A mini-series I wrote about people with addictions. Multiple different addictions people struggle with on a daily basis.

“Here is that spot I was telling you about, lets get in there quickly.”


“It’s been awhile since I’ve seen you,” she pouted.

“I know our lives have been chaos,” he said as he looked at the trees surrounding them.

“You don’t always have to go you know?” She whispered sadly.

“Yes I do, there is no place for me here, I need to be there,” he said upset. “With me?” She said drowning him with her hazel eyes.

“You’re with him now, and you have a child, something that would never have happened between us,” he said as he walked a bit faster as she pushed the stroller to catch up to him.

“Derek, listen, it’s no ones fault that it happened, you need to let it go, swallow it like I have,” she whimpered.

“Listen, Alysha, you know why I’m here, is it sleeping yet?” He said angrily. “Yes, he’s asleep now,” she said tears whelming up inside her.

“Here is that spot I was telling you about, lets get in there quickly,” he said in haste as he looked for anyone that might catch them.

Alysha and Derek stepped into a little sanctuary formed by a cluster of trees as he tossed his coat on the ground.

She pushed the stroller over in the corner, facing the child away from the act they were about to perform. She peeled off her underwear as he unzipped his pants. Pulling his cock out, dragging between his legs as she fell to her knees before it. Swallowing his length in a forced gasp. Forcing as much of him inside her as she could.

well at least I can feel close to you this way

His rigid member shuddered in her hands as he pulled her up by her arm. He pushed her against the bark of the tree as he lifted her skirt and plunged deep inside her. This was the only thing she was good for anymore. Their history had destroyed any chances they had of succeeding in love.

I wonder how many girls have been to this ‘secret spot’?

He was getting rougher now, plunging into her more forcibly as he sated his hunger for her body. His grunting and panting a reminder that this was all she was good for? A quick fuck in the middle of a walking path hidden only by trees denser than bricks. He started to fondle her massive tits as he fucked her. Her moans rang out as he wrapped his hand around her mouth. No matter what it is, it still feels good.

God why did I ever give this up?

She was insatiable as he pleasured her. He removed his hands from her tits as he pawed at her throbbing clit. She wanted to cry tears or pain and pleasure as he rammed into her. Suddenly she felt his body shake slightly as she knew his release was finally upon them. Her twat was filled to the brim with his hot cum as he moaned as quietly as he could.

He wouldn’t stop though.

One time was never enough, he needed more, he always needed more. He continued to pull in and out as cum oozed out of her. Dripping to the grass below. She had finally felt her release coming. As she was about to cum she grabbed his arms in embrace as he quickly covered her mouth, their silent cue. Her screams of pleasure only slightly muffled from his conquer.

Sensitivity overrode her body as he continued to pull himself in and out. It was almost painful, but she needed this. She needed to feel loved by this man. He was pulling against her hard now. Forcing her now aching hips into him as he thrust wildly into her. Begging for a new release, the only thing that made anything worth it. He needed satisfaction. He thrust into her once more as he finally came again. He pulled out, cum dripping from his cock as he pulled her to the ground. Grabbing her hair and forcing his wet cock into her mouth. Holding her firmly as he continued his onslaught.

Would it ever end? This wasn’t something she enjoyed, she hated the taste, hated the thought of even putting a cock in her mouth. Something her partner was always complaining about. But for him, she would do anything to feel close to him. Her breathing heavy as he constricted her airflow. Still pounding away at her face. Needing that last time, which would take forever, but she would do it. Only for him. He looked down at the mangled girl he was desecrating with his member and his urges overflowed him.

“Get on your hands and knees,” he ordered.

She pulled it from her mouth as she crawled over to the coat, like a bad dog. He spat in his hand as he wiped his spit all over her asscrack.

“Not there Derek, I’ve never been entered there!” She said, not loud enough for him to head. Nor would he care.

He walked up to her, his cock poking from the hole in his jeans as he prepared his final challenge. Anal. He was not gentle, forcing his still ridiculously hard cock inside her. She bit her arm in pain as he moaned pulling in and out of her ass.

“My god this is so tight, I’m never fucking you in your cunt again!” He cried out as he came, and came, and came.

Forty-Five minutes she had been under the control of this man and he was finally ok. Never truly satisfied, nothing would ever truly satisfy him. Her ass stung from the foreign object but she had to do it. If it kept them together for any amount of time she had no choice.

“Wow, that was pretty good, maybe I should stay?” He teased, noticing her displeasure with the joke.

“Derek,” she moaned as she played with her stinging clit.

