These demon rebels were proving to be more of a hassle than Aceion had predicted. He knew however it didn’t matter he needed to get it done!

      “Aceion, you are a disgrace to your race being Lucifer’s little bitch!” a creature snarled.

Burly figure, snarling with white pointed teeth, with a crazy grin all over his face. His grin even sent shivers down Aceion’s spine! The vicious demon Aceion was hunting wore leather from head to toe. Spikes adorned his sleeves and shoulders. His name, Minuet Kazler, rebel leader of team Beta. Aceion was a more casual person, wearing cool design adorned shirts and blue jeans, Aceion had messy black hair, and hisincredible muscles sculpted by a cotton shirt.

      “You know you don’t stand a chance against me Kazler I am the top dog, the Alpha compared to your sorry excuse of a rebel team, I mean come on, Little Zarup and Numbskull Briaaz, worthless, just come quietly and you might get a second chance!” Aceion shouted prideful.

      “Screw you Aceion!” cried Zarup, a short fellow with a buzz cut and simple brown eyes.

      “Yeah, um, you lose?” Briaaz cried, he was huge! But his head was full of sawdust, he had green eyes, scars all over his face and simple brown tussled hair.

      “I don’t care what you think you little bitch!” Kazler cried out, “We are still going to cream your pussy ass!”

      “Fine then bring it, don’t say I didn’t warn you!” Aceion smiled as he cracked his knuckles.

Kazler charged Aceion and struck out at him, Aceion managed to catch his poorly prepared punch and flipped Kazler over his shoulder.

      “Da hell!” Kazler cried out as he lay on the ground, “Well don’t just stand there, kill him!”

      “Oh yeah,” Zarup and Briaaz cried out.

They charged Aceion together and Aceion’s well-timed fist clocked them both in the jaw, sending Zarup backwards . Briaaz’s mind didn’t register the pain well enough and he kept running past Aceion. Aceion leapt into the air and spin kicked Briaaz in the face, knocking him out cold. Kazler was up and clocked Aceion in the chest sending him flying into a nearby tree.

      “Damn it,” Aceion cursed as he struck a nearby tree and crumpled to the ground.

      “Take this!” Zarup cried as he kicked Aceion in the mouth, dark red blood flew through the air.

      “And this!” Kazler cried as he belted Aceion’s head with his fist, sending his face into the dirt.

      “Let’s finish this!” Zarup and Kazler cried.

They lifted their foot off the ground and struck quickly and hardly into the dirt where Aceion was lying. Aceion somehow managed to dodge it.

      “Don’t think I can’t take a punch!” Aceion smiled as he wiped the blood from his face.

Aceion charged them, kicking Zarup in the mouth knocking him out and then proceeding to pummel Kazler into the dirt. With Aceion’s tight grip on Kazler’s jacket he brought his fist down into his face several times before Kazler decided to give it up and let unconsciousness swallow him.

      “Worthless scum!” Aceion spat as he stood up.

Looking ahead of him he realized that a white light was materializing in front of him.

      “Fuck!” Aceion cussed.


      In the meadow lay a beautiful young lady, with long strawberry blonde hair, enchanting green eyes, perfect figure, and lusciously slim face. She wasn’t very tall maybe standing 5’5’’but she didn’t mind her petite figure.

      “Jade, report to the high council!” a voice boomed.

She rolled her eyes and stretched out her magnificent wings. Though still an angel in training she was very good at flying, even to go as far as saying top dog, she was in the top ranks for her flying exams she had done before. However unfortunately unlike many other angels she still could not summon her weapon. Every angel has the power to summon some sort of weapon, whether it be a sacred pistol, bow, or even a sword or spear, every angel has one. Whether they use it or not is dependent on their chose rank in heaven. Jade wanted to be a warrior, someone who protects people from the dark energy that invades the world. But as things were turning out she might not be able to do what she wanted to do. Jade sighed, nothing she could do about it but hope someday it happens. She continued through the clouds feeling the breeze wrap around her bringing her to the serenity she longed for. The beautiful entrance to the heavens were soon in her view. The beautiful gold and diamond encrusted gates etched in Latin were the words “In Nomeni Patri Et Fili Spiritus Sancti,” and In god we trust in English.

      “State your name!” voices boomed, Jade knew they were the guard angels, protecting the heavens from undeserving people.

      “Jade Crimson Grace,” Jade stated.

      “Welcome my child!” the voices said in melody.

She flew through the beautiful gates and flew to the back where a huge white building sat, The High Council. She landed on a beautiful marble balcony and smiled. This place made her feel so calm and relaxed.

      “Greetings Jade,” a voice beckoned from the huge hall.

      “Greetings high council, to who may I grace the presence?” Jade asked.

      “Well young lady, you may call me Zandorf!” the voice responded.

