Dream Police

Part One

I walked through the small house and into my room, tossing my backpack by my desk and plopping myself down into the bed. I was a normal teenage kid in tenth grade, I had a normal life. Simple middle class family, parents working their day jobs. Usual collection of friends, and the single life haunting my reputation. I had simple rustled brown hair, blue eyes (lucky I know) and the typical teenage height of 5’11’’. I got up and went to my desk and booted up my laptop. I turned around and I pulled out the assignment and got to work on it. After an hour or so of typing away working on my project, and chatting with my friends on Facebook I heard my mom call for supper and proceeded to head out and eat. Everyone got together at the table and began to eat our delicious dinner of ham and mashed potatoes.

“So son how is school?” Dad said as he piled his plate with mashed potatoes.

My dad was a redneck, broad shoulder black hair and brown eyes. Stern face covered in the lumberjack’s beard.

“Same old same old nothing amazing right now, got some things to do for a couple of classes but nothing else to worry about,” I said as I waited my turn for the ham.

She didn’t really have a look but she liked to dress younger than her age, which was cool with me, made my mom kind of hip. She had long auburn hair, and green eyes.

“How is college looking son?” my father asked, always looking out for my wellbeing.

“Well I did put in for Castleton, but I have high hopes in Lyndon,” I responded.

“That’s great I hope you hear from them soon!” Mom smiled, “Eat up!”

I smiled and began to eat; the night went on with random conversation about work, school and our lives. After dinner I helped my mom clean up while my dad started a fire to get the autumn night chill.

“Well I am going to finish my project and then I am heading to bed,” I told them as I walked to my room.

“Sleep well son,” Dad and mom said.

I walked into my room sat down and typed up the last two pages for my project. Looking at the time I realized it’s best if I get to sleep. I shut my computer down and shut the lights off. I bent over and turned on my radio and I crawled under the covers and laid my head on my pillow. Thoughts began to infect me, like they always do.

“My best friend, Tyler has been out of school for a few weeks now, and no matter what I can’t reach him! I hope he’s ok. I better ask Jacob tomorrow if he has heard from Tyler,” I whispered as I closed my eyes.

I felt weird I knew I was sleeping but I felt alert, I remember wondering down a hallway into some kind of building I have not been introduced to before?

“Greetings Blake, I bet you have no idea where you are?” a voice echoed amplified by the empty building my dreams have taken me.

“Of course not, I’m in a dream a lot of times dreams don’t even make sense!” I said.

“Welcome to what we call the Station,” the voice echoed through the halls.

“The Station?” I asked.

“This is where we perform our duties, this is like a headquarters of sorts,” the voice said.

“Headquarters for what?” I asked.

“Well I can’t tell you that until we know you are worthy of knowing such information!” the voice continued.

“How do you know me?” I asked.

“We’ve been keeping our eyes on you, our boss thinks you might be of value to us, and our boss is almost never wrong!” he said as he walked from behind a column.

He was tall, and wearing a tuxedo and a black hat, he had a little facial hair, and was young. His eyes were like a yellow, very weird.

“What do you want from me, man my dreams are weird!” I yelled.

“Well if you are interested look for the after school club called, Altarian Fiction, tell them Alexx sent you, then hopefully we will meet again, if you don’t think your dreams are significant, then don’t simple as that. Now I believe it’s just about time to wake up!” Alexx said. The little building collapsed as a loud noise, kind of like my alarm clock, went off dissolving everything to liquid and soon I opened my eyes.

I looked at the celling in the gaze of sleepiness and got up, best if I took my shower and got ready for school! Jumping in and taking a nice ten minute shower I got up and dressed in my tattered blue jeans and my Carbon Black Tee-Shirt and then threw on my long sleeved dress shirt (the in-style right now) and pulled on my sneakers. I walked out and ate a bowl of cereal and then went back to my room. I threw my computer into my backpack and gathered my various papers and books. Tossing it over my shoulder and I was out the door. I smiled as I gazed on my beautiful old Mustang that I have been saving for, it was a beautiful glossy black with a modified grill (Present from a friend of mine) and rims (taken off my dad’ from his Corvette years ago) and the interior (skulls I bought at Wall Mart) I put the key in the ignition and turned it, my Mustang purred and I smiled as I backed out of my driveway and sped out to the dirt road. I took every moment I could of using it, because soon Vermont’s famous winter would come shortly. I proceeded to drive to school. Pulling in I saw the hordes of people going through the glass doors. Stepping out I ran into my friend.

“Hey man what’s up?” I asked, giving a high-five to my friend Jacob

“Not much man,” Jacob said.

Jacob was tall and bulk, he worked out a lot and had an interesting hobby, street fighting. He had green eyes and really short blonde hair. He was a really close friend of mine and we hung out a lot. He and I walked to first period, which we had together, joking all the way down the hallway about whatever came to our mind. Soon we were in our class and the exciting day of school had begun. The classes went by fast enough and soon enough it was lunch. I walked into the loud lunchroom and sat down with my friend Jacob.

“Hey man you not eating?” Jacob asked me.

“No, I don’t feel too hungry,” I responded to me.

“Ok than man,” Jacob smiled as he took a bite of his crappy food.

“Do you know what’s going on with Tyler,” I asked?

“I don’t know. I can’t reach him?” Jacob said as he took a sip of his milk.

“Me either! I hope he’s ok,” I said.

“Same here!” Jacob said, as he continued eating.

“Hey man, I have a question?”


“Do you know of the after school club called “Altarian Fiction?” I asked him.

“Altarian Fiction?” Jacob asked me.

“Yeah it’s an afterschool club, I thought I would check out?” I responded.

“Oh well your best bet would be to go to the office!” he told me.

“Guess I’ll have to check it out then,” I said.

The bell rang and I knew it was time to get to class. I waved goodbye to Jacob and walked out of the cafeteria. And like nothing the day passed. Without further plans I proceeded to the office and found the Principle.

“Hello, how may I help you?” said a tall clean shaven man wearing a suit, his name was Mr. Evens and he was our schools Principle.

“Yes I am a Junior and my name is Blake I am looking for the Afterschool Club Altarian Fiction!” I said.

“Oh yes that club is very exclusive here, I can give you a form and give it to me and I’ll see if they will have you? Ok?” Mr. Evens said.

“Sounds good,” I smiled.

“Here you go,” Mr. Evens said as he reached into a folder and pulled out a piece of paper, “Bring it to me tomorrow and we will see what happens!”

“Yes sir,” I smiled to him as I left his office.

I walked out to my car and saw Jacob leaning on my car.

“Hey man, so what’s the deal?” Jacob asked me.

“About what?” I asked.

“This Altarian Fiction thing,” Jacob laughed, “Are you secretly a nerd?”

“You wish!” I said as I chuckled.

“Just checking,” Jacob joked, “But no I was wondering if it was cool if I came over tonight?”

“Yeah jump in,” I laughed at him.

“Sweet!” Jacob yelled as he leapt through the passenger window.