She wanted more. She knew it was over, he would leave her there, all alone with her baby if she didn’t coax him back. Her clit so sensitive from his brute.

“My, someone is feeling awfully generous,” he said as he dragged her down his coat onto his quickly recovering cock.

He pulled at her waist as he slammed into her. She bit her lip, hoping he wouldn’t notice her discomfort. She was so sensitive it hurt to continue. But she had to. More time was necessary. She needed to feel wanted. She needed to feel like she mattered, even if it was only to curb his addiction. He didn’t last as long this time as he pulled out and drenched her underside with what was left of his cum.

Suddenly the baby woke up, crying, for where had mommy gone?

“Thanks!” he said as he wiped his cock with her panties and slipped them into his pocket. Slipping his member back inside, not even a wave as he stepped out. Only his coat in hand. She put herself back together and picked up the now screaming baby. Calming him down she put him back in the stroller. Tears rushing down her face as the only one that made her feel anything had walked away. She didn’t really matter to him either did she?

She walked through the door and placed the baby in its bassinet, thank goodness for naps. The only time she has to focus on how much she hated herself. She walked into the bathroom to inspect herself. She pulled off her clothes and felt the stickiness of his cum stuck to her thighs. She got into the shower and turned on the water as hot as it could get. Searing her flesh ever so slightly to rinse off the sadness that infiltrates her. He wouldn’t be home for awhile, he never was. His business trips were long and hard. Staying home with a baby was not her idea of the perfect life.

The water ran down her body as she slowly reached down to touch herself, remembering him inside her, remembering the time they spent together, fantasizing about every night being just like that. Him forcing himself on her, so she can feel loved. She pulled a dildo from her cupboard and splayed herself out in the bath. With any luck she could relive the sensations he gave her. Inserting it in and out slowly imaging him forcing himself on her. Like a crazed animal. It would never provide her the closure she needed. She abandoned it in the tub as she pulled out a downy towel.

Drying herself off she looked in the body length mirror inspecting for bruises and proof that he’s been there. Red blotches appeared on her arms and waist as she pulled out concealer to cover the evidence. She quickly grabbed her clothes and tossed them in the washer, trying to rid them of his seed. Begging for the baby to still be sleeping she walked over to him, peacefully dreaming away. No idea of the very evil that consumes the world around her. She crawled onto the couch, a kindle in her hand, a cup of tea by her side as she read. Tears welling from her eyes.

“I always keep spare pants on me in case the violent urges hit again.”


“Get in here Devon!” The man shrieked as the door slammed.

“Yes Mr. Davison,” Devon asked

“This report is shit, redo it. You have an hour.” The man said ushering him

out the door.

Devon threw the report on his desk as he fumbled through his drawer for his

secret stash. He found the little black box pocketed it and walked outside. The sun beating hard on him as he walked to the park across the street, a smoker’s corner was his destination. He pulled out the little white drug and slipped it between his lips. Striking a match effortlessly as he lit it up. Pulling in the poisonous smoke. He shoved into the corner of the trees surrounding them, for some privacy and quiet. He pulled at it as he looked around anxiously hoping none of his co-workers would catch him. His black suit getting a little bit of ash on it as he conveyed his relief.

“Well, well, well, a little faggot in a black suit? Wonder why you’re here, on the ‘shit side” of the park?” A man laughed as him and three of his buddies walked up to him.

“Excuse me?” Devon said as he pulled the cigarette from his lips.

Were they seriously looking to start a fight?

“Well there is a toll to use these facilities, tiered by the quality of life you life.

The raggedy it’s a dollar, small enough to afford and reasonable enough to request. The ‘white collar boys’ they have to toss in a ten, they aren’t making the most money, but better than those that struggle every day. Then The teens, well they need to pay extra, a whopping twenty is acceptable. More is preferred. They don’t want their mommies and daddies discovering their little secrets. I believe they call that supply and demand. Then there are guys like you, walking around in your three-hundred dollar suits, working under the hand of the man. Fifty. Nothing less is accepted. I’m sure you make that in ten minutes? Cough it up boy, or we fuck you up!” The man laughed holding out a blue Crown Royal bag.

Is this guy serious?

“Yeah, this isn’t happening,” Devon said as he turned his back to them. Puffing away while looking into the cloudy skies above. Rain was coming.

“Well boys, looks like we have a trespasser!” The man said as he pulled a police baton from his belt loop and striking Devon in the shoulders.

“Fuck!” Devon cried as the pain rushed through his shoulder. “You guys were serious? What the fuck!”

“Yeah man, it’s just a fifty pocket change for you suit guys.”