She usually had a pretty good recollection of all the angels in the high council but she has never heard of this Zandorf? Shyness set in and she quietly manipulated her hair in awkwardness.

      “Why have you summoned me all mighty Zandorf?” Jade asked anxiously, hoping it would end soon.

      “Well beautiful young lady, I’m going to kill you!” Zandorf yelled menacingly.

Instantly Jade rolled to the side, an arrow blasting by her. She bit her lips in fear and held out her hand trying to summon any weapon she could. Nothing happened. Jade’s beautiful face filled with tears, killed by an angel how could it get any worse.

      “Excellent I was right you are not yet strong enough to fight me and you are innocent aren’t you?” Zandorf chuckled.

      “Innocent?” Jade sobbed.

      “A Virgin!” Zandorf yelled.

      “Yes,” she wept a little more.

      “Excellent then you are very valuable, now hold still!” Zandorf smiled as he aimed his bow at her.

Instantly light filled the room, beaming everywhere swallowing the world around her in a blinding white light. Several arrows flew into Zandorf’s wings and pinned him to the wall behind him. Jade instantly knew who they were.

Ariel and Abdiel the Archangels of the heavens. Archangels were like elite guards, their main goal is to serve the lord no matter what, in protection running important missions or executing dark matter.

Ariel was so beautiful. She had long blonde hair that ran down her slim figure past her incredible butt, beautiful golden eyes and bright red lips adorned her angelic face. She wore a beautiful white dress and accented herself with various types of jewelry, including the most important, her Archangel winged necklace that accented her beauty. Basically their badge of honor.

Abdiel was also incredibly attractive. In matter of fact Jade secretly had a crush on him, but then so didn’t ever female angel in the universe. He was muscular not scary bulging muscular but the sexy type of muscular. He wore all white robe and pants, and rock hard abs. He had a beautiful sword at his hip and was smiling at her. Looking over immediately he became hostile.

      “You are hereby banished from this holy land, what say you!” Abdiel screamed heavenly.

      “Scum I will destroy your holy kingdom someday!” Zandorf spat.

      “You have now been damned as a fallen angel forever!” Abdiel said.

Abdiel rushed at Zandorf and drew his incredible sword and struck Zandorf through the heart. His wings were swallowed in inky blackness, his body aged by ten years and then he vanished, swallowed by the legendary lights gifted to the sacred Archangels.

      “Thanks,” Jade smiled blushing at Abdiel.

      “Anytime princess,” Abdiel said, “We need to reply to Father, so continue on.”

      “Can you give Jade and I a second?” Ariel asked Abdiel.

      “Of course see you in his throne,” Abdiel said as he flew off.

      “You are very beautiful Jade,” Ariel said as she kneeled in front of Jade.

Ariel reached around her neck and unclasped her golden wings. She wrapped her arms around Jade and wrapped the chain around Jade’s neck, clasping it she smiled at her. Jade was sitting in disbelief as she watched Ariel walk away. She knew she should probably ask why, but for some reason she decided not to. Jade knew what it meant, she was destined to be the next Archangel. Jade gasped!

Ariel and Abdiel walked into the legendary throne room of God.

      “Father, we ask to talk to you!” Ariel said.

      “Yes by all means please do,” God responded.

God had short white hair, deep gold eyes, his white wings were full behind him, he was staring off into the distance, and he wore a white suit and white gloves.

      “Zandorf was after Jade!” Abdiel said.

      “I know, do you know why?” God asked.

      “No do you sir?” Ariel said defeated.

      “It was because she was pure! Pure people, especially angels are the main ingredient to many dark sinister plans,” God informed them.

      “Hmm, should we keep a particular eye on her?” Ariel asked.

      “No I do not think that is necessary, there are many innocent figures in the world, focusing on only one would just make the rest easy targets, Archangel or not,” God said slyly.

      “Ok sir,” Ariel said quietly.

      “Should we leave you to your thoughts Father?” Abdiel asked.

      “No I need you to do me a favor, there is many access points to heaven, as you all know. Now Lucifer has set a strike team to infiltrate heaven. I need you to stop them, can you do that for me?” God asked.

      “Of course Father,” Abdiel and Ariel said at once.

      “Then please be on your way,” God said.

      “Yes Father!” they said.

      The leapt into the air and unfolded their wings and flew through the clouds. Gone away God called to someone. Out from the back of God’s throne an angel crawled out.

      “You called me Father?” an angel slurred.

      “Oh yes Jupiter, I need you to do an assassination mission!” God ordered him.

      “Why don’t you send your precious Archangels out to assassinate someone!” Jupiter cussed.

Instantly God’s fist made contact with Jupiter sending him back several feet and Jupiter lay in pain on the floor.

      “You will show me respect!” God demanded.

      “Yes Father,” Jupiter sneered as he disappeared.


    “Greetings Aceion!” a figure said emerged from the materializing light.

    “Who might you be?” Aceion asked.

