down? After realizing another epiphany recently (my previous blog post) I thought about it and no matter what; you can always give it your very best shot. It’s better to say you tried then to not try at all. Sure my mind has been a jumbled mess lately but I’ll refocus my thoughts and pull something out of my brain. Something great I hope. If not, there is always ways to improve. Just gotta do it man.

My my name is Seth Kaileen, I am a community college student, and full time Training Coordinator at a local bank. (Hence why I’m attending community college). My schedules can be chaotic or empty all in the same week. I’m still not sure what I am focusing on for my career choices, but either option I consider is in the field of education. On my limited (or excessive) spare time I’d like to write more, try to engage my mind. There was once a time when stories poured out of me like lost song lyrics, now it’s so cluttered that my stories stay hidden. I’ve got to poke and prod my head to dig them out. There are so many tools out there to help spark the writers thought process and I need to utilize each and every one of them to get results. Once I pull that off I’m hoping to hone my skill and really spend my time doing something I’m passionate about. Sure, I might never be a famous author; on tours and book signings, heck I might not ever write a book, nothing but short stories and free flowing words that may or may not make sense. But I know I’ll be happy doing in it and that is the real kicker here. Your passion should become just that, a passion.

Hard work. Dedication. A cup of black coffee. Nothing but me and my tablet, or me and my notebook to keep the peace!


-Image Prompt

I sat on the bench, desperately smoking a cigarette as a young man walked up to me and sat down.

                “Hello Seth, how have you been?” he asked in an anxious tone. 

                “Hello Austin, I’ve been doing okay, how about yourself?” I said nonchalantly as I puffed away. 

                “What happened to you man?” he said angrily. 

                “I know, I was once this amazing God and now I am nothing more. I used to expel emotions from my body in a puff of black light, I used to whip away my sadness with a breeze, I could sleep in the evening’s and wake to the futures prediction. I was great once. Now I am no more.”

                “Don’t you want it back?” Austin asked with his head hung low. 

                “I used to leap over things, balance perfectly, and my hand-eye coordination was on point. I could sense danger, manipulate emotions, I could do this all once. But now I am no more.” 

                “Is it possible?” 

                “I could sink myself in emotions and overwhelm myself with joy. I could dedicate my life to someone. Now I can’t; no more.” 

                “I wanted what you had, I wouldn’t have let it slip, but you seem to think otherwise? You inconsiderate dick.” 

                “I might reconnect someday, it’s always a possibility, however it’s not in my interests, not with all this tomfuckery.” 

                “I’ll take your power, I’ll put it to good use, I can make the world better, why can’t you?” 

I puffed the final puff, and slipped the cigarette to the wind. I looked him up once, and once again. I smiled with a smile, that was awfully force. I rushed my hand through his hair and looked at him once more.

                “Good luck little one, don’t let yourself become me, encourage your inner power, don’t let it be seen. I have faith you’ll do better than I ever could. Prove me right little brother. Make the final stand.”

“He Had Finally Had Enough…”

-Sentence Prompt

I sit at the kitchen room table, burning the tips of my fingers while listening to his song. Trying to summon the god inside me to take on the tragedies that have been placed on my lap. She thought she was so clever, thinking she could hide him from, again? Foolish little cunt. I knew what was going on the entire time, I pretended not to notice so I could sleep here a little longer. She was becoming nothing more than a toy for me to play with after that, sloppy seconds but for someone like me that was okay. 

We would fuck every single night until she made me cum over and over again, I would reward her handsomely if she did well, or punish her severely if she didn’t. She became suspicious as I lasted so much longer than she was used too, making our sessions hours upon hours, until her body was worn and used. My mind a jumbled mess of the two that had gone behind my back.
Then while she slept in the wee hours of the evening, I would slip a cigarette between my teeth and slip into my car, blasting down the road at 90MPH blasting metal music at 1:00AM. Running to the bars where I would continue my onslaught of pussy. I could no longer be tamed, and thats what I wanted. Over and over again was a girl in the back seat of my car as I choked her with my cock, or filled her with my cum. 
It became a ritual of sorts. As she slipped away at work to his bedroom I would work feverishly getting my shit together. I had the place and the funds and thats when I would drop it all on her. 
The evening had a delicious melancholy tone. I tossed her onto my mattress as I slayed her cunt with my massive cock. Filling all three of her holes in lustful anger. I just needed to keep cumming before I lost my cool. Once she was throughly punished for her actions and aching for a break. I slipped out the door. Didn’t even wait for her to go to sleep. 

Her bare feet hit the floor running as I leapt into my car, a cigarette in my teeth, what a chaotic mess we had made. 
“Where the fuck are you going?” She yelled in fury.
“Look in the kitchen, bitch!” I cried as I blasted dirt behind me.
There on the kitchen table were photos with burn holes in them of the two in loving embrace. A bottle of jack sat empty next to a beer glass and an ashtray full of spent cigarettes. I could hear her falling to the floor in sadness and disbelief even though I had pulled away. A sick smile curled across my face and I screamed in frustration of the shit I had been put through. 
I walked through the dark house to his voice on the phone. 
“It’s okay baby, we will get through all of this!” He smiled, as two women sat below him rewarding his slutty behavior. 
He threw his phone on the bed and the women slipped out. I walked in as he zipped his jeans. That evening I beat the living shit out of her lover. 
His body was so terribly mangled three whitenesses had to identify his body before they could be sure it was him. On his walls in his blood were the words spelt out “Fucking whore!” I knew I couldn’t get away with this much longer but the high from being HIM made me do it all. 
I walked into my workplace and quickly bashed in the faces of all three of our security guards and caught my bosses desk on fire. I laughed in a chaotic mass as I smoked my last cigarette. Three tasers and two bullets had pierced my skin as I continued to laugh at the destruction I had caused. 
I felt the voltage light up my body, zapping through me, with a fierce burning that only made him stronger. I pulled the wires down bashing the cops into the floors. Laughing as control was completely gone. 
The detective came in and didn’t hesitate to place three slugs right in my chest. I stumbled backwards into the walls and smashed my skull against it as I fell. 
Laughing the whole time as I became nothing. 
“This is one of the most brutal cases we had of this?” The detective said as he zipped up the black body bag. 
“I know Detective, what are we going to do about it?” The deputy asked. 
“We need to find the source.” 

