2084 (1984 Piece)

The name is Seth Kaileen, age seventeen. I am tall with long black hair. My eyes are brown and I am pretty muscular. I have really good friends and the most beautiful girlfriend in the world. However that is not important. What is in this story will blow your mind, I know most people will refuse to accept what will be said in this report however you must abide by your childish antics. This is for your own good and the good of humanity. This is a warning of what is to come I have seen it and I have recorded it. This is for your own good, do not ignore it!

The night was late and the weather was cheerful. It was refreshing outside and I was breathing in the cool Vermont fall air coming through my window. I was sitting on my bed trying to fall asleep. I had my girlfriend on my mind she was a beautiful girl, she had hazel eyes and a blondish shade of hair and I missed her terribly. I did not have much else on my mind. I had finished my homework and it was Halloween, my sister was out trick-or-treating with two of her friends. It was really late, I had just gotten back from visiting a few haunted houses. I was preparing for sleep. It occurred to me that I should really get some sleep. So I laid my head upon my pillow and visualized my girlfriend. I slowly fell into a deep sleep.

“Greetings” said a beautiful girl.

She was very lean and had an attractive physique. Her hair was purple and her eyes were a beautiful hue of gold. Which struck me as interesting, gold pupils?

“Excuse me?” I said

“Your time has come, Seth,” said the purple hair girl.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“The name is Persephone,”

“What are you?”

“Just listen,”


“I am granting you a chance to make a difference, I must choose one person to journey into another time. I have decided to give you a journal and a pen, this is what you will use to keep your records. In this journal shall be several items of importance. A pair of glasses, a sticky note, and a picture of me, so you will never forget me so I can lend a hand. Please accept this adventure,” Persephone said

“What if I do not want to?” I asked.

“Someday you will decide what is right, I shall let you dream!” Persephone said as she disappeared

I woke with a startle. What just happened, I thought to my self? I looked around and realized that I had left my window open and the cool fall air sent shivers down my spine. I got up and tossed my covers aside. I went to my window and closed it a little in hope of cutting the chilliness that I was feeling. I stumbled back to my bed and looked on the headboard. There was a lamp, a printer a couple wooden boxes, along with a humidifier. Everything was in place…. I thought. I glanced over again to look at the humidifier to make sure it was working. Then I realized something. There was a small gold book that appeared to be made of metal.

“That was not there before I went to sleep.” I whispered to myself.

I picked it up and it felt cool. The air from my window must have chilled it. It was metal and it was colored gold with slight specks of damage. On it were the words “One Way” etched in it with an arrow underneath. I decide to open it. I noticed inside there was a pad of paper. And a black pen with the word “Jetstream” upon it. Also a sticky note, a pair of glasses with red lenses, and a picture of a girl with purple hair. My heart skipped a beat and I began to freak a little. How did this get onto my headboard?

I knew now that I had to do this. I had to follow the purple haired girl that calls herself Persephone. I walked over to my desk and I placed the journal on the wooden surface. I picked up the pen, it was slightly heavy and it was smooth, rubber must have been on it. I pulled the cap off and began to write. Soon after I realized I had finished. I closed it and crawled back into my bed and began to sleep once more. I was awakened by my mom telling me it was time for school. I stood up and looked at the journal that magically appeared yesterday. I got up and opened it once more. Lets hope this works I thought. I ruffled through the other supplies inside the journal and found what I was looking for. The glasses.

I knew I had to be mad to think that I could really travel into the future. I picked them up and felt them, they were light, made out of some light synthetic material. The lenses blared a deep red and as I looked into them I felt power! I began to open the glasses to put them on. Slowly I crept them up to my face. I felt a serge of discomfort and depression. The feelings soon lifted and I felt happy, like the world was there for me and me alone. I felt like the sun was shining on my body. Soaking in the rays of life. I felt alive, nothing mattered but the happiness I felt. I was then harshly thrust against a hard surface. It was a cool surface. More metallic then concrete. I looked down and saw it was metal. It was bumpy and seemed to be there for walking, to keep a grip. Where was I? I thought to myself. I stood up to face a building made of a synthetic metal. I was in an alleyway, or so it seemed. I realized there were posters scattered neatly on the wall. A couple that caught my attention were “Acetone Robotics: Where the future is possible!” and “Zephyr: Watching you!” I stepped forward and was jumped. I remember a purple figure flashing by me. It assembled in front of me. Persephone.

“Greetings once again Seth.” she spoke to me

“Ah hello?” I questioned.

“Welcome to twenty-eighty-four, Transcend.”


“It is the city that replaced Vermont. Here I suggest you continue to take in the sights.”

“Ok then?”

We began to walk on and I noticed that it seemed as though computers ran this world.