I opened the door and jumped in and started the engine. Breathing in the warm summer air, I spun out of the parking lot. Making jokes and laughing. I spun into my driveway and parked my beast. Leaping out the window Jacob and I were looking around.

“Hey son, careful with that car!” I heard dad shout from the deck.

“Sorry dad!” I laughed with Jacob.

Jacob and I walked over to the deck and walked inside. Quickly changing we went back outside. Instantly Jacob attacked me, I had trained him of his basic Martial Arts skills. But his street fighter ways offered me much resistance. Basically smashing the crap out of each other we decided to take a break. I reached in the fridge in the shed and I tossed him a beer.

“Fuck yeah!” Jacob laughed as he ripped the cover off.

“Man you’re tough,” I smiled as I opened my bottle with a Bottle Opener.

“You know street shit,” Jacob laughed.

“So what’s going on with you and Grace anyway?” I asked.

“Wish I knew man, she isn’t talking to me right now?” Jacob sighed.

“That sucks,” I said.

Suddenly we saw a car coming flying up our long ass driveway, right towards us, I jumped and leapt onto the bed of my dad’s truck as Jacob rolled out of the way, they crashed into the back of the truck.

“Yo pieces of shit, we need to beat on you!” said a teen boy who leapt out of the car.

He was wearing a tee-shirt and a pair of new jeans. He had a scar on his arm and looked like he had been working all his life. Following him were two guys wearing grey tee-shirts and a pair of bleached jeans.

“What do you want?” Jacob yelled to them!

“You!” the first guy said.

He lifted Jacob off the ground and punched him into the air, falling to the ground Jacob grunted.

“Hey what’s your problem?” I asked them pissed.

“This man here is a piece of shit and deserves to die!” the first guy sneered.

“I beg to differ, that happens to be my best friend, want to start shit with him, you have me to deal with too!” I cursed.

“Beat the snot out of him,” the first guy said motioning the other two guys.

Two guys in the grey shirts came after me I leapt into the air and kicked one in the chest, knocking him over. I then extended my arm and bashed the other guy in the face with my fist. I landed on the ground, bringing elbows onto their heads, knocking them out cold. Jacob was get kicked on the ground. I ran at his attacker and spin kicked him to the ground.

“Jacob man, finish this asshole!” I said to him.

“Indeed!” Jacob smiled wiping the blood from his nose.

The attacker stood up and Jacob hit him so hard in the face, I swear he fractured something. Instant knock out! The two guys managed to summon his consciousness when my dad came out wielding a double barrel shotgun.

“You three motherfuckers get the fuck off my goddamn property!” my dad said, thoroughly pissed off!

“Yes sir,” said the two boys as they went to go get their leader.

“Get his insurance card son,” Dad ordered me.

I reached into the glove box and pulled out their insurance papers, throwing the rest of its contents on the ground. I slipped the card in my pocket.

“Get the hell out of here,” Jacob, Dad and I ordered the three teens.

They jumped in the car, backed up and spun down the driveway.

“What the hell just happened?” I said surprised.

“I don’t know?” Jacob sighed, “But I have a bad feeling it has to do with one of Grace’s exes.”

“That can’t be good,” I frowned.

“Can you bring me home so I can give her a call?” Jacob asked.

“Yeah man hop in,” I smiled at him.

I started the car up and drove down the driveway and dropped Jacob off at his house, wished him luck and got home. Walking inside I noticed my dad had slipped into sleep. Mom was sitting working on some kind of brain game thing. I headed to my room got my homework done and went to sleep. A alarm filled the air and I quickly got up. I peered at the clock and knew it was time to get up for school. I quickly headed to the shower and then got dressed walking out into the dining room I noticed I was all alone. I looked around for a note and saw that both my parents had to go in really early today. I shrugged it off and looked at the clock still forty minutes before I leave. I sighed and sat to watch the news after it was time for school I jumped in my car and drove slipping into the school parking lot and noticed a beautiful vehicle parked next to me, and a bulk teen I happened to know, hanging out by it.

“Oh come on you have a fast car too!” I laughed.

“Hell yeah, my grandfather gave it to me!” Jacob said excitedly.

“Well sweet Mazda man!” I smiled at him.

“Yeah it would make your Mustang its bitch!” Jacob laughed.

“Yeah right,” I laughed.

We walked into the school and sat in the Cafeteria. Walking to the office I went to locate Principle Evans.

“Mr. Allen, did you complete your form?” Mr. Evans said behind me.

“Yes I did,” I said as I handed him to form.

“Thank you, I’ll find you later on today and tell you what they think,” Mr. Evans said.

“Hey wait, I forgot to write something,” I told him.

He handing me the form again. I quickly scribbled the words “Alexx sent me” and gave him the form.

“Is that all?” he said.

“Yes, thank you!” I smiled at him.

“Have a good day,” Mr. Evans said.

I quickly glanced back to see him frowning at what I had written, guess it doesn’t make sense to him. I walked to the cafeteria to start my oh so exciting day at school.

“So what’s up?” I asked Jacob a little worried about yesterday.

“I talked to Grace, we are meeting tonight at her place,” Jacob said worried.

“Well I wish you luck with Grace man, you deserve to be happy!” I smiled to him.

“Mr. Allen?” someone asked behind me.

“Blake Allen?” I responded.

“Yes, I’m with the Altarian Fiction club, and I need to talk to you!” the girl smiled.

I noticed she was short, with very long brown hair and blue eyes. She had a very cute face and she had kind of a pre-pubescent body, even though she was probably my age she looked much younger. I couldn’t help but want to follow someone who looks so innocent. I just smiled.

Part Two

“Yes?” I said as I got up and followed her through the cafeteria door.

“I heard you were interested in the Altarian Fiction Club and I would like to personally invite you to visit the club today after school,” the shy girl said to me.

“That sounds great!” I smiled to her.

“We have very particular rules, and we must demand that you follow all of them, if you ever want to be a part of this! In this envelope is all you need to know, find a nice quiet empty place and open it, hope to see you later!” she smiled as she walked I off, turning around in a flash she spoke again, “Oh, don’t tell anyone you have that.”

I looked blankly at the envelope and hid it in my back pocket covering it with my shirt. Then I walked into the Cafeteria.

“Everything ok?” Jacob asked curiously.

“Guess I am not good enough for that club,” I lied.

“Screw them,” Jacob yelled impulsively.

I sat down and laughed, and my mind began to wonder what is so secret about that club? The bell rang and I knew it was time to get to class. I began to walk through the halls when I noticed Mr. Evans motioning for me to come over there.

“So hey did you get accepted into that club you were looking to get in?” Mr. Evans asked as I looked to the floor sadly, hoping he would buy it.

“That’s too bad!” Mr. Evans said, “Maybe next year.”

“Maybe,” I smirked.

“Have a good day now,” Mr. Evans said as he waved goodbye.