“The Slap Left a Red Handprint on My Cheek”

-Sentence Prompt

I pulled her close to me and pressed my lips to her. This would feel amazing, but I was not thinking, what ran through my mind was not my thoughts it was lust. Lust was fueling my passion. I felt her lips, they were so smooth and inviting, she melted into me as I teased her intruding tongue. It felt as amazing as I always thought it would. Her taste was of her own, no one would have the same taste as her. She pulled me tighter her breasts teased against my coat. She radiated warmth along with the feeling of her hot breath. I hated myself for thinking about it, even more for enjoying it! It felt too amazing. Her hands ran up my head and through my hair pulling me even closer as our tongues teased a second time. I couldn’t focus, not with her kissing me like this! What did I just do! Out of impulse I managed to separate us with a slight snap of our lips. I looked into her beautiful blue eyes, her body as amazing as no other, her breasts young and perked up after our moment, her curves beautifully displayed in that low cut shirt and short skirt, her legs a beautiful glistening tan begging for my touch. I hated myself once more for thinking such things. I quickly cleared my head of all lustful thoughts, to fill it in with my reality. I just kissed my girlfriend’s best friend!

“So Seth your thoughts?” Kassandra played.

“Amanda is going to kill me!” I gasped.

“Kassandra I am so sorry, I don’t know what has gotten into me. I should never have let that get out of hand like that!

“Seth, listen.” Kassandra whispered, “I have waited a long time for that, I have wanted to kiss you ever since you and I have been together so much!” Kassandra pleaded.

“Why Kassandra? Why?” I asked very upset with myself.

“Seth, I love you, I have for such a long time now, I couldn’t have you because Amanda was with you, but every other second we managed to spend together, I have been more and more attached to you! I love you Seth I love you so much!” Kassandra sobbed

“You know that can’t happen, I love Amanda and everyone knows that,” I said as I walked off, so upset with myself.

“Please Seth!” Kassandra sobbed to no-one

I continued on and was thinking about everything, why did she say she loved me, love is not just a word love is an emotion, and it’s the most amazing emotion in the world. It also the hardest emotion to fully understand and feel. How could she say something like that to me, so quickly? It took Amanda and I a while to even consider telling each other how much we loved each other, even though we both knew how much we did love each other. We could both feel it. But Kassandra how could she say something like that to me? Now? We have only been friends for four months? My mind was clouded, and I hated it.

I managed to get home walk through my doors and put myself on my bed. What was I to do now? Do I tell her? If so what is going to happen? I think I finally messed up for the last time here. What am I going to do? If I don’t tell her, someone will find out and it will be all over the school and in no time it would end… Just like it started.

I drifted into a guilty sleep. I woke up and looked at the clock, a little while and my decision would be made. I got up and I headed to the shower, took a quick one and got dressed. I walked to my car and put the key in the ignition and soon I was off. To face my doom.

I parked my car fairly close to the school and I walked through the double doors. I passed pictures students created and headed to the cafeteria where I would meet my girlfriend (or Ex-Girlfriend…) I walked through the door and I saw Amanda. She walked up to me with those eyes. The ones you get when you have gone too far for flirting, rage filled, and hurt. In a blink of my eyes her hands were in the air coming at me from the side. I felt an intense pain on my right cheek, I felt numb and I felt hurt, not only physically, emotionally as well.

“So you kissed my best friend!” Amanda screamed

“Amanda I did not mean to, I swear!” I pleaded

“I need to think about things leave me alone!” she said as she stormed off.

“Damn!” I cried out. I walked to the men’s restroom I looked in the mirror. The slap left a red handprint on my cheek. I winced as I washed it with cold water,

“Wow she slaps hard!” I randomly whispered as I continued to bathe it in cold water, the mark began to go down, a very pleasant feeling.

I walked out the restroom door and I continued down the hall to my first period class where I thought would be a great place to be alone. I walked through the doors of my first period class and thank goodness it was empty, I sat myself at a computer and I laid my head on the keyboard. I prayed that she would stay with me.

The day went by and I had seen no sign of her, I climbed into my car and began to drive home. I fumbled my phone out of my pocket and checked my messages, one text said “Im sorry” and it was from Kassandra and I had a voicemail from Amanda. I quickly held down one and listened intently to the crackling phone.

“You really hurt me this time Seth, I know we have been through a lot, but this was way to far, I spent all day thinking if you were worth a second chance. And I have decided that its your last chance, don’t mess this up, I really love you and I don’t want to lose you. Last chance Seth,”

I felt warmth travel up my spine, I really did mess things up this time but she was giving me a last chance, so I smiled and took it as a hint from god, which reminded me of a sticker I once saw “god made me, and god made you then whispered meant to be.” I prayed silently in my head and thanked god for all he has done. I got home and I lied on my bed and felt relived, I have not lost her, but now I must be careful. I sat there for a while until I fell asleep.

I woke up and got dressed and headed to my car to go to school. I drove smoothly on the road and came into the schools parking lot and prepared for my first encounter. I walked in and I saw her in the lobby sitting there laughing with Kassandra, thank god they were still friends. And I walked up to Amanda.

“Hey babe you still love me the same?” I said shyly.

She rose up and pressed her lips to me, the electricity flowed through me. Her hot breath raised my hopes, I felt her soft lips and I pulled her closer to me, wrapping my arms around her slim waist and her arms around my neck. It felt real, better then it ever had. I felt her love. And I knew everything was fine.

“That answer your question baby?” she smiled as she grabbed my hands. Her warmth flowed through me. Thank God.

“You Need to Decide What Kind of Person You Are!”

-Sentence Prompt

Facing the possibilities that the very nature of your soul might be shattered, is something not to take lightly. I mean really how the hell could someone manage four completely different personalities, and more importantly, which one is the most prominent? I’m sick to my stomach thinking of the very things that could have happened in ones life to split themselves into four different people? What kind of hell have your surpassed to feed the emotions necessary to fuel this kind of monstrosity? Those are questions in need of answering.

Seth Leone Kaileen- I suppose, from your files, that this is the creative side to you? Perhaps there was a time in your life where you could fabricate the very nature of worlds onto paper. I read that he has no particular trigger, in matter of fact he seems to be far more reasonable then the other two? I believe you’ve told me that his ideas have made things a little easier for you? He is not very strong though. He’s been weakened substantially by the others. He seems to really not have much real organization to his life. He feels he’s fantastic sometimes but absolutely horrendous for most others. He seems to be the prime reason you go to school or wake up in the morning. You lay a heavy weight on him, when he is not as strong as the other two. However lets go over his pros and cons shall we?

Pros- Reasonablilty, creativity, positive, intriguing.

Cons- Naive, blinded, unorganized.

Kasey Grimhold- Ahha, this one is a particularly difficult identity, am I correct? He sees nothing but the darkness in the world. He seems to make your life a complete disaster by overplaying every situation you are to experience. I believe he is the most common one to keep you up at night? You struggle with him a lot because he is completely manipulative.  Always fabricates dark conclusions of the data you share with him. I believe he hurts you the most, doesn’t he Derek? He has a point to an extent of how writing might be beneficial, however he always warps it into tragedy. His trigger is negativity right? He will take a normal situation and warp it into the worst case scenario imaginable. Usually playing on the strings of your heart. I have been told he literally sucks the energy out of your other identity, Seth, to fabricate sentences and paragraphs worthy of a novel prize. You could never show these dark scenarios to anyone but admire his craft, and how much he knows about you? He can hurt you far more than any other entity. He also scares you for some of his thoughts are quite twisted?

