Night Owl

Part One: A Battle of Love

The weather was warm and the atmosphere was dark. It was night and I had just woken up. See I am a vampyr and I was an offspring of hell itself, to be truthful I loved it! I had just turned seven hundred and twenty nine, years and years of fake identities, secrets, new friends, and my posse. Once upon a time I was with a group of Vampires each day because I needed the support and their guidance, of course that was hundreds of years ago, and I was now the leader. I was supposed to meet them in the woods for our chance to go out, mate and feed. I walked out my door the slight breeze blowing my long black hair. Yes I am a male, but long hair always attracted the ladies, because they wanted to change me, which would never happen, if anything its reversed. I had long black hair accented by piercing hazel eyes, and a muscular built body. Realizing I trailed off to my own thoughts I was already halfway into the woods.

“A meeting again huh?” a voice echoed in my head.

“Sapphire!” I thought loudly.

“How is the battle? My hold strong enough? Need more power?” the voice chuckled.

“No I am not a big fan of Hurricane,” I thought.

He knew what I was talking about, Hurricane was his partner, however his power bested me and Sapphire combined, even my side of evil stood no chance, this was the problem with dæmons they had magnificent power, however they were the offspring of hell. Therefore evil, malicious, threatening thoughts racked their skulls. Creating an alter ego, and an alter ego god, that was much, much worse!

“Stop thinking!” Sapphire maliciously ordered.

“You know I can’t do that!”

“I know!” Sapphire growled, “Think about Beth or something!”

It struck me like a hammer from Thor he had to talk about Beth.

“Please don’t use that against me Sapphire, you know she’s upset with me, because of my stupidity!”

“Sorry I did not mean to apply such pain Zethan.”

He felt all my feelings fall, the only time I saw Beth was when we mated, even then it was disgusting and upsetting she would never look at me while we did it. All because of that night.

“You really screwed that up didn’t you? That other girl?”

“Sapphire!” I screamed in my mind!

“What was her name Rebecca?”
“Sapphire stop it! She made the moves first all right!” I was furious.

“And Beth will never forgive you for your stupidity!” Sapphire responded equally as upset!

“I know I know!” I felt the only emotion that affected me when I thought of her… Sadness. It was my betrayal, I messed everything up.

“You did didn’t you?”

Everything I felt he felt, making, it that much harder to think about.

“You really need to get to the meeting,” Sapphire announced as he balanced my Chi (Emotional Energy).

I walked on through the woods; the mist crept up my leg and sent chills down my spine.

“Something is not right!” Sapphire warned me.

It felt he was right, something did not feel right about this very moment in time. What was it? My question was soon answered. Seven kunai pinned me to the ground scrolls wrapped around each handle, I noticed one of the marks!

“Sealing Scrolls!” I screamed as Chakra formed around my body in a star shaped pattern.

“Hidden technique Sealing Jutsu!” I heard a cool chilling voice announce.

“Sapphire I need you to disassemble the seal, can you do that?” I thought.

“Consider it done!” Sapphire answered in thought.

Blue chakra formed around the kunai, I felt energy being drained out of my body, and I was focusing on identifying my target and keeping my vampyr side at bay. The blue chakra twisted around the kunai, making it melt at the contact of Sapphires special attack, Blue Lightning. The kunai were gone and I stood up, an arm came towards me, instinct told me to block. I grabbed a gritty substance in my palm. I summoned chakra and I did three hand signs, soon enough a sphere was on the tip of my finger.

“Sealing Jutsu, all hells grip,” I announced as I struck the figure with the sphere. The figure collapsed, his energy was siphoned to his arm in my grip and I sealed him with his own chakra. He toppled. Sapphire summoned chakra around me allowing me to look into his face. It was full of sadness, failure and anger.

“Byrne?” I sighed, “You know you’re not ready for the big wigs yet, how you managed to successfully execute a sealing technique however is beyond me.”

“I have been training you fool!” Byrne sneered.

“Well now your training is over, do not mess with a vampyr!” I smiled “Scion seal!” I struck him once again, with three fingers. Light traveled up my arm and through his body, he was paralyzed.

“My body, it’s useless,” Byrne gasped as he fell to the ground.

“Rest here for a short while, ok?” I smiled

“I will kill you and when I do! When I do!” Byrne screamed as I walked off.

I walked into a group of dark trees; this is where my posse hung out. I walked in and saw no one present?

“Come on guys, no playing hide and seek now!”

“And why not? Vampyr?” chilled an ominous voice.

“You’re a Vampyr too, all of you are vampires!”

“I heard you got your ass kicked by a hunter? Were they right?” the ominous voice trailed.

“I am afraid your sources are incorrect,” I smiled.


At once three people landed before me, Kazec, he had short brown hair, piercing blue eyes, and a body so muscular so threatening, him being vampyr frightened me, even worse he was the only other dæmon present. Then next to him was Chazz, he was shorter he had not much for muscles, but his long brown hair and piercing green eyes told enough, he was full of bloodlust. Then there was a girl, her name was Sarah, she had a great body, nice plump boobs, her ass was so tight, we all knew no one else could have it, and her beautiful long -I mean REALLY long- hair across her back looked amazing, her eyes were the most beautiful blue I had ever seen, she sent chills up my spine. I felt a pang of guilt, I know Beth.

“I truly don’t think she ever wants to see me again,” I thought. I was rewarded with intense pain of Sapphire’s power!

“Where’s Lillian?” I shyly asked.

“She had to go out said something about a guy she needs to extract revenge on or something.” Kazec yelled.

“Hey Zethan!” Sarah smiled; it was awkwardly enough, frightening. I shot a glace down her shirt and admired her breasts, noticing that she was not as frightening as she appeared; I admired her innocence and beauty.

“How is Beth?” Chazz scolded wrapping his arm around Sarah to show she was his.

I hung my head low, and everyone knew, about Rebecca.

“Hang in there she will come back, I promise” Zethan smiled, somehow this made me feel better, possibly because him and I were blood brothers.

“So what is going on?” I asked breaking the silence.

“Hunters!” Chazz said, “A lot of hunters!”

“So why are we here sitting? We are an easy target let’s get out of these woods!”

“But I want to fight!” Kazec announced, as he puffed out his chest.

“Very bad idea babe!” said a sweet seductive voice.

Next to me appeared a very beautiful young lady. She had long blond hair, beautiful blue eyes and the body as amazing as the rest of the women. A sharp pain struck me, again Sapphire.

“Beth is the most amazing girl I have ever been with but it’s over, she no longer loves me.” I said quietly to Sapphire

“You think you lost her?” Lillian sighed; I had forgot she had good hearing.

“What do you mean?” I asked shyly.

“Go to her Zethan you have to go to her,” Lillian and Sarah said simultaneously.

“Can everyone handle the hunters?” I asked.

“We can definitely take the hunters!” Chazz and Kazec laughed.

“Later on tonight if it works out, we’ll all have a reward,” Sarah and Lillian teased.

Chazz and Kazec were instantly alert; we all knew what the ladies were talking about.

“I guess I better leave then?” I announced.

“Don’t worry about us, go see Beth, I bet she wants to see you as much as you want to see her.” Lillian smiled. I smiled back, I prayed she was right.

I walked back into the swirling mist with Beth constantly infecting my mind.