I turned around again to see a creepy smile on his face. I don’t get him at all, he was so weird! I walked through the crowded hallways and suddenly remembered today I didn’t have any more classes! Thank goodness I thought, now to find out what this little Envelope is all about! I slipped through the halls and went to this old abandoned janitor’s closet. Inside was a secret room that my dad told me about a long time ago when he went here. I slipped inside and sat up at the table that was somehow put in here years ago and never moved. I cleaned it up a bit so it was comfortable but I didn’t put anything in here in case it caused issues later down the road. I sat down and opened the envelope. Inside was a fairly fancy piece of cotton parchment and I unfolded it and began to read it.

Dear Blake Allen,

My name is Professor Matthew Parkman, I am the founder of this after school club, and of course you probably already know it’s more than that? If you are interested please meet me in my classroom tonight at 3:15, the time when school ends. After that we will discuss this matter further. Thank you for your interest and hope to see you soon…



I smiled and thought maybe this is something to look forward too! I grabbed the paper and returned it to its envelope and slipped it back into my pocket hidden. I pulled out my iPhone and passed time. Finally glanced at the clock I noticed it was time to meet Matt. Slipping out of the secret room and janitorial closet, I proceeded to Matt’s classroom.

“Greetings Mr. Allen, we have a situation,” a random kid said to me.

“Um, what?” I asked dumbfounded.

“Agents, for some reason are already after you, let me handle them you get out of here,” the kid said to me.

“Are you sure?” I said worried.

“Yeah, now get out of here!” the kid ordered me.

“Good luck,” I said as I ran off.

“I hope Alexx was right!” the kid frowned.

Suddenly light began to drain around the kid and darkness swallowed the hallway. Three guys came around the corner.

“We have a special over here!” one of the Agents said.

“Take him down,” the head agent ordered.

“Yes sir,” the agents said simultaneously.

Instantly the kid was attacked, trying to defend himself as best as possible. However it was not enough, they wrestled him to the ground and cuffed him.

“Take him in, then find the runaway!” the lead agent ordered.

“Yes sir,” an agent said as they brought the cuffed boy with them.

“Yes sir,” another agent said as he rushed down the hall.

I had finally reached my destination when I saw the cute girl who I met earlier.

“Plans have changed,” she sighed, “Follow me, and run!”

“Um ok?” I asked even more confused now!

“Let’s go,” she said.

We both ran through the halls towards my janitorial closet. She rushed me in and told me to move the fake wall. So I did and I was in my little hideout.

“Help me push this table aside!” the girl told me.

Together we pushed it suddenly it slid out of place with a snap. The bolts were fake. I smiled at her and she pushed me down the hold and followed me through closing it just in case. I was sliding down a slide and I ended up face up on a gymnast mat. Suddenly she slid and was face down on top of me. Her cuteness excited me a little and I was ashamed for it and she slid off in time so she wouldn’t feel my raging hormones in action.

“What is this place?” I looked around.

“This is our hideout, we didn’t want you to know it was here until we knew we could trust you but it no longer matters we don’t have much of a choice. Let me show you around,” she smiled.

“Can I get one thing from you first?” I asked shyly.

“What?” she said.

“What is your name,” I smiled nervously.

“Oh sorry, it’s Cheyenne,” she smirked.

I followed her through these old tunnels which led to an old bunker. Inside the bunker were a couple hospital beds and a setup of computers in a corner. Inside I noticed a few people sitting in cushioned chairs talking amongst themselves.

“Please take a seat Blake, I have much to fill you in,” said a fairly tall and burly man as he turned around, seemed like he was looking out a very small window. As I noticed him I saw that his eyes were very unique, gold? I realized that he had short hair, spiked up a little, and slightly messy. He looked kind of serious but his gold eyes shown of only kindness.

“You are?” I asked, not recognizing him.

“My name is Matthew Alexx Parkman,” he said to me.

“You are the one who told me to come here in my dreams weren’t you?” I said confidently.

“Indeed I was, now however we have a bigger problem than just summoning you!” Matt said worried.

“What’s that?” I frowned fearing I already knew.

“Because of your value to this club, I sent one of our best members to help stall the Agents that were after you, but he got captured and will not be released unless we help him. Cheyenne could you set it up, we need to show him what we are talking about,” Matt ordered.

Cheyenne walked over to the computer set up and started to type away on the computer. Then she was holding a very fancy pair of headphones and giving the ok to Matt.

“Ok Blake please lay down on this bed here,” Matt told me.

“Um sure?” I said shyly.

I lay down. What was going to happen now? Cheyenne came around and placed the headset around my head. I was told to relax, a noise came on the earphones and it slowly slipped me into sleep. I noticed that the world I had once known was slipping away. The bunker turned into an inky void and I noticed another bunker materializing around me. I then leapt out of bed and noticed there were no more headphones around me, or computers or chairs. It was basically empty.

“Where am I?” I asked.

“Welcome to the Dream Realm

, Mr. Allen,” said a figure standing tall, a figure I had met before, the one I knew as Alexx.

“Weird huh?” Cheyenne said.

“A little, why does it look so much like wherever I came from?” I asked them.

“This is the flipside of the Other World,” Alexx filed me in.

“This world is exactly like the Other World, except that it follows different rules, for example, everyone knows that dreams can defy all kinds of common laws like gravity, convention and possibility, with that known, Alexx please show him,” Cheyenne said.

“Ok, are you ready for this?” Alexx said.

“Um I don’t know?” I said a little concerned.

“This here is Kinsley; he is also a part of the Tier One Dream Police Squad.”

“Hey,” said a kid.

He was not very tall and had short brown hair and green eyes. He kind of looked like the usual slacker types you see in High School.

“Try and hit me Kinsley,” Alexx told him.

“Ok sir,” Kinsley said.

I saw Kinsley’s arm turn into metal and attack Alexx, Alexx seemed to dodge all of his attacks pretty easily. Then Alexx caught his arm somehow and smiled.

“What was that?” I asked surprised.

“That was Metal Mimicry, Blake. My ability is Hyperkinetic,” Alexx smiled.

“That’s amazing!” I smiled to him.

“Those are what we call Dream Powers, they are only possible in the Dream Realm, and they vary exponentially, depending on one’s personality. My skill was once very useful in my more field assignment days; I remember receiving this power because I was always a fighter,” Alexx smiled.

“What about me?” I asked.

“We don’t know yours yet, but for some reason, I feel it’s going to be very useful.” Alexx said.

“Now let me fill you in on some more details,” Cheyenne smiled.

“That would be great,” I said.

“So how did you get here? You must be asking yourself this,” Cheyenne said.

“Yes I am,” I answered.

“We use a form of Brainwave Entrainment; this allows us to synchronize your Brainwaves with the waves of the Dream Realm, which allows you to enter. We execute these waves in the form of decibels around your head,” Cheyenne said knowingly.

“Um, ok?” I said trying to understand what she meant.

“It’s complicated but one day you will understand everything!” Alexx said.

“So now that everyone is in here let me introduce you to my crew!” Alexx said.

“This guy here is Kinsley, as you know, Metal Mimicry is his ability,” Alexx told me pointing me to the metal arm guy.

“You already know Cheyenne, her ability is called Dream Signal Broadcasting, she can willingly execute the Wave Signals we use, that’s how I got to talk to you, she can broadcast through radios,” Alexx said to the cute girl I couldn’t help but flirt with.