Pros- Confident, idealist.

Cons- Minipulative, negative, drawn out.

Jackson… oh my, Fucking Cross? He is your strongest entity. He has a very unusual trigger, a song am I correct? For the safety of this experiment I will neglect to include it’s title. From what you have told me you willingly give up control to this Jackson often? Usually in situations of dire stress. From your harsh language I’ve come to understand, he’s rather standoffish? In matter of fact he is completely motivate by anger. I believe in your journal entries, I apologize for the intrusion of privacy, that you wish to become him the most? You set him aside a time ago but have signaled for his assistance rather frequently as of late? You see something completely different from the world that has to deal with him, although you make a habit to have your encounters rather private, he’s like you, but on a higher level? You see him as a confident man who takes the shit of no one to achieve his goals. Perhaps you think you are rather passive, which I would have to agree. You think women are attracted to him the most. You feel someday his reveal will be the downfall to your adversaries? However, Derek, I am afraid to tell you that this is not the case. When you give your control to him you speed. You are completely reckless, and rather unkind to anyone around you. Most people would be turned off by his presence but you basically idolize this man? I think if you were to reveal him more often in public your feelings about this would change tremendously.

Pros- Confidence, lack of worry, relaxed.

Cons- Destructive, dangerous, minipulating, careless.

Derek Mason- So this is obviously your most prominent psychosis. This is who this experiment is being performed on at the moment. The legal identity of the one who suffers this tragic case. I believe you idolize the compass, hence the four splits, and see yourself as nothing more than the host to be fed off from. You desire nothing more than to fade into the background but realize what a mistake that would be. The nice guy who always finishes last. I found some similarities in your multiple personalities, confidence and control. You both feel distraught and comfortable when you are in the passenger seat of one of these? You believe the world owes you something for how good of a person you are, and at the very understanding that the world does not work that way completely discourages you often. You cannot handle tragedies well, well, I guess I should say of the heart and soul. Death seems to not have as much of an affect on you? Sure, it is sad, but you have kind of realized it is the natural order of things and will usually be the strong one in the room; the shoulder to cry on. You however, lack the most basic of adaptation. Your immediate thoughts are to basically, let someone else do it? You cannot handle stress well. Destructive scenarios you purposefully avoid? All in all though perhaps you think you are the most understanding of the laws of the life you live. You seem to contemplate and evaluate situations appropriately, it’s usually when you are one of the others you overlook things. However, you are so distraught in your own personality that you despise being this very person. I’m very concerned about your favoritism of Mr. Cross, he seems to have some kind of hold on you?

Pros- Balanced, prominent, understanding.

Cons- Biased, distraught, hateful.
So Derek are you ready to start the experiment? Have I gotten most of the details correct?

Starry Night


No one (I know) takes time to look at the stars anymore. They’re all wrapped up in their own digital fabricated universes. Don’t they realize what’s in front of them is far greater than what is beyond them? I suppose I’m just a cynic. I’m no better than them. I wasted the last half hour watching stupid videos on YouTube. I wonder if this is all just some sort of experiment trying their hardest to brainwash us all? It’s all well and good for the things it does, but it consumes whole-heartedly. Relationships and friendships with those next to you fray. While (sometimes) those far away grow stronger. I guess it is all up to perspective and preference. I’m just that nerd who loves having the latest and greatest and realize, those with technologies just as good as mine are far more interested than I. I want something to work, the way it is supposed to, the first time. I care about the small moments I invest in the digital treasure troves. They want it to fill a void in their hearts. 

The earth isn’t doing too hot, any estimation as to when it will perish? I always wonder that as I walk the streets or drive in my (not as fuel efficient as I’d like) car. Cigarette butts and McDonald’s wrappers scattered on the streets. Crumbling buildings remain in ruin. Recycle recycle plastered all around; as they wrap their products in plastic. I guess I’m just weird. I look at things a different way I suppose. I can’t really pinpoint it. I feel like something is constantly wrong with the world but no one else seems to notice. I can’t believe the misery thats permantaed our souls. Is consumption no longer the answer? Well I won’t ever know, I see people going off grid and buying their tiny homes, when they just spend the same on a normal home. Their is a price to pay for everything and everyone seems to be willing. 

I’m not all bad though. I see the positives in everything, as much as I can. I see you holding the door open for that person. Tossing your spare change into the charity jar. Trying their hardest to bury their darkness because, they would want no one to feel the way they do. I know there are so many good people in the world, and so many bad. I look at them each as same as I can as everyone has a motive. I know everything happens for a reason but I always want to know why? 

I’m not a great person, I’ve got plenty of flaws. I see the world through darkness. Not to mention without cause. I don’t know why we do all that we do. We say its for them, but really; it should be for you. I want to always be someone else? I can’t really fathom. What’s so wrong with me? What’s really the matter? I fabricate transgressions in the deep recesses of my mind. I wonder whats not working, am I really not kind. I always want answers, right away if possible. But sometimes I know, I shouldn’t even bother. Some things in the world has no pleasing answer. Some things in the world really can’t be mastered. 

I know I’m rumbling and ranting, and I think I even rhymed? Sometimes the memory overrules the mind. It makes up situations that are not all together great. I’m just like you, I’ve got plenty of deadweight. Knowledge is the solution to problems that need not one. I want an answer, someting with value for everyone. This is silly I know I’m really quite a fool. I guess I’ll say goodnight. 
Good luck to you too. 

Finally, a Challenger

-Image Prompt

The sun was slowly beginning its descent into its bed of rest. I sat cross-legged on the rocky cliff as I looked around. No one ever came up here, not that there was really much to do up here. However what I guarded was indeed important. The tablet of the great spell. It has been defended by our clan for many centuries. I have only heard whispers of the spells abilities but never dared look at it myself. Something with that much power was best left to the Gods. 

I had no idea why we would even keep something like this around, it seems like it is just asking for trouble. But I never asked questions, I went about my business making sure it was safe from those that would use it for evil. However, no one really wanted to dabble into that either. Too much power is not a good idea. Silly probably to spend all my life up here, cross-legged and meditating. No contact with anyone else. Just practicing my magic and battle skills hoping that they would best any foe before me. I hoped I was not getting rust? 

My term here was almost done, it is indeed isolating to be stuck all alone so I swapped with my brothers every quarter of the Roman calendar. A few days away and I would be making my great descent down and indulge in the finer things of life. I had grown weary of the mountain spring and the vegetable, herbs, and spices that had been planted here. The unlucky game that walked through here now and again. All of it bored easily.