“You’re tense,” Sapphire observed.

“You think?” I announced sternly. “I am about to go see the girl that hates me the most!” I sighed.

“Maybe things will work out.”

“I thought dæmons had a sixth sense?”

“We do but revealing everything is no fun.”

“I don’t know if I am ready to see Beth again.”

“Zethan, I am here for support, ok I will give you a little reassurance, and my senses tell me Beth wants to see you as much as you want to see her.”

“I hope so, I miss her so much, I wish there was something I could do that would make her forgive me.”

“Let’s go and talk to her, maybe she will understand how sorry you are that you hurt her so much.”

“I hope so.”

I had left the woods and I was walking to her house, the moonlight played out in front of me, and I kept wondering if I was doing the right thing. I reached a beautiful log cabin the door decorated with unique carvings. I climbed up the stone stairs and I knocked on the heavy wooden door. The echo of the knock was deep and slightly muted, the door was very thick. Soon it flew open in my face. There stood Beth. Her eyes were a sparkling hazel, the moonlight played off her pupils, and her hair was beautifully drawn down her shoulders. Her figure was so amazing, so sexy and her clothes blew in the wind, rippling down her extravagant figure.

“Beth?” I sighed, “I know I have said this so many times, but I don’t know what else to say, Rebecca meant nothing to me, she played me and being the horrible guy I was I played along, it was all fun and games until her lips locked with mine, then my vampyr instinct took over and next thing I know we were both naked! I was having sex with her and slowly feeding off of her, she was fueling the energy and the instinct. I don’t know what to say Beth, you mean the world to me you always have. I love you more than anything and I can’t lose you, you mean way too much to me. Please Beth don’t leave me.”

“Hun, you’re not horrible, I understand, but I thought you had more control, I mean what is you dæmon for?”

“My instinct was too strong; I don’t know what got into me.”

“God made the commandments for a reason you know?” Sapphire laughed.

“Jokes won’t remedy the situation, Sapphire,” I sighed.

“Zethan, I love you so much, and you hurt me so much, Rebecca? I don’t know why you would have sex with one of my friends? Especially one you dated during our fight. But baby, I don’t want us to ever be apart again, I love you too much baby. But I don’t know how much you love me.” Beth sighed.

I caressed her cheeks and pulled her into myself, I placed my lips softly against hers. We came together and our lips entwined. I pushed my tongue beyond her lips and into her mouth and our tongues tangled. I pulled her tightly to myself and she pulled me with her arms and shared one of the most passionate kisses ever.

“Babe, does that explain anything?” I said softly.

“God I love you,” she whispered into my ear as we embraced.

She pulled me inside and we laid on the bed, we pulled each other close and once again began to kiss, this kiss of love, sadness, forgiveness, and reunite. How long she and I have been apart. Soon it grew into much more. I was entwining our lips together and I began to pull up her shirt, revealing her bra. She slowly took off my shirt and tossed it aside. We pulled each other closer and I began to unsnap her bra, soon her naked breasts were displayed to me, like many times before. However this time it felt deeper. Vampyr mates were never meant to be apart for more than a few weeks, we had been apart for several months. The kisses went even deeper, lust was stronger than ever. I remember her stiff nipples poking at my naked flesh, the pleasure of lust rising more and more each second, the pleasure it provided more amazing then anything I felt before. As I began to take off her clothes once again for all the time we were apart, I had realized how much I needed this.

We were both in our underwear; soon in a seductive manner she and I removed each other’s undergarments. Revealed to me was her pussy, a slight silhouette of hair decorated above it. My cock stood strong and hard, I began to feel the blood rush to my organ. I pulled her tightly to me and slowly stuck my cock into her. Feeling the blessing of power once more, feeling her so close to me once again felt so great. She began to move her body in sync with mine, each stroke, and the pleasure that it brought both of us. I continued dealing her strikes of pleasure, with her slight moans only encouraged my raging boner; over and over again I went inside of her, her soft sweet moans, making me go faster, making me want her more. I slowly went up to her neck and I landed the passionate kisses of lust on her neck, instinct soon took over and I slid my tongue around the side of her neck, I felt a piercing pain as my fangs grew longer than I bit into her. Her moan was laced with lust and sounded like a small chime.

This may sound bad, and it may sound like I am trying to kill the love of my life but this is not true, this is what we were for. Every vampyr has a mate; they must feed from each other to stay alive. However every vampyr was gifted with seductive saliva that fueled passion and lust, making this moment special. It felt amazing and it allowed me access to such amazing feelings, and she shared them with me. I was fueling her pleasure and desire and feeding on her blood and she was to return the favor, however I can’t say love was not there. Most vampyr mates fall so deeply in love it’s unreal, unnatural, unknown, and deeper than any scumbag human alive and I was to that level. She meant the world to me she always had, doing the stupid thing I did with Rebecca destroyed me on the inside. I hated myself so much for it.

I slowly began to drain her slightly, her blood was metallic and sweet, and as the pleasure kept us together the blood flowed slowly. I continued my lust filled and continued to make love to her. She began to kiss my neck, her mouth was warm and it made me feel safe, us together always made me think more on how safe we were. Her tongue slid along my neck and I felt her teeth sink deep into me. I can’t say it was painful it felt more intimate than painful, but it did cause some uneasiness, it felt like electricity. Then I felt energy leaving my body, blood left my neck and I felt slightly numb, like each time before.

I was pulsing it in faster and faster and I felt my balls clench. I knew what was happening. I felt a rush of hot liquid ride up my shaft and soon I released my load into her, she removed her mouth from my neck and screamed out a moan loud as ghosts, she must have had her orgasm the same time I did. Then we separated and laid down on the pillow the softness gripping me into comfort. I wrapped my arms around Beth, I did not care that we were both naked and possibly dirty from our pass of fluids. I pulled her tight to myself and laid my head on her shoulders.

“I love you so much Beth, and I have missed you so much,” I whispered seductively into her ear

“Zethan, I love you too babe, so much,” she answered seductively

I pulled her closer, I felt her warmth radiate from her body, I felt our surges of instinct fizzle out. I kissed her lightly on the shoulder and we both fell into a deep sleep.

Part Two: The Preemptive Strike

I felt hot; it felt like my blood was boiling! My first instinct that of the vampyr sprung my body on top of Beth. If I could do anything it was protect Beth! I felt debris fly into my arched back, the pain struck me down hard, I winced and my adrenalin kept me conscious, blue flew around Beth and I like a cyclone, Sapphires chakra.

“Thank you Sapphire,” I thought, finally realizing what is going on.

“Yeah now the faster we get the hell out of here the better!” Sapphire responded.

“You’re not going anywhere dæmon!” a voice boomed

Scrolls came at us and Sapphire attempted to block it all but they were too powerful. It struck me, formed a symbol and silenced me (Silenced means that all control over my body is gone).

“Shit, I am so screwed!” I screamed.

“HELL NO!” a voice boomed, it sounded more like an outraged growl then anything vocalized.