“This guy here is Zephyr, he is a Pyrokinetic,” Alexx said pointing to a thug looking tough guy, he was excessively tall and burly, he looked quite dangerous, he had scars all over his body, his eyes were a simple brown and he had rustled hair.

“Don’t freak little man,” Zephyr laughed.

“Finally we have Carrie, she has Enhanced Strength,” Alexx chuckled.

“Now you should freak,” Carrie smirked. She had short blonde hair and a cute face. She looked like the playful sort, but also having a tough attitude towards things.

“Of course there was also Derek, he had the ability to Manipulate Electronics, but he’s been captured now,” Alexx sighed, “But don’t you worry! My name is Alexx, nice to meet you!” Alexx said as he stuck out his hand.

I reached for his hand and shook it. Instantly a light went up my arm and I felt tingly, I freaked out and pulled away!

“Did I see what I think I saw,” Carrie and Zephyr said at once confused.

“I think you did? Kinsley would you,” Alexx said to Kinsley.

Kinsley struck out at me and I instantly dodged it.

“Zephyr!” Alexx said excitedly!

A flame blew up next to me and I managed to dodge it and roll aside.

“Carrie!” Alexx said the excitement overwhelming him!

I then watched Carrie’s shin came down on me. I caught it, spraining my wrist; I noticed a light go up my arm again.

“Seriously? This is amazing!” Alexx cried.

“What’s amazing?” I said very confused.

“You have an incredibly rare and incredibly powerful Ability, Empathic Mimicry!” Alexx said dumbfounded.

“So sir, once again you were right, it’s almost like you are Precognitive!” Carrie smiled.

“Empathic Mimicry?” I asked desperately.

“Empathic Mimicry is the ability to replicate any Dream Power, and it seems for you, by touch,” Cheyenne told me.

“So what?” I asked still confused.

“You can do anything we can do basically, by touching Alexx you got his ability of Hyperkinetic, and upon blocking Carrie’s attack you got her Enhanced Strength!” Zephyr said.

“Hate to be a buzz kill here, but that’s not good!” Carrie said quite distastefully.

“Carrie is right, if a simple touch can get him to absorb an ability he will be exploding in no time!” Alexx sighed.

“Wait exploding!” I cried out.

“Yes, if you absorb too many abilities at once you could create an imbalance within yourself which could make you combustible,” Carrie said, almost as though she were happy?

“And if you go around touching certain people in this world you’ll automatically absorb their abilities!” Alexx said worried.

“That wouldn’t be good would it?” I said worried.

“No it would not!” Cheyenne said worried.

“So we are going to have to train you to control your power, and it’s a life or death thing this time,” Alexx said.

“Well I guess there isn’t much else to tell you since you have one of the three most powerful Dream Powers in the Realm,” Kinsley said bitterly.

“There is no need to get hostile, until further notice everyone but Cheyenne and I are allowed here in this bunker hideout. So you three, please prepare for a mission. Sorry Blake this is Top Secret so Cheyenne will take you outside and we will summon her when we need her, until then remain out there,” Alexx ordered hoping to raise everyone’s spirits. Cheyenne and I walked out and began to talk.

“Does everyone hate me?” I said sadly.

“No of course not, it’s not that, they are jealous, you have one of the three most powerful abilities known to the Dream Realm. I think they look to you as more of a threat right now, because now they have it set in their mind that all you want from them are their Dream Powers!” Cheyenne told me.

“But that’s not true! You know that right!” I said as I reached for her arm for comfort, she pulled away.

“Of course not!” she said not bothering to justify her actions.

“Hey Chy, Alexx wants you in here,” Kinsley sneered.

“Thanks Kinsley,” she smiled shyly as she went inside.

Kinsley walked towards me and whispered in my ear.

“Touch her, and you’ll need my ability to survive my beating!” He threatened, spitting at me as he left.

I just nodded and watched him walk back into the bunker. I slipped to the ground and cradled my head in my arms. 

“What have I gotten myself into?” I cried out.

Agent Headquarters…

“So what intelligence have we gathered from the individual, Steven?” a tall man in a suit asked another suited man slightly shorter than him.

“Nothing sir, every time we try to record anything on record for him it doesn’t work!” Steven told him.

“No wonder they sent him, without hard evidence he isn’t really valuable!” the taller man said.

“What about paper and pencil? Old technology?” Steven said hopefully.

“It wouldn’t count as anything, they would think that we made it up!” the taller man said angrily.

“What do we do sir?” Steven said concerned.

“Hate to say this but we have to call the head of operations,” the tall man shrugged.

Walking off Steven went into an office. The taller man proceeded to take out his cell phone and dial a number. After three rings the guy on the other line picked up.

“Peter? What is it!” the phone shouted.

“They must have planned this, the special cannot be recorded on any electronic device, including recorders, video cameras, cameras, or otherwise,”

“That is indeed bad news. But do not worry about this; we are going to have to simply use him as bait! With the capturing of a Tier One Dream Police Member is that they will come after him.”

“What would you like me to do with the prisoner?”

“Keep him in a semi strict cell, that will give you time to capture whoever comes to retrieve him, yet it will restrain their plans to something you can actually handle,”

“Yes sir!”

“Keep me updated,” was the final words as the phone beeped and was hung up.

Part Three

I looked up from my arms, and saw Alexx step out into the hall.

“Don’t take it too personally Blake, it’s something new we are all going to have to get used too, and until then we will need to work on you, protect you, because we will need you,” Alexx said as he reached out his hand.

I grabbed it and he pulled me up, and he brought me inside. Cheyenne was sitting in a corner apparently deep in thought. She didn’t bother to look at me but I noticed that she vanished.

“What happened to her?” I asked Alexx.

“You will see,” Alexx smiled.

I noticed the bunker I was currently standing in was slipping away being swallowed by a bright light. I looked up and saw a cement celling. I felt the warm comfort of my pair of headphones. I looked over and say Cheyenne take them off and smile at me. Matt came over and tapped his watch. We were in the dream world for about an hour or so.

“Time moves different in the Dream Realm, especially when you are first inserted into it. I’ve been awake for the last forty-five minutes, and Cheyenne had been awake the five minutes we were there, but you will get better,” Alexx reassured me.

“Best be going Blake,” Cheyenne smiled at me.

I smiled as I sat up in the bed and rubbed my eyes.

“Cheyenne would you walk him out please?” Alexx asked her, “I’ve got a few things to do.”

He slipped on a pair of headphones and went to sleep. I began to follow Cheyenne out of the bunker.

“In case you are wondering, no I am not part of this mission, seeing as my Dream Power isn’t all up to snuff yet,” Cheyenne smiled at me cutely.

“Mine isn’t either,” I laughed.

Cheyenne led me to a ladder that went up to the entrance of the slide. She stopped me while I started going up it.

“I’m sorry about earlier Blake,” Cheyenne said apologetically.

“What are you talking about?” I asked her as I stepped back down.