I had not been allowed to stray from the tablet more than a hundred meters or so. However, not that I was too worried. There was only one way to access this tablet; through the Mountain Pass. The sun had been swallowed by the earth now. I sat in silence as I began to cast the spell of Vision. Which would allow me to get some rest but would go off if anything living came in my direction. Like an all seeing eye that need not to see. It was in my dreams, although. I was sleeping it was as if I was awake. I could see myself.

Just sitting there… waiting. 

The sun had made its grand ascent torwards the skies and I knew another day of calamity was upon me. I enjoyed my work, do not get me wrong, I felt it necessary to keep such evil at bay but I was becoming an old man now and probably needed to invest in some other options. 

The clank of metal on stone had shocked me. It has been so long since someone has been here I didn’t even know I remembered that sound. I began to peer back thinking, perhaps one of them is here just a little early do some catching up. Although the armor or metal on stone thing, made me thing my fantasies would not be coming true. 

Before me stood a warrior in dark armor and a battle axe. I looked him up and down and quickly assessed him. He had no magical affinities but he seemed scary, dangerous even, as if he knew what he was after. He knew he could be her. I sighed much to my dismay as I now had something to do. But why was he here? He possessed no magic!

Just two more days and I wouldn’t have had to deal with this! 

“You shall not pass!” I said as I walked towards him, “my name is Chen and I am the protector of the ‘Great Spell’.” 

“Hello Chen, they refer to me as Valor, I am a knight in search for power for my master, I will vanquish you here and now and the tablets words will become mine,” Valor spoke in triumphace. 

The Trigger

-Image Prompt

He came home drunk that night. Thats nothing unusual. He collects his shit paycheck and goes to the bar every Friday night. He grabs one two many and stumbles home. Usually the mom takes most of it. He will hit her and force himself on her and it would always be out of the eyes of little ones. Derek and his step sister, Kristi could not be bothered with such disturbing images. Derek would sneak and check on Kristi to make sure she is still sleeping so she doesn’t have to hear his maniac episodes. Derek knew though, as he did everything. A little slip here and there, almost like he had some sort of psychic abilities. He could feel the emotions rising and falling.

Derek got accustomed to this though, he knew if he was to try and do anything his mom would just push him away, like she always does.

“Go to bed sweeting, mom and daddy are just playing!” She would smile, forced and broken it would be.

Derek would obey, he never really knew why. At 13 I guess, you really don’t know what to do in a situation like that. He’s taken his dad before, tried to get him to just go and sleep it off. Run to the garage and take his frustrations out on the punching bag. He would never succeed. Travis, the dad, would always just beat him to a red mess too. It was easy for him. A slow moving target. Derek would take each and every hit though. Even if it was just to soften the blow for his mother.

One night though, the unthinkable happened. Something that Derek, for some reason, could just not let go. Stumbling through that door like he always does. He headed for Kristi’s room. Derek didn’t know why, thought wishfully for a moment to give her a soft kiss goodnight. Derek just laid in bed listening to his chaotic footsteps and thing for a blissful moment thats all it would be. With a big smile on his face he decided to let go of the charade. Stepping out onto the soft carpet he would creep up on them.

Travis was leaned over her, rocking back and forth slightly, barely able to hold his balance. He pulled her covers down. Then he went for her PJ pants next. Derek really couldn’t grasp the situation. It was too unthinkable for something of that magnitude to come out of the scumbag. Derek sat in awe for only a moment. Once he pulled off her panties. Her tiny little butt in full view of the disgusting man. That was when Derek lost it.

All his life he has known something else resided inside him. Some kind of lost soul, or compass of sorts. He spent so much of his life just wanting to keep everyone safe. Going in the boxing ring happily for anyone. Just to soften their blow for them. He felt the anger boiling inside him. He didn’t know that it was even this possible to feel this much frustration. His heart caving at the very notion of what could be happening.

Travis reached his ginormous hands and as gently as a drunk man could touched her butt ever so slightly. Kristi’s eyes were about to open, Derek could feel it. He could not let her see this. This was too much. Too awful. She did not deserve this. No one did. So Derek jumped right into that battle ring again but this time. Something came with him.

Ripping his drunk fathers hands from barely touching her, Derek shoved him out the door. The man weighed roughly 190 lbs of pure muscle and beer belly. Derek was 13, barely 100 pounds. He rushed that man out of her room faster than he knew what was going on. It all became a haze then, but he could remember it. Almost like looking through a foggy window at a horror film.

Light swallowed Derek’s body. His arms pulsed with power as he dragged the man down the hallway. The carpet barely resisting his tug. Travis went in for a couple punches but felt nothing but air. Like a shield had suddenly swallowed the boy whole. He began to scream and swear, words slurred massively as he tried to show off his foul vocabulary. Derek kept pulling he no longer cared what he said, blocked him out as he tossed him down their stairs.

The mother came rushing out for the crash, screaming in confusion. Looking over at her son who was now swallowed in some sort of translucent blue light. Her heart shuddered, as if Satan himself had appeared to her that night. Grabbing the ginormous man who was aching and hurting, Derek dragged him to the front door.

Tossing the man into the snowy evening air he screamed at him. His voice laced with malice.

“You are to go. I never want to see you again. Your hands will never touch the innocent again!”

Shuddering at the sheer volume of his screaming, the mother tried to rush his step-sister back into her bed. Trying to sweeten the tone with lies.

“They’re just playing! Go back to sleep,” she would say, as convincing as she could.

Derek kept punching the man though. He could not stop, the power coursed through his veins as he did it. Punching and screaming terror filling the evening air. Finally when Derek decided he had enough, there in the small dusting of snow laid the very incarnation of disgust. Battered and bruised. Blood oozing from his broken nose, his cut lip, and the scratches that magically appeared on his body. Derek laughed, a laugh he could not fathom. Laced with pleasure and pain he turned to his mother as she peeked out the door. Her eyes filled with tears. The light vaporized. Steam rising from his flesh. He had made his point. And now he was terrified of it.


-Writing Spark

Derek sat at the bar, tapping away furiously on the table. The speakeasy was busy tonight, not something Derek liked. Suddenly the doors were thrown open and in pushed three people in long white jackets. Great, Derek sighed, now the Artesian police force was strolling in. Hopefully they would overlook him. He really didn’t feel like starting another fight tonight.

‘Keep them coming,” Derek ordered the bartender. She strode over, her long black hair and busty frame oozing from her tight top. Her beautiful eyes a glimmering blue as it hit the candlelight.

“This is your fifth one tonight Derek, don’t you want to take it easy?” She asked carefully.

“Don’t worry, I’m staying upstairs in the inn, I’m not going very far. Have those fancy jackets help me out tonight if you need,” Derek laughed.

The busty bartender furnished another rum and coke and just shook her head. The three jackets started heading in her direction and she knew she was about to deal with some stupid shit.

“Good evening bar wench, how is it going?” One of the white jackets jested.

He was a scrawny looking guy. Very bone thin. His hair was a messy chocolate and his eyes a dark blue. On his jacket was the long coat insignia.

