These are all the works I’ve written on this platform over the years. I have included cover images and synopsis of each.

Naruto Insurgence

My best friend and I used to play Live Action Role Playing Games (LARPG) based on anything and everything. The best of all, was Naruto. We had a series running for seven (7) years… This is a new Arc I created as a piece of Naruto: Valkyrie.


A Web-Serial based on the hit television show Heroes. My own take on people with abilities and their challenges living in a world of chaos. Drug Runners, Corporate Corruption, and so much more.

The Dead Guardians

A start to a high fantasy, focusing on three people and their roles in a destiny. Follow three heroes on their journey to saving their kingdom.

The Navigational

Eldon; a Human Navigational (they are usually supernatural), teams up with a pupil named Ziron; a Demon (a rare supernatural force that is shrouded in mystery) to slay creatures that destroy lives.


A mini-series I wrote about people with addictions. Multiple different addictions people struggle with on a daily basis.

Fables of Destiny

A short story based on the Destiny series by Bungie! Three Guardians make their way to Pluto, to discover a whole new species of monsters, each with their own insane abilities.


A dystopian between the world of ultra technology, and renaissance magic. When the world ends and super communities are built in major buildings there are still forces on the outside begging to reclaim their people.


A Collection of favorite pieces I have loved writing including a section for poetry I’ve posted as well.

NaNoWriMo History