“Earlier when we were talking in the hall, I had no choice but to pull away, see my Dream Power is complicated, I have troubles with it sometimes, leading to bad things and inconveniences, if you accidentally absorbed it, I, I mean we, would lose you somewhere in the Dream Realm and maybe never find you again, and we don’t want that to happen. I hope you aren’t too upset with me,” Cheyenne said quietly.

“I understand, I don’t blame you, I’ve got much learning to do as well maybe we can learn more together,” I smiled.

I crawled up the ladder and pushed the table and secret door aside, and stepped into the secret room and slid into a corner waiting for her. Several minutes had passed when I saw her slip out of the secret entrance and step out into my once perfect hideout, one my dad had found many years ago.

“We have to be careful now because agents are after you,” Cheyenne said.

“Who are these agents anyway?” I asked.

“Agents are people who hunt us in the real world, they somehow know all about us, I fear that someone has a more perfected version of my Dream Power,” Cheyenne said sadly.

“Why are they after me?” I asked

“Because they think you are incredibly valuable, which is correct, but we don’t know how they know these things!” Cheyenne cried.

“That’s so weird!” I said!

“Anyway before we head home I’ve been granted permission to give you something,” Cheyenne said as she handed me a pair of Expensive Apple Earbuds.

“Thanks,” I smiled.

“May I see your iPhone,” Cheyenne asked.

“Sure,” I said as I handed her my phone.

She put them next to each other and suddenly I had a new app.

“Use this app to come into the Dream Realm until further notice we can’t meet here again’” Cheyenne said.

“Ok, so will we meet again here, in this world?” I asked.

“Yea, I’ll see you in school and such, but the club won’t meet for a while.

I looked at her eyes smiled and slipped out of the secret room and out of the janitorial closet. Cheyenne was behind me and we slipped away quickly. I got out into the parking lot and sped out of the parking lot of the school. Driving home I parked my beauty and walked inside.

“Hey son,” I heard my mom say as she stepped out of her bedroom.

“Hey mom, how are you?” I asked.

“I am doing well, um someone called for you today, not too long ago actually, they said something about a new book called The Station?” she said confused.

“Yeah school stuff thanks mom, I am going to take a nap it’s been a long day,” I told her, “Wake me up in two hours?”

“Sure thing, sleep well,” mom said as I walked to my room.

I lay on the bed and put the headphones in my ear, loading an app I smiled as sleep gathered me. Suddenly I was in this dark hallway.

“Hello Blake,” a voice said behind me.

“Kinsley?” I said recognizing the voice.

“I can’t stand you being here anymore, before you came here my life was perfect, a little longer and I would have had the girl I love more than anything, but now I have to deal with you!” Kinsley said upset.

“What is your deal with me anyway, envy is a sin, I never did anything to get this, it just happened!” I cried out.

“Doesn’t matter, you need to be put down,” Kinsley said as he turned to metal and charged me.

I slipped my hand in my long shirt sleeves picked him up and tossed him aside using, Carrie’s enhanced strength.

“Told you that you couldn’t do this alone, he’s troublesome,” said a beautiful girl behind me.

“Cheyenne?” I asked dumbfounded.

“Hello dear,” she said.

“What’s going on?” I asked angrily.

“We are going to take you down a notch,” Kinsley said.

“Cheyenne doesn’t say dear” I said as I grabbed the impersonator and tossed her at Kinsley.

“Well isn’t that special, he knows I’m not her!” She said as she turned into Alexx, “I never wanted you to be a part of this Blake, you made me lose one of my best members!”

“Shape shifting?” I said.

Kinsley came after me and punched me back several feet. I lay on the ground in pain as I struggled to get up. Managing to get back up I was punched again, blood flew from my mouth as I cursed. Again he struck me punching me into the floor. I began to feel my body tire from the beating as he came at me again I grabbed him in my sleeved arms and tossed him into the Shape Shifter. I struggled to stand up.

“So you’re going to kill me in a dream?” I slurred as I bleed slightly.

“Yes,” Kinsley smiled.

“You can’t kill me in a dream it’s impossible,” I smiled, feeling big-headed.

“You are so naive, so dumb, without the brain you are nothing, if I kill you here, you die in the Other World!” Kinsley laughed as he ran at me incredibly fast and bashed my head into the wall behind. Then he stood above me and smiled as he prepared the final hit. His metal fist came right at me, I prepared for the end, sad and hopeless his fist came at me so fast! He missed. I leapt out of bed and pulled the earbuds from my ear and tossed them aside.

“Hun what happened you are sweating up a storm!” my mom cried out at me.

“Bad dream,” I said as I wiped my forehead.

“Well suppers ready come out when you want to, take your time,” she said worried as she walked out.

That was insane I laid back down trying to calm down and once I gathered myself I got up and stumbled to the kitchen. Seeing the table set I sat down and began to eat. One conversation after another and I managed to finish up. Helping my parents clean up I began to think about what had happened and wonder if Cheyenne was ok. Deciding not to worry about it right now, I finished cleaning up and went to my room to finish up some homework and think about tomorrow. Getting into my bedroom and noticed my iPhone on my desk was vibrating. I quickly answered it.

“Hello Blake, we have your little bitch friend here, Jacob if you want him you’ll have to come get him, we will meet you in the little park behind the school, be there or your friend is going to Intensive Care!” said a deep voice on the phone.

“Don’t you hurt him!” I yelled!

“Be there and we won’t!” he said as he hung up.

I looked to the floor and sighed, it seems after I’ve decided to join the Dream Police my whole life has gone to hell, and everyone wants to kill me!

“Goddamn it!” I yelled as I grabbed my car keys and told mom and dad I would be home later.

I started my car furiously wondering what Jacob could possibly have gotten himself into this time! I drove out carefully then on the roads I slammed my petal down and was off to the park. I drove in and noticed the three guys Jacob and I met earlier and I bit down hard on my tongue with anger. They were laughing in front of the schools fountain. I wasn’t going to take their shit anymore. Leaping out I walked right at them.

“Hey he showed up, maybe you do have friends?” one of them laughed.

I grabbed his face and smashed it into the fountain behind them, gashing his forehead knocking him out.

“What the hell man!” one of the other guys cried.

“Ok here is how this is going to go! You will back off or I will send you to intensive care!” I said pissed.

“Bring it!” one of the guys yelled as he ran towards me.

I leapt into the air and bashed his kneecaps with my heel causing him to fall over, then I kicked him square in the teeth.

“Hey be careful man, I have your friend here!” the leader shouted.

I noticed Jacob had bruises all over his body and wasn’t feeling very feisty for once.

“What do you want douchebag?” I yelled to him.

“Just a little revenge for what you had done earlier!” the leader smirked.

“Throw him to the ground and I’ll see if you have what it takes!” I said proudly.

He tossed Jacob to the ground and ran at me. I punched him as hard as I could in the gut. He fell over in pain, I then grabbed his head and threw my knee into it. He lay on the ground for a while and finally decided to get up. Struggling he managed to get up quick and punch me in the face, knocking me over. I felt my jaw and touched my tender lip and got up. I bashed my forearms into his head like cymbals and threw my knee into his face once more.