“The name is Gerald, and if you need someone to escort you home tonight. I’d be glad to do it, just invite me in and we will have some fun,” Gerald laughed trying to show off for his partners.

The other one was a bit burly, buzz cut hair and a chiseled jaw. His eyes bore into me as he looked over. The third one had wandered off to see what kind of women were hanging out this evening. He was tall and average. Black hair smoothed back like a ladies talker.

“These are my pals Trevor, the muscle, and Matt, the stylist, we are pretty adventurous guys so you know, if you are looking for something out of the ordinary. We’ve got what you need,” Gerald continued, obviously ignoring her signs of disinterest.

“Who might you be civilian?” Trevor asked accusingly.

“My name is Derek, what can I do for you? Looking to bum a few drinks before you collect their rent?” Derek said through gritted teeth,

“My you’re quite the dirtbag huh? You do realize I could arrest you for any reason at all and keep you for as long as I want right. I’d be more on the civil side if I was you!” Trevor said with his voice laced with bragger.

“Leave him be, he’s just another piece of shit that ended up here, and besides he’s not all wrong. How about we open a tab, take a little off the rent for you?” Gerald said with a wink.

It was not needed however, the longcoats collected all the funds for the village. Every bill that needed paying and the rent that needed to be collected. They basically ran the place. Ever since the poor revolution they had early the king of Artesia granted them a boost in their ruling. Basically reporting directly to one of his board any sort of issue that felt was important enough to mention.

“Yes sure, what do you need? You know these are like 3 bits apiece right?” She smirked as each one pointed at the beer keg.

“Not even a patriotic discount, disappointing,” Gerald smiled as he pulled out a slip of parchment. On the very top was the longcoat insignia and anything written by quill on it, was official. He scribbled our beer quickly and put three lines next to it and slipped it to her.

“See you around Derek,” Trevor poked as he stepped towards the crowded tables.

“Fucking longcoats I tell you, always pushing around their power thinking they are all great. Stupid bastards. We could overpower each of them right now!” The bartender said disgusted.

“Careful now Lilly, I think that is treason,” Derek laughed.

Wizard Bartender

-Writing Prompt

You’re a wizard trying to life a normal life in the city and have become know as the best bartender in town. Normal you only mix simples spells into drinks on the sly to keep a reputation, but one day one of your regulars tells you his child has been diagnosed with cancer.

The Virgins Flask began filling up as the sun began it’s daily sleep. A man was standing at the bar ready to whip out the hard alcohol to make an honest living in this godforsaken town. A man walked up to him, well should say a dwarf, he had wiry brown hair and a long well-groomed beard. He pulled out his coin purse and smirked as he popped it on the counter.

“Good evening Master Faron, have you been having a decent day?” He said as he pulled out a large stalk cigar and lit it up with a pack of matches.

“Bristleview, nice of you to join us this evening how is the blacksmithing?” Faron laughed as he walked to the kegs, “I am guessing you would love some of the Bard’s nectar?”

“Of course, you know me so well here!” Bristleview laughed.

Faron poured a tall glass of brown liquid and turned his back to the dwarf. Whipping out his wand he stirred a spell of recovery into the brew. Wiping the wand off and slipping it back into his coat. The dwarf would wake up and feel well rested and able to make his weapons faster the next day. Faron always took pride in his magic, but preferred to use it to better the villagers lives than to trick or sadden them. They all came here to deal with the sadness of the universe. It was a place to unwind and forget everything. Slapping it on the counter Faron happily collected the silver pieces on the counter.

“You sir make the best brew I have ever had!” Bristleview said as he gulped it down in one shot.

Slipping a bronze piece on the counter for a tip and a silver piece for another. Faron gladly poured him another, no spell this time, he didn’t want to overdue it. A human had stumbled in, his sword swaying at his hip as he ripped off his helmet. Two other followed behind him. The Hemsworth Royal Guard. I could sense the frowning faces of the many unkind encounters some of my patrons have had with the police force of Hemsworth’s kingdom.

“What shall I get you officers this evening?” Faron said while shining a glass.

“None of these Bard’s brew bullshit, thats for sure. Thats for half-men and convicts. I’ll have a triple spiked Altarian, in a flask,” the man ordered pulling a heavy coin purse from his bag.

Faron sighed, a show off, one with lots of money. He kept a handful of new flasks beneath his counter as peace offerings to travelers but the Royal Guard knew and would steal them whenever they have a couple extra coins. Almost as if travelers were frowned upon. The three men gathered at a table and began harassing some poor elf. Spewing bullshit on being with a “real man”. He finished their beverages and quickly stirred in a calming spell, they would be hungover in a matter of sips and asleep. Get them in, get them out, get on with our lives. He brought them to the guards as they drank heavily from the flask.

The doors swung open and a man with hood peered inside. Slipping in silently to the bar table.

“Good evening my good sir, I am looking for some hospitality,” the man said his head hung low with whispers.

“This is just the place to find that, this is the Virgin’s Flask, we have a couple rooms upstairs for hire. Two silver pieces a night, does that sound fair?” The bartender said as he wiped clean a couple dishes.

“More than reasonable good sir, may I have a key?” He requested.


his is a new one for me. I will admit I’ve been grasped by television shows before but television hasn’t been much of a staple in my life. My parents controlled the television when I was a child. We had some shows we watched as a family like Survivor. But mostly it was an episode of Bleach, Naruto, DragonBall Z or something similar at night when I was old enough to have the permission to stay up late to watch television. I watched Family Guy and American Dad that gave me a chuckle here and there and the morning cartoons of Saturdays (Digimon, Pokémon, BeyBlade, Chaotic, the list goes on and on… the good old days) that literally paved the way for my imagination and ability to tell stories alongside a brutally real friendship with my best friend.

I stumbled upon Heroes, a show that literally grasped me and made me obsessed watching all four seasons, a total of 78 hours spread out over a week. My passion for “normal people with abilities” came from this show. Alphas on SyFy was another decent one. I stumbled upon Teen Wolf (the new one, not the old one) that really pulled at me for awhile. I would look forward to every single week when a new episode would air. Then there is Shameless my most recent completed series. A show about tragedy with brilliant characters. This seems like a lot if you think about it, but I’ve been watching TV for twenty plus years. And this is all I have really enjoyed?

Technology has become a normal staple in the everyday evolving world. Just about everyone in the world (75% to be exact) own a smartphone. It has stolen us away from the world. The internet is literally the cornerstone for every possible thing in the world. Technology has popped up everywhere. Gone are the days of boxy televisions, monitors, and computer towers that could kill a small child. Now we have efficient and powerful desktops, extremely portable laptops, and of course the Tablet and SmartWatch market that has take us all by storm with the intention of cementing technology in our everyday lives.