“That’s not happening!”

The frustration was whelming up inside him, his control slipping away as he

grabbed his assailant mercilessly and continued to bash his face into Devon’s knees. Blood oozed from his mouth as he dropped the baton trying to grasp the little consciousness he had. The other three pulled out their own weapons and prepared to defend their mighty leader. Devon kicked two to the ground as he picked up the third one and punched him over and over again until he could hear cracking. Unconscious immediately. The two struggled to get up but Devon has retrieved one of their switchblades and proceeded to stab the man in the arm.

That could not satisfy Devon. He threw it to the ground as the man screamed in agony. Rushing the man and tackling him into the ground. Mercilessly bashing at this chest until he fainted. Picking up the next unfortunate soul he tossed him against a tree and kicked his legs until her heard them snap. There before him lay a mangled mass of unconscious bodies as he quickly pulled another cigarette to his lips. He smiled as he finally felt relief by hurting all these people. He rushed to his car for a change of pants.

“I always keep a spare pants on me, in case the violent urges hit again!” Devon smiled.

He leapt into the backseat and removed the bloody pants sealing them away in a discarded gym bag as he pulled his new ones on. He straightened them as he walked back inside. His desire to kill his boss temporarily lifted as he went to correct the report that was “dead wrong”.

“Here is a phone, here is my account number, fifty grand or death. Your choice.”


Tossed into a limousine for the third time this week! Micah struggled to get the bearings in this new situation. He owed them money. Lots of it too. He looked through the tinted glass and watched the buildings fly by him.

“So pal, where we going?” Micah asked dusting himself off.

“Shut it, Ronaldo is fucking livid with you, you’ll be lucky to get away with your life this time, what’s the grand total?” The driver asked anxiously.

“Nah, chump change where I come from, a cool fifty thou. Nothing major. I’ll get it to him by this Friday guaranteed! Watcha want to wager on it little man?” Micah said with a sly smirk.

“I’m not taking my chances with someone like you man, you just don’t get it! This isn’t fucking make-believe. This is real life. And if you don’t fix it you’re gonna be scraped out of a gutter! Stop fucking around Micah,” the driver said angrily.

They were suddenly pulling up to a dock where three guys stood by the water. Two holding guns, one standing there smoking an expensive cigar. Overweight and well groomed.

“Well he’s finally here, with our fifty thousand I’m sure!” The man said as he walked up to the door and opened it. Guns pointed at Micah as he was pulled out.

“Hello Ronaldo, long time no see!” Micah said with a nervous chuckle.

“Yeah, not happy with you right now,” Ronaldo said as he punched him in the stomach. Drops of blood oozing from his lips.

“Ouch! That sucked!” Micah said angrily.

“Yeah. So here is a phone, here is my account number, fifty grand or death. Your choice. Point your guns at him men,” Ronaldo ordered.

Micah picked up the phone and looked over at the gun barrels. He only had one choice. Dialing his number Micah put the phone to his ear.

“Devon’s cell, what can I do for you?” Devon said furiously typing away. “Hey bro, how much money is in your house account again?” Micah asked


“About seventy five thousand, why? Need to borrow some cash! Gotta get it

back though brother, you stiffed me five grand last year. I don’t like that shit,” Devon said quietly.

“Yeah bro, I’m gonna die if you don’t wire fifty thousand to this account. Routing: 011601100, account 1789 8933 923,” Micah said through a choke.

“What the fucking hell Micah, what the shit did you do!” Devon screamed.

“Devon, keep it down in there!” His boss yelled angrily, “you’re not supposed to take personal calls!”

“Sorry boss, emergency,” Devon said as he walked out of his cubical into the break room.

“Yeah, I really fucked up this time man,” Micah said sadly.

“You are damn right you did, what the fuck man? Are you using again?” Devon screamed.

“No not this time, a little debt I owe or else I die, nothing major. Promise to pay it back by Friday?”

“God damn it!” Devon said fumbling his phone and hitting speaker.

Devon logged into his account and went to “wire transfers” and quickly answered all his security questions and popped in the information.

“It’s there,” Devon choked, realizing he probably just lost fifty grand! “Thanks brother, owe you one!” Micah said, almost nonchalantly, hanging up. “Look at the account Mavis,” Ronaldo ordered.

Mavis pulled out a laptop and logged into his account. A fifty thousand

memo credit was posted to his account. He quickly clicked the “verify funds” button and it was cleared instantly.

“Thanks Micah, don’t let it happen again!” Ronaldo said as he tossed him into the car and slapped the hood.


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