“That will be the end of this!” I spat at him.

I helped Jacob up and walked to my car. I put him in the passenger seat and drove off towards his house, I knew his mom wouldn’t be home so that was the best bet. On the way I pulled out my iPhone and called mom to tell her I was staying with Jacob, for “emotional turmoil” she bought it and I hung up. Pulling in his driveway I helped him inside. And put him on the couch, tossing him a cold cloth I went to the bathroom to wash my face. I turned the cool water on and splashed it on my aching jaw, soothing me immediately. Little blood left my lip but it still hurt a bit. I looked at myself, at least I wasn’t as bad looking as Jacob. Sighing, I walked out.

“Hey man thanks, again, though I must admit I have never seen you that badass before?” Jacob smiled, wincing at the pain.

I turned the television on and watched some Adult Swim, bullshiting with Jacob and finally coming the time to go to bed. I lay on one couch and he laid on the other. He was instantly asleep, I lay awake. Thoughts about the recent events had infected me. I was wondering what was going to happen to me now that I’m part of a Science Fiction Police Force! I decided it would be best if I worried about that tomorrow!

Asleep, I remember a dark corridor, in the back stood a semi tall figure.

“I can see you are going to be more difficult then I predicted?” the figure spoke.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“No one,” it answered.

I used Carrie’s Enhanced Strength to kick a rock right into it. They stopped it with some invisible force.

“Enhanced Strength, sad!” the figure laughed as it vanished.

I cussed to myself and continued walking around wherever I was trapped. It seemed like a medieval castle of sorts that was in perish. I walked around and smiled at the vividness of this dream. The castle walls looked so real, I felt like I was in a whole new world! The moss was built up on the stone in patches. I touched it, it was damp and cool, so realistic! This Dream Realm was amazing! Wondering what other amazing things I would come across. I saw the figure again it was following someone so I decided to follow them. I walked several steps behind them to insure that I wouldn’t be caught. I noticed they had someone cornered, the person began to scream as I ran to help them my world crumbled. I sat up and noticed Jacob was standing above me telling me to get up.

“Hey man how are you?” I asked him a little upset about having to wake up so soon.

“Better, still going to be a little sore for a while but you know,” Jacob smiled, “I’m taking a shower.”

I stood up and tried my best to wake up, I felt maybe I should have some coffee, so I stepped up and got a mug down from his cupboard, and filled it with fresh hot coffee from his fancy coffee maker. Sipping on it slowly I sat down. Wondering what the day had in store for me. Downing the rest of the hot coffee I felt energized. I saw Jacob go to his room to get dressed and I went to take a shower. The steaming hot water easily relaxed me and I felt much better. I finished washing up quickly and got dried off. He tossed in a pair of his clothes, a bit big for me but it was ok, I slipped on a belt and headed out to the car.

“Hey see you at school. I’m going to grab my school stuff and some better clothes,” I told him.

“See you then my friend,” Jacob answered me.

I threw my car into reverse and backed up, spinning out of his driveway (for show) and I was headed towards my house. I walked in and noticed my mom and dad had already gone to work. So I went to my room and got some clothes and my backpack and walked to the car. I threw my backpack in the back and I jumped in front. I drove out and slid into the school parking lot right next to Jacob’s Mazda. I stepped out and noticed two men in suits standing in the walkway.

“I suppose you are, Blake Allen?” one of them said.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“You’re worst nightmare,” the man smirked.

Part Four

“What are you talking about?” I asked angrily.

“Come with us if you want to live,” the suited man chuckled.

“Bring it on!” I smiled.

The two men attacked me and I turned around to spin kick him, some reason I missed?

“You think I can’t handle a little kid?” the man smiled standing beside me.

“Now please don’t give us any trouble!” the men smiled.

They both grabbed me. Starting to carry me off.

“Blake?” Cheyenne asked as she walked out towards me.

“Young lady, your friend here is in a lot of trouble, so we ask you please walk away!” the men ordered.

“Can I at least hug him goodbye?” Cheyenne said with a pout.

“How do you know him?” they asked with skepticism.

“He’s my boyfriend, we have AP together,” Cheyenne smiled.

“Um sure, let her hug him goodbye?” one of the men said.

I walked towards her in an embrace. I was a little nervous; maybe she liked me after all? I noticed her eyes turned into gold and she embraced me.

“No! She’s a special!” the man cried angrily, running towards us.

Suddenly I noticed the world was turning into a mist, floating into oblivion the world washed away and then I noticed I was no longer in the Other World but most definitely in the Dream Realm. However where in the Dream Realm was I?

“Well good news and bad news,” Cheyenne said, “Good News; we got you away from those Agents, Bad News; that’s the first time I have ever transported someone else, so we could be anywhere, and I’m too tired to get us back right now.”

“Good News; I didn’t absorb your ability, Bad News; I don’t really know anything about this place?” I told her.

“Well guess we should probably walk around and check things out until my power comes back?” Cheyenne said worried.

“So hey, thanks for saving me,” I told her.

“Yeah, sorry that I got us in another mess,” Cheyenne laughed.

“We will figure this out,” I smiled at her.

We walked through what looked like an old city made out of stone.

“Ok I need to ask, what’s the deal with this place anyway? Every time I come here it seems like its back in medieval time?” I told her confused.

“Wait you’ve been here more than that time we brought you here?” Cheyenne asked concerned, “That means your thoughts are what brought us here!”

“Yes some guy keeps bringing me here, saying things like, I shouldn’t stick my nose in where it doesn’t belong, and telling me I was going to be more problematic then he thought, and things of that sort?” I said.

“That doesn’t sound good?” Cheyenne said sadly.

“You mean me?” a deep voice echoed from behind.

Instantly I was lifted into the air and blasted back by some invisible force. Then rocks from the ground flew at me like bullets. He turned around and picked up Cheyenne smiling creepily!

“You have a very amazing ability, too bad you don’t have as much control of it, guess I should take it so we don’t have any problems?” the evil man chuckled.

I suddenly blasted him back and slammed him into one of the brick buildings using his own ability against him!

“What happened?” the person against the wall said quite upset.

“Now let’s do this again!” I said as I attempted to pick him up again.

Nothing happened.

“Oh a little outburst of my ability, I will not let that happen again!” he said angrily.

Then he grabbed me with his telekinetic like ability and attempted to throw me, nothing happened.

“Well it seems my ability is not working right now, I knew this would happen! Damn it!” he cried out as he disappeared.

“Cheyenne!” I cried out, “Are you ok?”

“Yeah I will be ok, unfortunately, you have more power over your thoughts than me, and so you need to get us out of here. Think about somewhere, somewhere you know very well in the other world I will do the rest!” Cheyenne said.

I knew exactly what I would think of. I knew it would be the best bet, even if I got in trouble.

“Ok,” I said, “Let’s get out of here!”