There really isn’t anything in the world you could work or school you could attend where technology has not infected us. It’s on everything with a screen. Advertisements. Entertainment. Cult phenomenons have exploded and this is just the beginning. Our technological advances have been ridiculous and it hasn’t even reached the peak of what is possible with technology. It is the cornerstone of my life. Social Media has grabbed ahold of so much of the population (I do not have or use Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, MySpace, anything… Nothing really social.) I love Reddit and is probably where I spend most of my leisure time (which would be a social network if I used it as such, it’s more of information and entertainment for me. My karma score would disappoint you!)

This isn’t the end. Not even close. Every single year we advance further and further with technology it will literally be in everything you could imagine soon enough. It keeps advancing and we still want more. Dabbling in Artificial Intelligence, self-driving cars, our sole solution for news coverage. A way to control everything in the world. Do we have a line? Of course not we will never stop advancing…

Welcome to the era of the new phenomenon Black Mirror. This show was pretty intriguing for the first few episodes I’ve watched (I think I’ve only seen four or so in total so far) but tonight my wife and I watched “Men Against Fire” and let me tell you what. It cemented the era of terror. The role of technology in our life has been pretty hefty as it is but it hasn’t really taken us the way some of the technology they have presented on this show. It was bone-chilling the things I have seen so far (and I intend on watching more). It really made me go outside for a minute and just be like… What the fuck?

The technology I have seen so far is not just science fiction chaos; it is all plausible. Everything they have presented has been something anyone could wrap their head around as a possibility. Halfway through the episode “Men Against Fire” I deciphered what was going to happen, I predicted the outcome of it. It made my jaw drop when I was proven to be correct. The thoughts that coursed through my head before my conclusion could be simplified by “it couldn’t be, we would never do something this awful!”. When I found out I was right. A piece of me died inside. How could this be possible? How could this be something someone has considered. Why as early as tomorrow could this all become true.

We’ve walked away from the world of magic, an ancient fantasy we all have heard about. We walked straight into making magic “real”. They can talk about powerful wizards or witches that could hex a mind. A chip placed in your brain could do this. The infamous tag line “I need a Rez” wrap something around someone’s head and instantly they are healed. A headshot, expelled by science and technology. The infamous fire spell and we can carry a device to start one in our pocket. It really begins to question what is the real gap between fantasy and reality?

It’s only going to get more intense. More technology will flood our lives. Life will no longer be moving in the same direction. It will become a stream we will be able to coax in any direction. Where is the spirit? Where does life come from when we can suddenly generate or steal it at will. Where is the line crossing for humanity and technology? What are the limits on technology? What will make us human when they start peeling apart emotions, dreams, and spirit?

Don’t get me started on the conspiracy theory side of anything. I feel there is a cure for cancer out there but we make so much money off of their treatment they would never release it. What else is being hidden from us by our government? Area 51 has been a serious thought for so many years. Why are they keeping it from us? What does the world boil down too when so little of our population controls the entire worlds wealth? The mind-fucking we receive each and every day from the media. Are vaccinations a form of population control? Any other disease serve a more dark agenda? What is the intention of our world’s powers?

Why is there so much hate in the world. So much suffering. Money a cause of evil. The lies that spew from peoples mouths every single day. The chaos we have ensued. How long can we keep this up? How long before we all lose our bloody minds and explode? The violence is glorified. What don’t we know. Why don’t we know what we don’t know. The world is shrouded in mystery, deceit, and misguidance. It’s a mad mad world out there.

So in conclusion, this sounds like complete and utter nonsense. A jumbled mess of thoughts and thesis’s. But what made my mind spew out the chaos I just spelt out before you? That episode of Black Mirror. I look forward to seeing the other sickening, straight mind-fucking, and furious horror that they can present to me on the very thing they might be trying to warn us about. I look forward to being twisted and harmed by this shows ideas. I think you should check it out too. It might make you think a little more about what the hell could be coming or open up the mind to “what the fucking hell” scenarios.

The Book

-Writing Spark

Devon smashed through the door of the hut. A crash rang out and splinters of wood exploded everywhere. A sword was aimed at the throat of an old man sipping on a cup of tea.

“Hello Devon, I have been expecting you for sometime now. They said you were coming. What can I do for you?” The sage asked, a slurping of tea in the chaotic air.

He wore old robes, a dark emerald green embroidered in gold. His long beard braided beneath his sunken eyes and crooked nose. His body frail with age and sitting with his legs crossed. The room was amidst with disturbed dust, old leather books worn from use lining bookshelves, and beautiful china neatly stacked on an old wooden end table.

“You know what I want, and it’s time for you to give it to me. You are the Green Sage are you not?” Devon said, not once allowing his composure to crack the sword unwaveringly aimed at the old mans throat.

“You seek the magic of the old tome? I’m afraid that book has been gone for sometime now. I’m far to old to possess that kind of responsibility. I’ve entrusted it to the Order, I’m sorry this trip was for nothing.” The sage said calmly.

“You know I will turn this hut upside down to find what I’m looking for and I am more than willing to take your life?” Devon threatened.

“I am aware of that, and I’m ready to die. I was told you were coming and decided to entrust it to someone else long ago. I know what you will become,” the sage said as he placed his empty cup down.

“Foolish old man, your life has no value to you does it?” Devon said lowering his sword.

“Not if it can protect others, I will not willingly put others lives in danger,” he said as he stood up, his body shaking with weakness.

“Gah! Foolish man,” Devon said as he smacked the old man with the hilt of his sword. The mans body crumpling to the ground in unconsciousness.

Devon went to the bookshelf and began to tear books out of the shelves. Opening them quickly in search of the Alchemist’s symbol. Chucking useless books to the side as he moved to the next. Several copies referenced rune magic, but that was too weak for his needs. He chucked them in his satchel nonetheless. He would steal all this mans knowledge that he felt was helpful.

His frustration grew as he began smashing objects around the mans hut and ripping the bookshelf from the wall. Crashing beneath him he dissolved a piece of parchment scribbled on it were some sort of language. Devon moved to the pile of books on the ground for anything resembling these symbols. Finding the pages he was searching for he ran to the table and pulled out a piece of parchment and a quill and quickly deciphered the letter.

Dear Aniston, 

It has been far too long since we have spoke my old friend. I know you are in some danger and I will offer my services to protect you. I’ve entrusted a power to aid you. I hope it helps prevent the future you have foreseen. 


Dedric of Draconi.

Devon stared blankly at the pages with the complete acidity of anger. Spite burned inside him like a fire. Looking around he quickly realized the old man was gone. He had fallen for their trap and now his life was in danger.

“You must be Devon?” A voice bellowed around him. The rumbling blasted in his eardrum. Pulling his hands to his heads in desperation as he fell to the ground in agony.

“Who are you?” Devon cried out in pain.