Then it hit me! Hurricane! I saw a bright light enclose my body and I knew he was taking control. A figure emerged like an aura around me; I dashed forward locating the earlier voice. I caught them off-guard and attacked. They were cloaked figures, and they were laughing, blood flew everywhere as Hurricane ripped its claws through their weak flesh and bone, pieces of them went everywhere. Chakra formed around the aura like waves from the ocean, the output of the power was amazing! The figures were soon swallowed by the power and destroyed! I knew I had to get a grip on the situation if I wanted any hopes of control. Then out of nowhere a kunai hit me in the back. It struck through my main Chakra point. And Hurricane was soon shut down, now was that good or bad?

“Fool you are done for, I am going to kill you!” a voice boomed

“Your stupid rules, stupid laws, stupid chakra, allow me!” a voice inside me yelped.

I leapt off the floor and I launched myself towards the noise and I quickly struck out at the figure floating in the sky it looked like all the others. My actions were inhumane, I knew what had happened, the Vampyr had kicked in and it was going to take down everything and anything in its way. Sapphire and my Vampyr were fighting for control. I sliced through the flesh and I began to laugh. The figure turned to smoke.

“CLONE!” I screamed!

“Mwahahahahahahahaha, DIE FOOL!” something echoed.

“Hell no, Keeta lets roll!” I heard a familiar voice shout.

A blur appeared and began to beat the crap out of the enemy; I knew who it was, Kazec, and his dæmon Keeta, the dæmon of speed. The figure fell to the ground, and then Chazz appeared. He came down onto the figure and struck it with his foot, his foot silently slipped through the creatures flesh and it once again turned to smoke. Chazz leapt into the air and twisted laughing at his success. Then out of nowhere crucifixes flew into Chazz!

“CHAZZ!” I screamed!

“GWAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” Chazz screamed as he turned to stone.

“DAMN IT!” Kazec yelled,

“You have to do it Kazec! Release him!” I yelled, “Hurricane I NEED YOU!”

Chakra formed around me again creating another figure it was a werewolf this time, it stood on its hind legs and claws were a bloody red forming another aura around its original. Chakra flew through the air and power began to be sucked from the air, Wind was Sapphire’s element. Then I saw more power being shoved into the same place, Light, Hurricanes power

. I smiled as I felt the power surge through my body. Large amounts of power were presented and how upset I was, the hunters were dead, you don’t harm another Vampyr, especially in one’s pack!

“Chakra, mastery, advanced technique, lights revenge!” I shouted as arrows of light and wind formed in the air. In an outrage, arrows of elements exploded around me and the arrows seeked out the creature that caused so much harm and struck him with thousands of arrows! He was most definitely dead! I collapsed in the air and plummeted to the ground, instantly unconscious.

“ZETHAN MY LOVE!” I faintly heard as I climbed out of reality.

I felt nothing, I felt like I no longer existed. It felt like forever when I finally climbed back into reality.

“Oh god Zethan, never scare me like that again!” Beth cried as she wrapped her soft arms around me.

“Chazz?” I asked weakly

“Sorry Zethan, he’s gone,” sighed Kazec.

“No he can’t be?”

“I’m sorry baby.” Beth again cried.

“What happened?” I asked.

“When he was turned to stone he was also sealed with some powerful magic, I don’t know of what god, but its power was immense. His body after being turned to stone, his body exploded some advanced magic, this is no longer the Ones, and these hunters are far more powerful. And their techniques are as amazing as ever. I have never seen anything like this.” Kazec sighed

“Thanks, so what now? I don’t think this is a very safe place right now,” I sighed

“Yeah you’re most likely correct; let’s get everyone out of here.” Kazec suggested.

“Ok let’s move to the woods, east of here, move into fathers property,” I sighed.

“Fathers? Are you sure?” Kazec and Beth asked, “You know how he feels about us coming to them for help,”

“We have to and you both know that.”

“True,” they both sighed.

“Let’s move before we face any more problems.”

“All right,”

We all stood up and began to trek east. The fog was creeping up on us and it was beginning to bother me. Fog like this is extremely uncommon and rare. I began to act a little suspicious something was going on and I knew it. They began to realize that something was up.

“Zethan what’s wrong,” Beth asked, she always knew when I was upset; I don’t know to consider this a gift or a curse.

“The fog, it’s ominous,” I sighed.

“He does have a point, fog like this is very uncommon,” Kazec smiled.

“So should we worry?” Beth cried.

“I don’t know only if something attacks us,” I answered back.

“So we are going to see your father? Are we all sure that’s a good idea?” Kazec asked.

“I know how he will feel about this, but doesn’t seem like we have much of a choice?” I sighed.

“That’s unfortunately true,” Kazec said.

“So how much farther?” Beth asked.

“A few more feet then we are going to get jumped prepare to fight not to kill thought, please spill no blood tonight,” I ordered.

“Alright,” Kazec said

“Alright,” smiled Beth

We continued forward into a densely vegetated area, perfect area for an attack.

“Be warned, five figures in this vegetation,” warned Sapphire.

“Be on your toes,” I thought.

“Alright,” Beth responded mentally.

“Hehe” laughed Kazec mentally.

Two figures charged towards me, Sapphire noticed them and summoned Chakra, he struck out with both hands, paralyzing both oncoming figures. Another two charged Kazec, I instantly felt bad for the figures, Kazec had them on the ground and bent up in seconds. Then another couple figures came after Beth, I had only saw her fight on very rare occasions but it always pumped me up. She leapt into the air her beautiful figure bending swiftly, two swift kicks knocked the figures out, Beth landed on the ground with a perfect pasture. I smiled at the beautiful girl in my life.

“So who are you intruders?” sounded a deep and loud voice.

“Father?” I asked.

“Ok which one of you is it? I’m prepared to kill you!” Father growled.

“Zethan,” I sighed.

“Really? And what the hell brings you here?” said father.

“Chazz has been killed, and we are expecting them to attack again,”

“Ok and how do you expect me to do anything about it?”

“We believe you may have some information on these hunters.” Kazec suggested.

“Ok come on, ever teleported before?” father asked.

“Nope?” everyone said at once.

“This should be fun!” smiled father.


I felt like I was being ripped to shreds by an invisible creature. My ribs felt constricted, and my air was blasted out of my lungs. Then I felt my bones twist and turn and my blood felt like it was boiling. I felt barbed wire clawing at my sensitive, tender flesh; I did not like it, not one bit! I saw the ground come upon us like a vicious creature ready for an attack. It greeted us very unkindly and pain instantly greeted me.

“Goddamn it” I screamed as I lied there.

“That hurt,” Beth said in pain.

“Can we do it again?” said Kazec trying to get a laugh up but the pain stopped him.

“Let’s move before we face any more hardships,” father ordered.

We moved to an old style home and there was only two lights on, there was an invisible force field protecting the old style home only my dæmon and Vampyr eye could catch it. Father placed his hands up and, almost like he was opening an invisible door, spread his arms apart. A small hole opened that allowed us access to his estate. We walked on and set foot into an old dining room, his house was a pretty great size and it had plenty room, which got me wondering why is an old man like father doing alone in a house like this, that explains why he is always crabby. We were led to the back to a room lined with bookcases and books, a beautiful cherry wood-top desk took up a great corner to the right scattered upon it were papers and beautiful gold pens and pencils, calligraphy and technical supplies. There were glass cases scattered throughout the room; they each held a beautiful illustrated and crafted book. There were decorative paintings lining the wall and several plushy chairs inside the room. Father motioned us all to take a seat. I sat in a red lace chair and Beth came and sat on my lap, Kazec took the other chair, blue lace.