    “They call me Jupiter!” Jupiter sneered.

My throat dried out in seconds, and a sweat broke from my forehead, I sighed at what I knew.

    “He sent you?” Aceion growled.

    “Yes he did, and with that I will destroy you!” Jupiter smiled.

    “I do not think that will happen,” Aceion smirked.

    “Let’s go then!” Jupiter smiled.

Instantly a holy pistol was in his hand and he shot at Aceion several times. Dodging them Aceion threw himself to the ground.

    “I guess a simple fist into your face probably won’t do it this time,” Aceion smiled.

    “Good luck laying a hand on me, little Demon,” Jupiter smiled aiming his holy pistol at Aceion’s face.

    “I never thought I would be able to use this power again, but I guess I might get another chance!” Aceion smiled.

    “Wait what!” Jupiter said a little worried.

    “Let’s do this!” Aceion smiled.

A red aura began to form around Aceion and a creepy smirk came across his face. Suddenly Aceion felt like he could do anything, charging at Jupiter he punched him so hard Jupiter flew back and crashed into the same tree that Aceion had encountered earlier. Instantly Aceion punched Jupiter in the gut four times with an ungodly force. Then smacking him around a few times watching a flow of blood fly from his mouth.

    “I forgot to mention my rank in Lucifer’s forces, you can call me Corruption!” Aceion smiled darkly.

    “Crap,” Jupiter said pure fear in his expression.

Jupiter turned to light and disappeared. Appearing behind Aceion he summoned his pistol and shot at him. Realizing he had hit only a figure made of light, Jupiter sneered.

    “This is not going to be easy is it,” Jupiter frowned.

    “No little Angel it is not!” Aceion smiled as he lifted Jupiter into the air.

Tossing him once again into that tree crumpling him to the ground. Aceion dashed at him. Drawing his holy pistol Jupiter shot out desperately, noticing his speed, missing every one of his shots.

    “Damn!” Jupiter cussed, very un-angel like.

The red flaming fist of Aceion’s aura struck his stomach bringing an instant knock out to the angel known as Jupiter.

    “And with Lucifer’s hand I shall vanquish you to wherever you may have come from,” Aceion smiled the power of his victory; the red aura began to swallow him in power, corrupting him.

    “Damn it, this is why I hate my power so much!” Aceion complained as his grip on himself was slipping away.


    “You dare try to pass through our heavenly gates,” Ariel said shooting arrows at the trespassing Demons.

    “Your blood shall stain my blade!” Abdiel said as he put his heavenly weapon through the Demons flesh.

Like nothing the two Archangels slaughtered the Demons. Smiling they decided to go back to purify themselves.

They walked into God’s chamber and saw him passed out on the ground.

    “What happened Father?” Ariel said worried.

    “Jupiter is dead!” God said frowning.

    “What?” Abdiel said worried.

    “The Demon I sent him after is one of Lucifer’s Ranks, he was Corruption, and like all other Demonic powers, using such power can possess someone, with that said instead of just knocking someone out, they will kill them!” God said angrily.

    “Sir?” Ariel said a little worried.

    “I want to see him die!” God said as he floated into the air.

    “Should we go after him?” Ariel and Abdiel said.

    “No I will handle this!” God smiled quite creepily.

Suddenly he vanished into thin air.


    “What do I do now? There is no way I can be an Archangel!” Jade cried.

    “You can be anything you set your heart too,” a voice came from below.

    “Who is there?” Jade asked through her tears.

    “My name is Venus, and we know what Ariel has done, so I have decided I would train you, so God does not banish you,” Venus said as she walked out from behind the column and smiled at Jade.

She was very pretty. She looked quite young, maybe in her twenties, with long auburn hair and beautiful purple irises. She had a smile that lit up the room.

    “I think I could be of great assistance to you,” Venus smiled.

Venus stuck her hand out and suddenly in her hand a beautiful purple bladed sword appeared. Its handle sparkled with the force of many Amethysts. Jade stared in awe.

    “That’s amazing,” Jade smiled.

    “Now do you know why you cannot summon your weapon Jade?” Venus asked.

    “No I don’t know,” Jade said sadly.

    “Well I believe I can tell you why,” Venus said.

    “That would be great; maybe you can help me learn how to summon my weapon?” Jade asked.

    “Not only that’ I’ll show you how to use it too,” Venus smiled.

    “Why are you helping an amateur angel like me?” Jade asked.

    “Because I think you will accomplish such great things, if Ariel decided to pass her legacy down to you then there is a reason behind it, and I will do anything to help you out, isn’t that what Angels are supposed to do?” Venus smiled.

    “Yes it is,” Jade responded as she wrapped her hand around the golden wings that were around her neck.

    “Come on Archangel, we have some training to do,” Venus smiled as she held out her hand. Jade took it and felt the warmth and power of this angel.