“My name is Daragog I am here to put your reign of terror to an end. I’ve come to silence you Devon, silence what you will become. Terrorize you into submission so the path you decide to take will not impact the very world you are living in. I’ve come to kill you,” the voice boomed as the hut began to shake.

“No! You do not understand the chaos I live with you cannot stop me. My goals will come to light, I will slay whatever you are and use you as a stepping stone to my great future!” Devon said standing up as trickles of blood dripped from his ears.

“Then your body will be laid before me as a sacrifice to my god!” It laughed as the roof exploded.

Inside crawled a mass of black fur. Claws and teeth shining through the settling debris. It stood nine feet tall and oozed out of the small hut. It’s drool dripping acid by his feet. Devon took a step back and leaned over to grab the sword that he had dropped. He rose it high into the air and took a step forward.

“You humans are such foolish creatures, wishing for death, begging for the very extinguish of your souls. Pitiful disgusting creatures, the lot of you!” It snarled as it rushed at Devon.

Pulling his sword high he struck the creature, blasting it to the ground, an explosion of stone littered the skies.

“How?” It cried in agony.

“Barbarian magic,” Devon said through gritted teeth.

On his hands glowed a pair of gloves a rune etched into the leather, magic pouring from his hands as he gripped the sword.

“You cannot be a barbarian? You are a tiny little cockroach, something to be stepped on, something to be crushed!” It screamed as it stood up, towering high again.

“I’m so sick of people saying that, I know I’ve disappointed so many people and my life and I will do something about it! I will be remembered. I will see the Alchemist ways and put an end to the retched world that we have become. I will smite all that stand in my ways!” Devon cried out as he leapt into the air.

A feeling of power whelmed inside him as the air propelled him forward. He brought the sword down with an unlikely force slicing the beast in two. The beasts cries echoed the land as it began to dissipate into a black smoke. Devon stood still, in complete awe of what he had just done. Where did that power come from?

Suddenly the world around him began to turn into a fog. Black smoke rushed around him, a wave of burning putrid air filed his nose. He looked around anxiously as the world melted from his view. Crumpling to his knees he looked at the hut he had invaded. It was in perfect shape. The door the only thing that stood out. He was crouched on it as he stood up in confusion.

“How?” The old man cried out as he fell to the ground.

“What happened?” Devon cried angrily, “was that magic, did you trick me?”

“It was supposed to scare you, alter your mental state to decide to change your own paths. It was to encourage your brilliant feats and dilute those to do harm. How did you escape? How do you have the power to do that?” The sage cried out helplessly.

“You can’t save me,” Devon said as he thrust his blade into the old man. Blood oozed from the wound as the man went limp beneath him.


-Writing Spark

Suddenly the doors blew open and three men rushed in. They each yelled a word and the doors melted to the frames. The people screamed in terror. Ethan looked around anxiously as Chloe nestled closer to his neck. Alyson sat in the corner frozen in fear.

“We are the Cavances, and we are here to rob this bank!” One yelled raising his fist high.

“You are so loud,” a calm voice said displeased.

Walking out of the crowd was a sharply dressed man, thin, with a pair of wired rim glasses on his face. His brown eyes echoed danger. The head teller there, Miranda, looked upon them with a frown.

“Yes, although my idiot companions are right we don’t want to alert too many people. My name is Jasper, I am the leader of the Cavances, and although stealing your money is a bonus I am actually here for another reason. But before we get into that, the vault combos my lady,” Jasper smiled a sick fascination in his face.

“Sorry we need two people to open it, and I’m the only one here right now that has a combo,” Miranda said with a huff.

Suddenly on her shoulders she felt a heavy weight, there before them appeared a chameleon, it anxiously licking its eyes and a blade from something attached to its tail resting on her the tender flesh of her neck.

“How about now?” Jasper laughed sadistically.

Miranda knew better than to actually mess with them but she hoped her ruse would suffice. She walked with a shake to the vault. Ethan looked in awe as he noticed, this must be another summoner, that means him and his companion animal were very dangerous.

“Chloe you lazy girl, wake up,” Ethan nudged her as she frustratingly purred on his neck, “disarm him.”

Chloe crawled down Ethan’s body and poked out through his coat, quietly inching down his leg to avoid attention. She plopped to the floor and laid low, her slinky ferret body slithering across the floor. The rug was a deep chocolate which helped hide her dark brown fur. She slipped behind the teller line and looked up at Amanda. Slinking up her body without enough pressure for her to jump, stealthily reaching her side where Chloe leapt up and pounced the chameleon.

It flew to the ground and Chloe wrestled it’s tail to avoid its messily attempt at stabbing her. Finally disarmed Chloe pinned it to the ground as it laid unconscious from her beating. Chloe yawned as it watched over its prey.

“What is this, another summoner is here with us today, my who is going to pay for this?” Jasper said looking over the crowd in suspicion.

Ethan pretended to act scared to not give it away and watched Jasper’s eyes prodding him for some sort of tell.

“Maybe they’re outside,” someone said with a shaky voice.

“Why yes I suppose that would be a good guess but then who let them know? Was it you,” Jasper said with a sick chuckle.

“No sorry, I don’t know,” the man choked.

“Guess I’ll just start to kill people until someone confesses,” Jasper said with a shrug.

Alyson leapt into the air and blasted a wave of magic his way. Blasting him and his entire team onto the floor. Ethan looked in awe at her sudden outburst, and quickly eased through the crowd to get to her.

“What are you doing?” Ethan cried to her, “you’re a witch? Don’t you work for the hotel?”

“Yes and I don’t know, know, why I did it I was just so mad!” She said in a panic.

“We will work on that, thankfully we can figure this out,” Ethan said as he whistled.

Chloe dragged the unfortunate creature to Ethan as she stood beside him. Ethan drew a symbol in the air quickly and placed a holding spell on the criminals.

“What was that?” Alyson asked with curiosity.

“Old magic, it’s not very powerful and very inconvenient to use but its all I got.

“Well a witch too, that’s just marvelous,” Jasper said as he floated into the air, beyond the holding spell and back on his feet.

“How did you break through that?” Ethan said amazed.

“I’m much more powerful than you think, you’re the summoner then, DIE!” He yelled as he blasted a bolt of lighting Ethan’s way, rolling to the ground missing it barely he summoned Chloe back into his hood worried for her safety. If she was to get killed, Ethan wouldn’t know what to do with his pathetic life. Alyson muttered another spell blasting a concentrated stream of fire in his direction that he quickly deflected.

“And you must be the witch,” Jasper sneered.

The chameleon leapt into the air and knocked Alyson down as Jasper continued floating towards her, suddenly a blade in his hand, he brought it down but at the last moment, a fluffy red tail grasped it tightly.

“Great catch Chloe,” Ethan screamed as he stepped forward quickly etching another rune into the air for a spell.

“Your esper can transform? Gah!” Jasper said disgusted.