“I apologize for the shortage of chairs,” cried father as he sat at his desk.

“This is fine, Zethan and I worked out our differences,” smiled Beth.

“So what is going on? What do you think I know?” father scolded.

“Description?” Kazec asked.

“Yes, that would be very helpful,” again scolded father.

“They wore dark cloaks, masterfully well at dark magic, and their skills were very superior,” I announced.

“They were also very strong in the form of defense,” cried Beth she was remembering watching me fall from the sky.

“I know these ones but you are not going to like it,” father sighed.

“It all began several years ago, the ones that I lead, called the Vatican, were on the hunt we needed blood and we desperately needed to weaken the population of hunters. I gathered two hunting squads and headed to the woods called Vasior. We arrived there and were instantly ambushed; we managed to take the hunters out with minimum casualties, and moved on only three other groups attacked us, all failing. Then we met them. We were on the hunt when we heard the other team had been taken out, so we needed to give them respect and extract our revenge. We were caught by them and I instantly lost half my team. So I decided best thing to do was to teleport away. I managed an escape but only managed to get three of my members out while the others were ripped to shreds. That day on I promised I would find more about them, and I have managed an impressive collection, here take a look at these.” father said as he handed me a huge file full of papers

“This everything you have on them?” I asked.

“No, come with me,” Father turned around and headed over to his bookcase, he pulled out several books and the bookcase began to shake and rumble then it moved aside.

“A hidden passage way?” Kazec laughed.

“Yeah, but what you see down here will change your outlook on me,” Father said.

We began to head down the twisting turning pathways until we reached a room, inside it were an amazing collection of things.

“This way,” Father ordered.

We walked into a room and everyone gasped, he was right what I saw changed my outlook on him.

Part Three: A Plan Emerges

“Oh my god father, you didn’t!” I cried.

“I told you that what you thought about me would change, and yes I have.” he said as he bowed.

“Oh my god!” Beth cried “the poor man.”

“The poor man!” Father snapped.

Beth leapt back in fright.

“This man killed my team!” he cried out angrily.

“Not alone sir,” the dirty tattered man cried in admiration.

He looked very dirty like he had been down here for a long time, his clothes were ripped and torn and his face was red from all his crying. He had serious evil piercing eyes. And his face was stern and threatening, though from his condition no one would be running from him. His slender frame and bony body did not appear intimidating. Kazec stared at the man with no knowledge of where he really came from; I guess he really was not paying attention to father’s story, typical Kazec.

“My allegiance is to you, Zethan.” the man said out of nowhere.

“Wait, how did you know my name, we have not spoken of it?” I asked curiously.

“Master may I speak privately with Zethan?” the man asked desperately.

“You have ten minutes then I am coming to get Zethan,” father growled.

“That is all I need.” he smiled.

“Alright,” father said as he walked up the stairs led by Kazec with Beth following.

“What do you want?” I asked violently once everyone left.

“To tell a story,” the man smiled I waved him on. “I know about Cecil.”

The words struck me hard, how could he know about my brother. I felt the feeling of anger whelm inside me. I screamed.

“That little fucker betrayed me, and when I find him I’ll fucking kill him!”

“That’s the problem, he, well, he,” the man stuttered.

“He what, he what open your fucking mouth!” I screamed as I punched him out of his chair, blood flew into the air. “Talk or I’ll kill you,” I said in a bloodlust tone.

“Ok please sir Zethan don’t kill me, please don’t kill me,” he cried in pain as his nose dribbled blood.

“Then speak or death will befall you in such a way your gods would be ashamed!” I said as I smiled, my grin filled with the fangs of my vampyr.

“Ok, Cecil, is the leader of the Night Brothers, he has led them for many years now, and after the time I spent here, I want to make a deal.” he smiled.

“Ok tell me this deal?” I smiled back.

“Oh my god do you have any idea how cruel that is!” Beth cried out.

“Stupid bitch shut your mouth,” father cried as he rose to strike her. Kazec caught his arm and snapped it, in half.

“I don’t think that was a good idea,” Kazec sighed “I am here to protect Zethan, and this is his mate, this is his life, you harm her any further and I will take the pleasure in killing you.”

“You sick fucking basterd! You snapped my arm! IN HALF!” the man cried.

“You’re a vampyr it will heal.” Kazec said unchanged.

“Oh my lord you’re sick!” he cried further as his arm slowly healed

“I would watch my tongue if you want to keep it, father.” I said as I exited the bookcase.

“Oh my, son!” father cried in fear.

“Don’t ever touch Beth, ever dad. She is my love, I don’t need you to harm her,” I sighed, “Step away from her and heal yourself before I inflict a wound that you could never heal.”

“You wouldn’t dare!” father cried in a macho tone.

“Kazec break his other arm,” I ordered.

Kazec leapt at father and he screamed stop.

“Alright, alright, I give,” he said frightened.

“We all need to talk,” I said “Then sit.”

“I am sorry for everything son, but you know, I really do feel horrible about keeping him down there, and I don’t need Beth to keep reminding me of the pain, I am sorry son.”

“You better be, anyhow he wants an agreement,” I smiled.

“And that would be?” Kazec said.

“He will lead us to the Nigh Brothers hideout, if we clean him up and allow him to fight with us.” I said.

“That sounds reasonable,” echoed Beth in fear.

“I think we should do it, everyone else’s opinion?” I asked.

“No deal,” yelled father.

“And why not?” I asked him.

“I don’t trust him and I think he is going to betray us,” he said.

“That will not be a problem,” I smiled.

“Why not?” father asked in disbelief.

“He pledged his vow

to me,” I said as I raised my arm, burned on my flesh was a symbol, a pentagram!

“Then it’s settled, we shall get him clean as soon as possible, and get him into some better clothes and give him a good meal, Beth would you mind leading him? I’ll do supper and father please get him some clothes and Kazec can I have a hand in the kitchen?” I asked.

“Alright then!” everyone echoed.

Beth went down stairs to get the man cleaned up, and father stomped to his bedroom to get some proper attire, Kazec and I went to the kitchen to prepare for dinner.

“So do you really think he can be trusted?” Kazec asked concerned.

“I do, he pledged the vow and this pentagram is proof. He won’t betray us because if he does he will die.” I smiled Kazec was no longer so tense; I relived some of the worry.

“Alright dude, I believe you,” Kazec smiled.

We began to get the pots warmed up on the old stove and we were going to make spaghetti and several sides of veggies with a dessert of apple pie. I headed to the nearby trees to fetch a bushel of apples. Kazec began mixing together the sauce and warming the veggies. The weather was cool and nipped at my flesh. I felt the power whelm inside me, the moon was full and that granted me amazing power. I got to the tree and began to pick some of the apples that were untouched by any nature. Soon enough I formed a bushel and I began to head inside. My head began ringing and something echoed inside my skull.

“You’re weak Zethan, you shall never find me!” it rang.

I clutched my head and cried out.

“I will always be a step ahead of you, the power you possess is so much weaker than my own!” it rang louder.

“Now I shall play with my prey, little brother, mwahahaha, feel my power, feel the mark burn, the flesh sear, feel it brother I know you want to!” it screamed in my skull.