I pulled Cheyenne up and held her close to me, blushing a little. I smiled down at her, and this seemed to be what kept her going. The Dream Realm Collapsed and the Other World came into view, building around I appeared in Jacob’s living room. Upon appearing I noticed Jacob drop his bowl of cereal and look at me with his jaw dropped! The living room still had a bit of light so I knew it was still the afternoon.

“How did you do that?” Jacob asked.

“That’s a good question,” I laughed.

“Blake what did you do!” Cheyenne said upset.

“I’ll deal with Alexx, Cheyenne I’m sorry to go over your head but I feel that Jacob will be incredibly useful,” I told her quite proudly.

“For what?” Jacob asked.

“Can you get me to the school to get my car?” I asked him, “And I promise I’ll come here and fill you in after I drop Cheyenne off, please man?”

“Jump in!” Jacob said as he grabbed his keys.

We walked outside and jumped into his Mazda. He brought me to the outside of the school and dropped me off.

“We will walk from here,” I said as I helped Cheyenne out, “See you at your house?”

“Yeah man,” Jacob said, “Be careful bro!”

“Another adventure?” Cheyenne smiled, though I knew she was still upset with me.

We quietly slipped up the driveway towards the school. Looking around I noticed no one was around. The Agents are probably looking for us inside! I quickly ran to my car, Cheyenne and I jumped in, I fumbled out my keys from my pocket and started it up and quickly flew off as fast as I could.

“Sorry if I scared you,” I said.

“No it’s ok, I understand,” Cheyenne told me.

“Where too?”

“We are going to head up that hill over there to the left; my house is at the very top!”

We drove up the driveway quietly and dropped her off.

“Meet at the station tonight, with Jacob,” Cheyenne told me, “See you then!”

“Ok,” I told her as I drove back to Jacob’s.

Pulling into his driveway I parked my car. I got out and walked inside. Jacob sat at the table, staring at me intently as I slipped my shoes off and walked into the kitchen to meet him.

“Ok man what the hell is going on!” Jacob basically yelled.

“Ok, can I sit?” I asked him. He motioned me to sit.

“First off what is happening with you and this girl man?” Jacob smiled.

“Nothing right now, but yes she is cute, now what I’m about to tell you, it may make you think I am crazy?” I said a little worried.

“Try me!”

“Ok well in order for you to believe anything will you listen to this song first?”

“Um sure?”

I walked to his room and took out his earphones and his headphone splitter. I plugged my headphones in (I had left them in my car since I thought I would need them, I was right) and put in my earbuds, he followed with his own. I turned on the app, and watched as we both slipped into sleep, being in control of this session I decided to head to a castle before I met Alexx and the crew tonight.

“Greetings Jacob,” I smiled at him.

“Where are we man?” Jacob said very worried.

“This is called the Dream Realm and in order for you to understand anything you will have to watch this!” I smiled.

“Hit me!” I ordered him.

“Um ok?” he said as he attacked me.

I dodged all of his attacks easily and he looked at me weird.

“I can always hit you at least a few times!” Jacob cried.

“It’s called Hyperkinetic, now watch this!” I smiled.

I went over to part of the castle where it was damaged. Picked up the giant castle pieces and tossed them aside!

“Wow man, this is a dream I can do that too!” Jacob laughed.

He came at me and attempted to pick up a bigger piece. It didn’t work.

“Not all dreams are like the ones you have Jacob,” I told him.

“Let me do this again!” he said as he concentrated.

Suddenly I saw his whole image change! He seemed more determined and more powerful. Like nothing he picked up the castle pieces and tossed them so hard into the castle they shattered to pieces! I looked at him in amazement when I realized he toppled over.

“Jacob?” I asked.

I noticed the world around me slipping away; I knew I was waking up.

“Hey Blake?” Jacob’s mom said holding out earbuds.

“Hey sorry about that,” I apologized.

“Don’t sleep too much, you have school tomorrow,” she said as she went to take a shower.

“I had an awesome dream man!” Jacob said.

“I know I was there,” I smiled, “Tonight we will go to the station!”

“The station?” Jacob asked.

“I’ll fill you in tonight,” I told him.

We got up and helped his mom make supper eating up it was still a little too early for bed so we played some video games and chilled.

“Staying the night?” Jacob’s mom asked me.

“Yes, don’t worry we will go to sleep on time!” I laughed.

“Did you tell your mom?” She asked.

“Of course I did!” I told her.

“Ok well behave yourselves, I’ve got to go back to work, you better go to sleep!” She told us.

“We will!” Jacob said excited about ‘The Station’

It was time for bed and we slipped on our earphones and slipped into the Dream Realm, where Alexx stood, meaning I succeeded in getting us there.

“Blake, you are in a world of trouble!” Alexx said upset.

Part Five

“What are you to say he’s in trouble?” Jacob yelled.

“Who is this?” Alexx asked me offended by his defensive attitude.

“His name is Jacob, he’s my only friend, well besides Tyler, who we can’t get a hold of,” I informed him.

“And you introduced him to this world, why?” Alexx asked angrily.

“I think he will be very useful,” I told him.

“Does he have ability?” Alexx asked.

“Yes, but I don’t know what it is,” I said.

“Jacob show me what you can do,” Alexx ordered.

“Why should I?” Jacob said.

“Kinsley, dispose of him,” Alexx ordered.

“You touch him and I’ll kill you,” I said angrily as I stood between them.

“Blake!” Cheyenne and Alexx cried out.

“This bastard tried to kill me!” I yelled at Alexx, “Where is your little shape shifting girlfriend huh?”

“We don’t have any shape shifters in our Task Force Blake, I think you’re mistaken!” Alexx said a little worried.

“Maybe you’re the shape shifter!” Jacob cried as he went after Alexx.

Fire blew up in front of Jacob sending him on his back.

“Don’t you dare threaten our leader like that?” Zephyr yelled.

“What the hell just happened,” Jacob said confused.

“Zephyr can control fire,” I said.

Carrie then came and bashed Jacob into the ground! She was coming in for another hit when I caught her and tossed her at Zephyr. Kinsley then turned his arm to metal and ran after us. I caught him with Carries super strength and held him in place.

“What is the meaning of this?” Cheyenne cried out.

“Yeah that’s my job!” a deep voice fill the air.

I turned to look but I wasn’t fast enough, there stood the evil man that just loved beating on me! He decked me to the ground.

“You, what are you doing here?” Alexx said incredibly concerned.

“You know this punk,” I said in fear.

“They call me T,” T smirked.

Picking me up with his telekinetic abilities he threw me with incredible force into Kinsley, hurting me pretty bad! Then he rose up Zephyr and dowsed him with water, putting out his fire. Carrie went after T without success he managed to somehow put her in the cement walls that surround us. Then he looked over at Cheyenne.

“Don’t you touch her!” Kinsley and I said at once.

“You know what, I think I will!” T chuckled.

He walked towards her with a dark obsession. I knew that look, only real sickos had that demented smile!

“So Blake, this is the girl you like, I thought for sure you would have much better taste then this. I’m surprised you haven’t gone after Krista or Chelsea?” T chuckled.

“How the hell do you know them?” Jacob and I said together.