“Took a lot of practice but worth it,” Ethan said as a rune glowed and blasted Jasper into the walls behind him. His sword lifted by magic and thrust into the mans waist.

“Fine, I will have to cease this and come for you later kid, watch yourself!” Jasper said as smoke built around him and he suddenly disappeared.

Ethan pulled the frightened Alyson up and sat her carefully against the wall.

“Thank you, truly,” Ethan said with a smile, “Chloe could have been hurt if you weren’t so quick to respond.”

The little creature ran up to her and wrapped herself around Alysons neck and purred softly as it closed its eyes.

“Haha, I think I made a friend,” Alyson laughed nervously, still trying to get through what had just happened.

Ethan looked at the three men who were still trapped in his spell as he quickly went over to each of them knocking them unconscious.


-Writing Spark

Ethan sat up in bed staring at the moonlight . Sleep had evaded him once again. Next to him lie a naked Nicole. His foster sister. Her curly red hair in tangles on the pillow. Her chest heaving with each shallow breath. Her blue eyes begging to draw him in. He leaned in and kissed her on the eyebrow. His heart fluttered as he pulled away. 

Standing up he rummaged through the nightstand for a cigarette. Cleverly disguised as a pack of playing cards. He slipped one behind his ear and grabbed a lighter amongst the other crap in the drawer. He quietly slipped out the back slider doors and sat himself on the porch. Pulling the cigarette to his lips he lit up and drew in a cloud of grey smoke as he sighed. 

The evening had morphed into dangerous territory for him. Nightmares he could never remember would plague his mind until he woke up. Ethan tried so hard to remember any minuscule detail. He was disturbed with leaves crunching beside him in the autumn air. Ethan looked over in surprise. There before him was a burly man with a military haircut, dark hazel eyes, and a tank top and shorts. 

“Trying to scare me Trent?” Ethan said pulling on his cigarette. 

“Ha no man, just sneaking a bowl. Want a hit?” Trent asked. 

“Nah man, you know nicotine is my muse!” Ethan laughed. 

“And Nicole,” Trent added harshly. 

Ethan’s face went instantly cold with disgust. 

“Man, I’m playing you, chill!” Trent said in response to Ethan’s face. 

“Don’t fuck with me man,” Ethan said sternly. 

“We all have our muses,” Trent added. 

“Bullying Ethan again are we? May I join?” A voice boomed behind them. 

Each one leaping with fright as a scrawny man emerged from the glass doors carrying a six pack of beer. His jeans torn, and shirt in shreds as he leapt onto the grass. 

“Scared the shit out of me Levi,” Trent said. 

“I bring a muse, we can all agree on!” Levi said tossing each one a beer. 

“We all know what Ethan is doing is wrong. But we ought not judge others until we have judged thyselves,” Levi said acting like some sort of master of literature. 

“At least it’s not Brianna,” Trent and Levi laughed together. 

“So what’s everyone doing up?” Ethan asked desperate to change the subject. 

“Smoking,” Trent said. 

“Drinking,” Levi added. 

“You?” They asked in unison. 

“Can’t sleep, nothing unusual really. I keep having these dreams that wake me up but the sick thing is that I can’t remember anything in them?” Ethan added snuffing his cigarette and setting it beside him. 

“Yeah man, we all get to fight those nightmares,” Trent said stoned. 

“I drink so I can pass out and avoid them all together,” Levi said as he crushed his second beer can. 

“Well it’s been nothing but annoying lately, but I think I am starting to feel the alcohol. I’m going to go back to bed, thanks for hanging out with me guys,” Ethan said, as his draw to Nicole tugged at his mind.

The ringing of the alarm could be heard in the morning sunlight. Ethan rolled himself out of bed and ran to the closet to get dressed. Looking over at the bed, Nicole had already snuck back to her bedroom. Ethan quickly ran downstairs to the smell of eggs, bacon, and toast. Everyone was gathered around the table shuffling food into their mouths. The Foster dad had already gone to work, but the mother, Christina was finishing the dishes. Her long black hair and “hip” clothing added youth to her. She had always wanted to be a foster parent since she was young and after her husband scored a huge ranch house, her dreams became reality. 

“So it’s Friday today, and I know you guys are all off on your own little adventures so each one, one at a time please, will inform me of your plans and I’ll update our calendars,” Christina said as she opened her MacBook Pro. 

“I have Fight club after school, as usual!” Brayden said with a smirk. He was a short but stocky man. His hazel eyes bore into her with oppression. He wore a pair of Express jeans and an Express shirt with “For Honor” printed onto it. At sixteen he had built a legacy for himself.

“I have the poetry reading,” Faye said quietly. Her long brown hair in waves on her shoulders. She wore a colorful dress with flowers all over it. Her hands glistened with rings of natural stone and her pendant across her chest sparkled in the sunlight. Turning seventeen, one of the older ones, she had the best hope of life. Dabbling in poetry instead of drugs. 

“I am going to hang out with Dave tonight,” Levi lied. We all knew he was off to some high school or maybe college party to get smashed, “I won’t be home until tomorrow.” At fifteen, he was the most chaotic. Never caring about himself or others. Drinking until he was drunk and rinse and repeat. 

“I’m gonna be up in my room doing homework,” Trent said with disgust. He had fallen behind on all his homework and had to desperately catch up, “although my friends might be over later if we have time.” At sixteen his motivation had wavered with the chaos that is adolescence. 

“I’m staying with Stacey for a girls night,” Brianna lied. She wore a blouse, fully buttoned but that will change in school, and a mini denim skirt. We all knew she would be spending the night with someone. Her long black hair and blue eyes made her desirable to many men. At sixteen, she was now of age for consent. Although that never stopped her before. Since she was twelve she’s been bedded by many. 

“I’ve got club after school,” Nicole said with a sweet smile. At fifteen her life had began the upward spiral of beginning to look into colleges and moving on from whatever this was. 

“I have plans with my best friend later,” Ethan added. Seventeen, and quite on his own, Ethan played by no ones rules but his own but treated everyone with the upmost respect. 

“Well that is everyone, but Dominic of course, Brayden will you go stir the dead for me,” Christina asked as she typed everything out on the computer. “I swear sixteen is killing him.” 

Everyone got a notification with her contact information, her work scheduled, and a list of everyone and their locations. She was always very careful and semi-over-protective. We all adored, and hated, this. As Foster children being abandoned by your parents makes life extremely hard. 

“Well your father will be home late tonight, he is off to Chicago this evening, but I’ll be home relatively early if anyone decides to skip out. We can read some books and eat brownies,” Christina said almost desperately. They were all growing up and she began to miss them dearly. They all think a new foster child will be added soon enough. 

Like the turns at a subway they emptied the house with no one but Christina at the kitchen table and Dominic throwing on his clothes straying to rush out. Late again. His clothes on backwards and his pants stained from the meal the night before. His backpack tattered and bulging like he has never emptied it before.


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