“Never!” I screamed as I clutched my head.

“Feel my power brother, feel it burn inside you!!!!” the voice screamed, my forehead began to burn, no the mark!

It was always a pleasure of my brother to play with people’s minds and mine was no exception, usually I can fight him, but he knows, the full moon, and he probably is standing on the highest ridge soaking in the power. The power the moon granted was great and seeked by all with enough vampyr blood to realize how to take it. I was going to lose. My forehead burned more violently.

“Sapphire what can I do he is too powerful,” I cried out in pain.

“Allow me!” laughed Sapphire.

Fool your power is no match for me! A full fledge vampyr lord, give up before you get hurt.” Cecil laughed menacingly

“Scroll seal, mind shield!” screamed Sapphire attempting to shut down my mind.

“Your power is not enough!” Cecil laughed as I fell to the ground, as apples rolled from my bushel.

“Kazec!” I whispered as darkness engulfed me.

I woke up in father’s bed; Beth lied on my chest breathing quietly, sleeping.

“Babe?” I said in pain.

“Oh my god!” she cried out as she wrapped her hands around my head, soon tears filled her eyes “You need to stop getting hurt,” she smiled.

“I’m sorry babe. I will try harder next time,” I smiled back as I wiped the tears from her eyes, “Who found me?” I asked.

“Kazec.” Beth smiled.

“Still have it then,” a familiar voice echoed back, Kazec.

“Dude thank god our blood still turns in each other,” I smiled in relief.

“Blood flow what?” asked an unfamiliar deeper voice.

“Who is that?” I asked.

“Well it’s me, Cavo.” a voice boomed.

“Who?” I asked.

“The prisoner,” echoed fathers deep unconcerned voice.

“Oh,” I smiled.

“So how are you feeling love?” asked Beth her beautiful voice singing in my head!

I leapt out of bed, giving Beth a scare and smiled “Never better love!”

“ZETHAN DON’T DO THAT!” she cried as her face went from worry to anger.

“Sorry babe, I just think we should get going!” I smiled.

“First breakfast!” smiled Kazec as he took of an apron.

“An apron dude seriously?” I laughed.

“Hey shut it! I made breakfast didn’t I?” Kazec laughed.

We got to a beautiful table decorating the room, on it was a selection of plates, one had pancakes rising with steam, another had bacon and sausage piled on high, another had toast stacked neatly together, orange juice filled glasses scattered around the room, and I smiled, I knew how hungry I really was. I leapt into a chair and began forking food onto my plate. Everyone laughed at me, including father. I was surprised he still could.

“What!” I said through a mouthful of scrambled eggs I found on my plate “I’m hungry!” I said inaudibly, everyone laughed at me again, and everyone joined me. With everyone’s plates full I decided to begin a conversation.

“So Cavo is it?” I asked.

“Yeah, that’s me; I was named after a vampyr god.” Cavo smiled in admiration.

“That’s kind of cool!” smiled Beth.

“Yeah it can be,” he smiled back.

“So how are you feeling?” I asked him.

“Great, it’s nice to be clean,” he said.

“So did you really kill them?” my father asked his breath of whiskey.

“No, I did not. I can’t say I ran away but I really just attacked them, and it was not for kill, my brother killed them,” he hung his head.

“I am sorry for everything I have put you through, really I am but we both know you would do the same if you were in my situation,” said father placing a beautiful bottle of whiskey down.

“I understand sir,” Cavo sighed.

“So happy thoughts?” Beth asked curiously.

“Yeah, like what in the hell is our plan?” I laughed.

“Cavo, where can you get us?” Kazec asked.

“I can get you to the door of the Night Brothers hideout, but getting in will be your own plan, I want to kill my brother so I am going to be challenging him, no one here has any rights to touch him!” Cavo ordered.

“We can do what we want,” beamed father.

“Everyone has a right to their target; I am taking down my brother.” I yelled.

“And I will be taking down his right hand man, Oblivion,” Kazec ordered.

“I will take down whatever, I guess?” father said drunk.

“We are all in this together!” I smiled.

“So when shall we head out?” Father asked.

“I think we should move tomorrow night, get everything together and head out,” I said “Good idea?”

“Yeah, should we get started doing whatever?” Cavo asked.

“I guess I am just back up?” Beth asked.

“I rather you did not come Beth, but I know you better than that, so you’re going to have to protect my father, and he will treat you with respect, right father?” I pierced at him.

“Yes, my word of my life, I won’t harm her,” father said as sincerely as possible.

“I am going to fight, I hope everyone knows that!” Beth said.

“Yeah I figured as much,” I smiled at her.

“We do have a problem,” Kazec said concerned.

“And what would that be?” I asked.

“I need to mate and feed!” he sighed.

“Then do it tonight so all your power will be up, in matter of fact everyone should do that,” I suggested “At least all that can.”

“Not in my house, go somewhere ok?” father asked kindly.

“I know a romantic spot,” Kazec and I said at once.

“Then go there!” he ordered.

“We will, and Cavo you should consider too, I don’t know your history, but you should go.” I said

“Yeah, I don’t think Jennifer will be very happy with me if I randomly appear,” he sighed.

“I guess you’ll have to think of something,” I smiled.

“I will. You should worry more about yourself!” he laughed.

Everyone dashed off to their own actions. Cavo began his passage to Ireland in seek of his love, Jennifer. Beth and I went to her house to once again make love. Kazec went to find his mate Lilly. Father crawled into his study to drink himself to death.

Beth’s bed was made and I sat upon it with her. She immediately put herself on top of me. I began to kiss her passionately our lips twisting together. Soon enough we were eating each other’s tongues. I took off her clothes and we climbed under the covers into sweet oblivion.

Kazec leapt upon Lilly playfully almost like she was his pray and instantly they began to mate. Sweet moans and screams were called out.

Cavo had landed in front of Jennifer’s house. He knocked on the door and was immediately leapt upon by Jennifer.

“I’ve missed you!” she cried out.

She looked older than Lilly, Sarah, or Beth. She must have been changed at a later age.

“I have missed you so much my love, mate with me!” Cavo cried out.

“God baby I would love too!” Jennifer cried out in ecstasy, pulling Cavo in and throwing him on her bed, soon making hot sweet love for hours on end, realizing how much they needed it.

However in a crumbling mansion, Sarah was crying out in fear as pleasure and pain filled her. He dealt her violent bursts of pleasure laughing menacingly as the immense pleasure he felt. Sarah continued to call out for her mate, who was killed by the very man forcing himself onto her. She began to fall victim to the lust being forced into her. Her moans were like alarms as her pleasure built up. Tears filled her eyes from the thing happening to her, pleasure and pain mixing within her, making her feel really weird. She had orgasms several times since this began, yet he was not satisfied. Soon enough he moaned loudly as his load was blasted inside her, burning her inside like hot fire! Feeling much better from the release he rose from the covers to look out the window. Sarah’s naked body tied up glistened of her sweat and tears, in the moonlight.

“Please let me go!” Sarah cried.

“Never! It was so magical!” Cecil cried out again as he flew back under the cover to bring her to the nightmares she forever feared. Her moans soon grew weaker at the immensely large amounts of blood leaving her body; he feasted on her as she grew weaker. Her moans now small and weak, her eyes closed, life slipping through her lips, whispers to add to her nightmare.