“Oh it’s sad really how pathetic you are,” T smiled, “Cheyenne we are going to have a good time together!”

“I don’t think so!” Jacob cried.

Suddenly behind T Jacob stood and he bulked up, and decked T as hard as he could blasting him into a wall, pretty far away! Jacob smiled as he passed out on the ground.

“Jacob!” I cried, as I ran towards them, I put my hand on Cheyenne who too had fainted.

“Enough of this bullshit!” T cried as the atmosphere around him turned dark.

“No it can’t be, it’s not possible, you shouldn’t have that power!” Alexx cried desperately!

“What, what power?” Kinsley cried in fear.

“He has the power to turn our dreams into nightmares!” Alexx yelled fighting off something invisible.

“That’s enough of that,” I cried out.

I disappeared and appeared behind him, decking him to the floor.

“What the hell just happened?” T cried as he tried to blast me with telekinetic energy.

I picked him up by his throat.

“Now, I have your ability!” I smiled as I toss him into the ground.

I picked him up with my new acquired ability and smirked closing my hands he disappeared.

“What the hell just happened?” Carrie asked very confused.

The room got brought and flashed. A blanket of gold rippled on my skin. The air around me heated up and the lights were flashing. I knew it was over.

“Thanks for everything guys,” I smiled.

Everyone looked at me with their jaws dropped.

“What do you mean man?” Jacob said upset.

“It’s over, he’s going to explode,” Alexx said.

“Explode!” Jacob yelled.

“Bye now,” I smiled.

Light to the room returned to normal. I was gone.

Jacob sat up in amazement.

“Wow, ok someone please tell me what happened?” Jacob ordered.

“He must have absorbed Cheyenne’s ability, and then took T’s, which he couldn’t handle?” Alexx said.

“Um what happens if he explodes?” Jacob asked frightful of the answer.

“He’s gone, forever,” Kinsley said, a little upset?

“But this is all a dream how does that work?” Jacob asked.

“Without the mind you are nothing, all our abilities are tapped from our mind,” a voice spoke behind them.

“Who the hell are you!” Jacob said furiously, containing his emotions .

“Professor?” Alexx said confused.

“Hello Alexx, I see you’ve been getting into a lot of trouble like usual?” the Professor said.

“What the hell!” Jacob cried!

“He studies Dreams you twit!” Carrie yelled as she fixed her hair.

Everyone had struggled to stand up now, in formation they stood and looked at the professor. He was quite tall. He wore a black suit and had on a blue tie. Perched on his face were a pair of gold rimmed glasses and his nose was slightly crooked.

“How can we help you professor?” Alexx asked.

“Honestly I was hoping to meet the strapping young man you said could mimic abilities, but it’s seems he has exploded?” the Professor said in an awkward tone.

“What do we do now?” Carrie asked Alexx.

“Carrie, you know the answer to that,” Alexx said sadly.

“I guess I do,” Carrie said, actually a little sadly.

“What are you talking about?” Jacob asked.

“In our line of duty, we may lose some agents, we have to accept that and move on with our lives, as his soul passes,” Alexx said with his head hung.

“I’m leaving now,” Jacob said with a frown,” How do I do that?”

“Didn’t you set an alarm?” Carried asked him.


“Wait for it to go off.”

Jacob turned with a frown and walked out.

“I’m going for a walk!”

They all stood in quiet and sadness as Blake passed on.

“Well I have to get going Commander,” the professor said as he walked out.

“Ok, bye,” was all Alexx could manage.

Carrie and Kinsley looked at each other and left. Cheyenne stood with a frown in the open Station.

“I’m sorry,” Cheyenne said as she walked out.

“I am too, I couldn’t save him,” Alexx said as he walked in the opposite direction.

Part Six

Jacob stood against the station wall, struggling to understand everything that had happened. Not to mention he would be waking up to his friend lying dead in the couch behind him, how is he going to explain that?

“Damn It!” Jacob cried out as he punched the wall.

“How long have you known each other?” A gentle voice said behind him.

“Since we were in second grade!” Jacob said as he looked at his fist, which was scarred and bleeding slightly.

“Wow, this has to be really hard for you!” Cheyenne said, “I haven’t known him that long and I thought he was great.”

“Yeah, we have been close for a while. I don’t believe he’s gone!”

“Me either,” Cheyenne said sadly as she left.

Suddenly a loud noise filled the station, Jacob looked around with a strange suspicion. Then he thought about it, must be the alarm.

Jacob woke facing the ceiling, well at least he wouldn’t awake to that! He rolled over, Blake wasn’t even there!

“What’s happening?” I said as I walked out of the bathroom.

“Blake?” Jacob said dumbfounded .

“Yeah man?” I said.

“I thought you were going to die!” Jacob yelled.

“I guess there needs to be more studying for that topic?” I smiled.

“Is that my leather jacket?” Jacob asked.

“Yeah why do you ask?” I said to him.

“I didn’t see it as your style?” Jacob said dumbfounded.

“Neither did I!” I smiled.

“Well I am glad you are ok man, I was really worried about you!” Jacob said.

“I’ve never seen you this emotional Jacob,” I laughed.

“Let’s go to school,” Jacob said with a dysfunctional grimace.

“I’ve taken my shower and everything, so I will see you at school!” I said as I walked outside.

I jumped into my car and sped off to school.

“Blake?” Cheyenne said very confused.

“Hey Chy!” I flirted heavily.

“Um hey?” She said still confused.

“So I’ll see you later than?” I smirked as I walked on.

Cheyenne stood in the hall staring at me with confusion. I walked through the halls and finally reached my classroom. Walking inside I quickly passed my day. Walking with a grin on my face I proceeded to the cafeteria for some lunch. Inside sat Jacob and Cheyenne whispering to each other with disbelief.

“What are you talking about?” I smirked.

“Are you feeling ok man, you seem awkwardly happy?” Jacob said.

“I’m doing quite well!” I said as I sat down.

They all looked at me funny and then decided to start eating.

“Hey Jacob, hey Blake, what’s up?” a voice came from behind us.

We turned around and saw a tall kind of burly guy with rustled brown hair.

“Tyler?” I said in disbelief.

“Hey Blake! How are you?” Tyler asked.

“I’m doing ok? How have you been we haven’t been able to get a hold of you!” I cried out.

“Yeah sorry, I’ve um, I’ve been in a coma,” Tyler said.

Jacob and I looked at each other as our jaw drops!

“Are you ok? What happened?” Cheyenne cried out, without realizing she doesn’t know him, “Sorry.”

“It’s ok, I wish I knew? I just didn’t wake up one night and my family brought me to the hospital! We didn’t tell anyone because no one should see me in that state” Tyler said.

“Well I am just glad you are ok!” Jacob and I said at once.

“Can I sit?” Tyler asked me.

“Yeah, and by the way this is Chyenne, she is a friend of ours,” I told him.

“Nice to meet you, cutie,” Tyler said, rebounding to the old self we all knew.

“Ignore that,” I laughed.

“I will, nice to meet you,” Chyenne laughed.


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