“Chazz,” she cried “I love you,” she cried as her eyes glazed over.

Part Four: The Darkness in Which is Cecil

We met finally at father’s house. Everyone went to the kitchen to eat and talk things over, while I went to seek my father. I found him passed out in his study screaming things in a different language.

“Wake up father!” I cried out angrily.

“Who, who’s there?” he moaned in fear, changing his language back to English.

“It’s me, Zethan, your son!” I said.

“Zethan, run he’s here!” Father cried out, still asleep.

“Dad! You are not awake!” I said.

“Oh but how right he is!” I heard a menacing voice announce!

I was instantly lifted up and tossed against a bookshelf, corners of books being absorbed by my skin. Blood gushed from the wounds and pain filled me. I fell to the carpeted area and stood back up.

“You are here already?” I said mashing my teeth in response to the pain.

“Yes, I know everything and I am prepared to kill you where you stand. I have been waiting years to kill you; I have had enough of your meddling! You are not strong enough to stop me!” Cecil laughed.

Cecil was dressed in a black. He had a black cloak drawn around him. He had a gem swinging outside his cloak. It was a beautiful sapphire in color and shined brightly. This was what made him so powerful. This gem could capture moonlight, a power source for vampires. How he got past the shields were beyond me.

“Damn you!” I said feeling weak from the pain inflicted upon me.

Instantly I noticed Cecil flying back. He crashed into one of fathers several glass shrines. It shattered upon the impact and Cecil leapt up. He grabbed Kazec and tossed him through the roof. The power behind it excruciating. I flew myself at him and clawed at him with my chakra claws. One time I sliced through his flesh and he fell to the ground. Instantly moonlight played at his wounds and he was healed. He stood up and punched me in the gut. I flew back and smashed against a wall, which proceeded to collapse on top of me. I gasped as reality climbed away.

“God damn, he is so strong!” I cried out.

Cecil laughed malignantly. Kazec once again jumped at him but was immediately crashed down into the floor.

“This just sucks!” Kazec cried as he tried to get back up!

“I know!” I screamed through gritted teeth.

“What? Are you done already?” Cecil laughed.

“Damn!” Kazec cried.

“TAKE THIS!” I cried out.

I threw a coin I located on the ground right at Cecil’s throat! The coin struck the gem at his throat and cracked it! I smiled and looked at him. Fear struck him; he knew I could take him now. But a creepy smile came across his face and he remained calm.

“Well then again, killing you right now wouldn’t be fun, that’s all for now, it’s just to inform you that you are not strong enough to face me yet, either of you! And Kazec, Oblivion could easily take you down, in matter of fact, I think he would enjoy sucking your blood as well!” Cecil smiled as he clapped his hands, smoke enveloped him and he was gone!

I stood up to look down at Kazec.

“Thanks,” I smiled at him as I helped him up.

“Goddamn! He is so tough!” Kazec gasped through the pain occupying his body.

“My baby!” I heard Beth cry out.

She ran at me and began to search me for my worst wounds.

“My god what happened?” Beth asked through her tears.

“Cecil decided to show off some of his power and unfortunately we were there!” Kazec sighed limping from multiple bone fractures.

“Hun! Stop moving!” Lilly cried out running to Kazec and forcing him to stop moving.

“Oh Lilly, um, how are you?” Kazec chuckled.

“Hun! What did you do?” Lilly asked angrily.

“Cecil,” I gasped in pain, “Kazec tried to help but was just tossed aside like me!”

“That twisted basterd!” father yelled as Cecil’s sorcery had past.

“Father are you ok?” I asked.

“What happened to me?” father asked.

“Cecil had you in some kind of trance,” Cavo said.

“Is he going to be ok?” Beth asked Cavo.

“He should be fine, this is a game Cecil likes to play,” Cavo informed.

“I can’t wait until his fall!” father cried mashing his teeth.

“If we can,” I sighed.

“Wait what?” Kazec asked.

“He is too powerful for anyone right now,” I sighed.

“How can someone be too powerful? There isn’t a thing alive that is undefeatable,” Kazec said.

“I know but we need a better way!” I sighed.

“We will find something hun, don’t you worry!” Beth smiled at me.

“We should get some rest,” Kazec suggested.

“Yeah!” I agreed.

Beth and Lilly helped Kazec and I upstairs, we were put into bed and we fell into a deep sleep. I began to dream of the starry sky, in which I noticed a figure traveling over the stars. I soon realized it was a fox, leaping through the sky as though it was its own playground. The fox began to speak to me.

“It is time for a plan my boy!” the fox laughed.

I soon realized that it was Sapphire, an image of my daemon in the form of a spirit.

“Sapphire!” I exclaimed.

“Focus we need a plan,” Sapphire said leaping through the stars.

“Ok, how can we destroy someone like Cecil?” I said.

“You forgot one thing?” Sapphire said.

“What is that, Sapphire?” I asked.

“Cecil is only Vampyr; you are a vampyr, daemon god and human. Shouldn’t you have the advantage?”

“Umm, I guess so. However, all of them at once I still don’t think can take him down!”

“Well with the amazing power of the Vampyr, and Hurricane along with my control we might be able to focus all the power we possess into an attack, a single attack. However, one thing you must accept, Kazec, he is the only one who can help. Beth, your father, Lilly, none of them can help. It is up to only you and Kazec, and I have an idea, ever heard of Daemon Mountain? That is where you can unlock all of your potential. Another thing, the gem, the evil gem that swings on his chest, it must be destroyed. Now I must assure you of another battle you must face, you must convince everyone they can’t help. Breaking that news is going to be hard. Now embrace the sunlight and continue life!” Sapphire said.

I awoke, the sunlight played through my hair. I looked out the window and saw the woods dark and mysterious. I arose and I walked to my window. I looked out and saw the beautiful lush lawn glisten with dew, the trees swallowed the estate in foliage. Beth came behind me and wrapped her inviting arms around me. Digging her petite chin into my shoulder. I smiled. Turned around and kissed her beautiful lips.

“Sleep well baby?” Beth asked.

“With you nestled against me, of course,” I laughed.

“See you downstairs!” she said as she disappeared.

I looked out the window and smiled. Suddenly it hit me, the Daemon Harvest! I quickly dashed out my door. I had more than one war to fight!

I saw her, being slain right in front of me, her form being ripped to shreds, I saw him, my brother, and well that’s how I saw him. He was laid out on the ground fighting for control as he slipped away into the afterlife.

“You have to stop this, Kazec,” a voice outraged.

“What is going on?” Kazec stumbled.

“I am showing you the future,” Keeta said showing himself twisting in a space almost invisible. Ageing at certain intervals. Cub, to adult, to bones, and back again.

“What am I to do?” Kazec asked.

“You can stop this, but only if you and Zethan team up, put your violent feelings away about Beth, I know even though you hate her, you don’t want to see her being ripped to shreds,” Keeta growled.

“Who said I hate her?” Kazec asked.

“Focus, if you keep this up the moon will shatter your very existence. And Cecil, will arise to undefeatable power!” Keeta said.

“Ok, I was already planning to assist him, I won’t leave him behind, again,” Kazec said, “And what part does Beth play in this?”

“We kill her,” Keeta said.

Kazec bursts awake with a piercing scream!

I was running past Kazec’s bedroom when I heard a scream! I rushed in and looked around. The blue aura floated around me and I was posed for attack.

“What is going on?” I asked.

“Oh, hey Zethan, sorry bad dream!” Kazec said.

“Um, everyone could you leave us alone,” I said to everyone running in and releasing my blue aura.

“Sure?” they responded.

“May I ask you something?” I asked.

“Of course,” Kazec said.

“Was your dream about your daemon?” I asked.

“Um yes it was actually? Why?”

“I had the same type of dream?”

“Does it mean something?”

“Actually, I am not sure; I did learn one thing though.”

“Me too,” Kazec said frowning. I noticed the emotion, but pressed on.

“It’s back to the old days,” I laughed.

“What do you mean?” Kazec asked puzzled.

“Remember the Demon Organization?” I smiled.

“Of course,” Kazec smiled, “Where we met.”

“Well guess what? We are alone again,” I sighed.

“What about Lilly, Beth, Father, Cavo? Anyone?” Kazec stumbled.

“They are too weak, in matter of fact, all of us are, but you and I can unlock a greater power,” I said nervous.

“Should we take this downstairs?”

“I guess so.”

Kazec and I slumped down the stairs and walked in on everyone eating breakfast. We took our seats glumly and began to eat. I didn’t feel like it at this moment but I knew I should keep my energy up. Shoving food down my throat I heard the sweetest voice ever.

“How did everyone sleep?” Beth asked.

“I don’t sleep anymore,” Cavo sighed, “Too many nightmares.”

“I don’t really sleep anymore either, I pass out,” Father said.

“I can’t say Kazec and I actually slept,” Lillian chuckled.

“You didn’t?” Father cried out.

“Oh all night!” Kazec laughed.

“Perves,” Father said under his breath.

“This has to end,” I cried out.

Everyone looked at me funny.

“No one can do anything!” I frowned.

“Not even us,” Kazec added.

“What do you mean?” everyone asked.

“No one here is strong enough to face Cecil,” I sighed.

“Cecil is beyond our power, in every way,” Kazec said.

“So what do we do?” Father asked.

“Well honestly, there is a way for Kazec and me to gain more power,” I said.

“Really how?” Cavo said interested.

“Well ever heard of Daemon Mountain?” I asked.

“Well actually no?” Cavo said, somewhat nervously.

“Well according to Sapphire, Kazec and I can unlock a new daemon power there,” I said.

“Really well that’s kind of cool?” Beth said trying to look at the upside.

“So now what?” Father said, sipping from a flask.

“Well I guess you could help us get up there and help us take to the Night Brothers? Other than that there is nothing else you can really do,” I looked down whispering.

“Well honestly, that has to be for Cecil only?” Lilly said, her voice possessing me.

“And Oblivion,” Kazec added.

“So there are others, you can’t take them all alone right?” Lilly added.

“That’s true, so then we need to get to Daemon Mountain,” I said.

“We should leave as soon as we can,” Father suggested.

“Like let’s get packed and move, now!” Beth said.

“Let’s finish eating first!” Kazec and I laughed stuffing our faces.

“Damn it” Cecil cringed at his cracked jewel. Moonlight already began to spark out in a small, slow stream.

“What is it Cecil, master!” cried out a cloaked figure.

“My jewel has been damaged, can you fix it?” Cecil asked.

“Yes sir but it will cost you,” the figure said.

“I can always kill you?” Cecil smiled!

“But then you wouldn’t get your jewel fixed!” the figure chuckled.

“What do you want?” Cecil asked bested.

“My daughter back!” the man said.

Part Five: Gabriel and Raphael

I had finished eating and I headed upstairs to prepare. I got on my coat and slipped on a few choice items of jewelry, a black stone carved with symbols for relationship, and love. I also slipped on a cross, yes its superstition, we vampires are not destroyed by a simple cross, and it has to be blessed to kill us. Both of which were gifts of my mate. I also slipped on a puka shell necklace which was my good luck charm. I knew I was going to need a little help from an old friend so I walked into my father’s room.

“Dad I need to talk to you,” I said.

Father leapt out of his shoes and stumbled onto the ground dropping a pen, I knew at an instance it was more than just a simple pen!

“What were you going to do with that?” I said staring down at the object lying on the ground.

Instantly it was a gold scepter, about four maybe five feet tall it was a gold rod on top was an orb it was faint, light inside it was not shining brightly, nor should it, we tried and tried to destroy this accursed object with constant failure.

“Go or I will use it,” Father snarled.

Damn I knew I was screwed.

“Father don’t let it control you!” I said through gritted teeth I knew it was going to be hard to bring him back to reality.

The orb glowed brighter slowly taking over father’s mind. And how corrupt it was with the constant drinking it wouldn’t be long before it was over. Only one thing could stop this. I dashed over to the dresser and began looking through wooden boxes looking for my prize!

“It feels so good!” Father cried out as power swallowed him.

I found it; it was a simple spinning ring with a scorpion etched into it. The ring of the Scorpion King. I knew Father was afraid of scorpions, his instinct would be too throw the scepter at it, but it had to be timed right. If I messed up even a second he would be too conscious of the power and make a good decision to use the power to crush the scorpions. There was a moment the scepter allowed its victim to see reality and make their own decision, yet the scepter knew some were just powerful enough to put the scepter down so it limited its time of consciousness severely, it was exactly two point three seconds. I stared at him with a plan formulating in my mind.

“My, my, my, this power amazes me!” Father laughed.

The time was coming upon me.

“Oh god it feels good coursing through my body!” Father continued.

Just a second or two left.

“Oh how warm I feel!” Father said.

I used my ring to toss a scorpion on my father he screeched and threw the scepter. It fell upon the ground, soon enough it closed into itself becoming a common everyday pen.

“Don’t move!” I threatened, with this ring I wore I could summon and control scorpions at will, creating them out of midair, commanding them like my own little army, and I also had the ability to summon the scorpion king if I was in dire need of back up!

“What the fuck are you doing?” Father cried out, about to cry.

“Sorry but the scepter, what exactly were you thinking you idiot,” I lashed out.

“I need the power!” Father yelled.

“You would become possessed, and became an enemy it wouldn’t have been any help at all!” I yelled at him, “Scorpions remove this item and never bring it back!”

“No, I need that!” Father cried!

“Sedate him,” I ordered my scorpion.

“No!” Father cried as he fainted.

“But my friend, she’s carrying my child,” Cecil laughed!

“You sick twisted basterd!” he cried out, “She is only 16!”

Cecil grabbed him by the neck and laughed as he ripped out his throat with his teeth, slurping up the blood as it flowed down his tongue, savoring the power it presented to him.

“You, want to fix this or die like this unfortunate man?” Cecil said to a younger guy, old and tattered.

“I fix for you, you let us go!” he said.

“Deal now do it!” Cecil said as he tossed his gem to the man.

Cecil sat calmly on the cold ground with his head racing thinking of every little evil detail he had to come up with. Smiling he looked up at the approaching figure.

“Master Cecil, here!” the younger man said.

“So?” Cecil asked.

“Our gods repaired it for you,” the man said.

“Thank you!” Cecil said.

Everyone was slashed in one strike, they were cut into pieces, flesh, blood, and bone littered the ground!

“Like I would release you!” Cecil hissed as his gem glowed with moonlight, a smile crept upon him.

“Only a few hours sir!” a voice rang out.

“Oblivion, how are you?” Cecil asked smiling.

The moonlight played on the man and he smiled. His face was scarred, he was well built almost ridiculously big, he had two different covered eyes and his lips curled into a grimace at the ground, jealous he had no say, nor a jewel like Cecil. His clothes were basic military attire, camouflage and a really huge ass sword on his back!

“I am well sir but I must inform you they are coming, it would be best if we moved out before we were caught!” Oblivion suggested.

“That can’t be possible!” Cecil cried out!

“Let’s go sir!” Oblivion ordered pulling at Ceils arms.

A blade came between them; Oblivion tossed Cecil aside and threw himself down.

“Greetings Cecil and Oblivion,” a robed figure smiled.

“Fuck!” Cecil and Oblivion cried out.

I stood there looking down at Father, I managed to get him into bed and check in on everyone, and as soon as he was to wake up we were going to leave.

“What happened?” Father asked.

“I played with that old ring of ours and made a mistake,” I lied.

“The scorpion ring!” Father lashed out leaping off the bed.

“Yes, that one!” I smiled.

“Foolish fool!” He cried out.

“I’m sorry; I didn’t do it on purpose!” I lied again.

“Hey, Zethan let’s go!” Kazec yelled to me.

“Oh shit, it’s time!” Father cried out.

“Let us go!” I said.

We all got on the appropriate clothing and we stepped outside Father’s bedroom and descended the stairs. Mentally preparing ourselves for what is going to come next! We walked outside and took a deep breath of the cool night air; we decided it was best to go in the cover of night. I pulled Beth by the waist ingot myself.

“Sleep ok baby girl?” I asked.

“Not as great as I would like too, but with you I managed too!” Beth smiled at me, constricting my heart with just her gaze!

“What is that noise?” Cavo said.

“What are you talking about?” Father scuffed.

“Crunching, something is coming at us!” Cavo cried out, very loudly.

“Quiet!” I ordered as I wrapped my arm around his mouth.

“Zethan what would you like me to do?” Kazec asked.

“Listen and approach!” I told him.

“How effective would that be?” a voice yelled at me.

I leapt aside just to be caught by a vine and smashed to the ground.

Your blood has been tainted by the innocence of others.

I have been sent to damn you forever into eternity.

The blood of the wicked shall be spilt to the ground,

Once again the gates to heaven shall be purified.

“Zethan!” Kazec cried, looking over at the man he leapt, “Take this!”

Kazec leapt at the figure just to be enclosed in a sphere of water, now I knew who they were but I was so confused!

“Why are you doing this,” I asked him!

“I have my reasons!” it replied.

“Stop!” I ordered, “I think you have the wrong person!” I pleaded.

“Speak!” it announced.

“First you let my boyfriend out of your little sphere thing please?” Lilly demanded.

“Oh yes, sorry young lady!” it said as it released Kazec.

“Ow! So um buddy, could you tell me who your water wielding friend is?” Kazec asked.

“Oh sorry kind sir, my name is Gabriel!” he smiled as he took his robe off.

He wore fancy belted clothing and really dangerous looking boots. On his belt buckle were the words Veritas and Aequitas. On his back were two long swords, with their handles bearing the same two words? His face was scarred pretty badly and his arms were pretty muscular. However he had eyes that gave off kindness.

“So Gabriel what are you?” my father asked.

“I am a Lightsworn Avenger,” he answered.

“What the hell is that?” asked Kazec.

“A Lightsworn avenger is a wielder of the elements, and usually people that help balance the world, they are also known as Avatars, Gabriel wields the common four elements, Water, Air, Fire and Earth, while his brother Raphael is a wielder of the uncommon Spirit, which is actually Light and Dark,” I filled them in, “However I thought they were only stories?”

“No we are very real,” Gabriel announced.

“Wait that only makes me wonder why two, supposedly legendary warriors of peace and prosperity, are coming after us?” Father said.

“Honestly coming after you Zethan,” Gabriel said. “I’ve sent Raphael after your brother, because we both know one of you is the cause of all this!”

“Well kind young Avatar, your brother is probably dead!” Father said.

“What?” Gabriel said confidently, “I think you’re wrong!”

“I think he’s right!” Beth, Lilly, Kazec and I said at once.

“So it’s Cecil,” Gabriel said as he hung his head.

“Yes it is!” I told him.

Your blood has been tainted by the innocence of others.

I have been sent to damn you forever into eternity.

The blood of the wicked shall be spilt to the ground,

Once again the gates to heaven shall be purified.

“Fuck you!” Cecil cried out.

“Then you shall fall!” the figure said.

“What the hell is going on?” Oblivion screamed.

“My name is Raphael I have been sent to right the wrongs in this life,” Raphael said.

“Fuck you bitch!” Cecil said as he grabbed Raphael and tossed him against the cave wall, “Oblivion I order you to stomp his skull to dust!”

“Yes sir!” Oblivion said as he leapt into the air and came down. Raphael pulled his sword and blocked Oblivion’s attack.

“Your existence is a disgrace to the heavenly father,” Raphael said.

Raphael grabbed Oblivion and tossed him into the cave wall, and then thrust his sword into his chest.

“Now you shall perish at God’s hand!” Raphael said as he looked over at Cecil.

“There is no such thing as God,” Cecil smirked.

“If you deny me in front of your peers I will deny you in front of my Father!” Raphael smiled as his sword came back to his hand.

“Bring it Angel boy!” Cecil cried.

Raphael came at him calmly and swung his sword at him, Cecil proceeded to catch it and rip it out of his hand. Then Cecil reached out and wrapped his hand around Raphael’s neck and tossed him into the cave wall. Dashing at him Cecil restrained him as he proceeded to drink his heavenly fluids.

“Guess I need to go and save him!” Gabriel said.

“That would be your best bet,” I told him.

“Wish me luck then!” Gabriel said as he vanished.

“Good luck, guess we are about to lose two legends?” Father sneered.

“Guess so,” we all said at once.

“Now you will lose your heavenly liquid and I shall slurp it up and gain such power from it!” Cecil laughed.

“Never, with the power of God by my side, I am invincible!” Raphael said, quite positively.

“Oh this should be good!” Cecil laughed, teeth peeking into his smile.

Cecil leaned in to his neck prepared to drink his liquid which would grant him immense powers. Suddenly while drinking Cecil was in the air and being swallowed by water.

Your blood has been tainted by the innocence of others.

I have been sent to damn you forever into eternity.

The blood of the wicked shall be spilt to the ground,

Once again the gates to heaven shall be purified.

“We need to leave brother!” Raphael said painfully.

“Ok brother!” Gabriel smiled.

Instantly light swallowed Gabriel and Raphael and they were gone. Cecil found himself squirming on the ground pain filling him immensely, tears filling his eyes… He was crying out in pain as the Lightsworn blood burned him.

“Cecil sir?” a man said walking up to him.

“Come here!” Cecil screamed out painfully!

Cecil latched himself to the man and drank every drop of his blood. The pain still would not lift!


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