“Ok what the hell!” I blurted taken aback by the harsh sites I just witnessed.

“Transcend is computerized, I know not how but all I can say is continue forward, we shall meet again!” Persephone responded as she evaporated into the air.

I continued forward to realize that our fears were realized. The whole land was a computer. There were moving vending machines, going up to random people who were hungry. They pulled out a piece of plastic scanned it in the vending machine and they were given food and drinks, whatever they purchased it was with those cards. The vehicles looked like monorails. Floating. I decided to move on to the building in the center of Transcend. I approached it and it had the words “E.L.I, Technology is life!” I walked into the building and in front of me was a couple who were getting a tour of the building I decided to go with them.

“Greetings my name is Antonio Rohik, I run Zephyr!” Antonio said.

He appeared to be a very powerful man. He wore the classic suit as he lectured to the group. On his sleeves were cufflinks, they had “Ar” on them

“All hail Zephyr!” everyone said at once.

“Good,” Antonio gasped.

I was thinking the whole time, Zephyr? Wait my poster! What did it say? Zephyr, Watching You! What did that mean.

“Follow I,” Antonio ordered

Everyone followed. We pressed on through what looked like to be circuits with glass protecting them. We walked on and came to a huge window positioned in the middle of the building.

“E.L.I” Antonio yelled.

“What does E.L.I stand for?” a man asked.

“Electronic Living Intelligence!” Antonio answered.

“What does it do?” a girl asked.

“Everything…” Antonio announced

“What is everything?” another man asked.

“”Technology is life!” Antonio saluted them.

I was just a little freaked out by the conversation that had just happened. The group of tourists moved on. I saw plans scattered on the walls that described what E.L.I was like, how it worked and everything.

“What particular things can E.L.I accomplish?” a little girl asked

“Well it controls all of Transcend, what comes in and what goes out. This building has a powerful security feature to protect E.L.I along with bullet proof glass protecting its circuits! E.L.I controls the police bots. E.L.I is amazing!” Antonio said quite pleased with this invention.

It was getting boring so I decided to leave. I walked outside the building and noticed an interesting group of people gathered watching everyone. They must have been Zephyr, watching everyone. I looked over to see a short man running. He was carrying a gun, it was tiny but it looked dangerous. There were robots chasing him, they must have been the police bots that Antonio had talked about. He must have been a criminal. I saw the building I just left light up like the sun. Then a ray struck the man who was running and he fell. The weapon was then vaporized by a laser that came from the ground. Shackles appeared and restrained him. The cop bots picked him up and carried him off. I was a little frightened by all that. I continued on getting as far away from the building as possible. I was walking down when I realized there was a doorway it was closed off by a huge door that looked like a garage door. It opened and another vehicle came in. This looked like a normal vehicle from my time. Then it changed. the vehicle no longer was a pick up truck with slight rust upon it. It was another monorail like vehicle. The driver drove forward and a man in a dark business suit gave him papers and the card. They disappeared. He was now one of them I guess. I looked around everything was different it actually upset me a little. You could no longer see the beauties of Vermont’s green mountains. It appeared as though we were all trapped in a dome. Another person was coming through the doorway. And then it closed. Cutting the driver and the vehicle in half. Blood oozed everywhere. People had stopped walking. They were attached to the “pavement” I was wondering what was happening. I realized I was floating.

“You seem to need some help.” Persephone smiled above me as she flew me away.

We landed on a building and it was smooth, I could see the huge building perfectly from up here. A face had appeared in the air made of flying particles colored it began to speak.

“Greetings mortals, I am Eli, I am your master!” it said in a powerful tone

“Zephyr is no more. Reasonables are no more. People you are also no more! You are my slaves!” Eli yelled

“What is going on?” I asked Persephone.

“I do not think I can answer that it seems as though E.L.I is power hungry?” Persephone suggested

“I don’t know, it seems sketchy though,”

“I never knew about E.L.I until now.”

“You never knew about E.L.I?”

“No I was sent here by accident before,”


“I am not human…”

“You think?”

“Please do not interrupt me,”

“Sorry go on!”

“I am a spirit I am a ghost. I came from another dimension to send someone to where I once came from. Transcend. I brought you because you seemed to be perfect for assisting me in my adventure. I intend to go to each year down from now to see if life can go on. Natural disasters, terrorism, haters, riots, and similar things as such. You have been brought here to record our adventure. Next time another will be brought here!”

“Why do you think it will make a difference?”

“I know it will.”

“So what can we do?”

“You keep that journal close to you and I will take care of this, come with me if you please or stay here!”

“I’ll go!”

She picked me up and we disappeared into the brightly lit sky! We continued on back to the building.

“Remember those glasses will keep you invisible. Take them off only when necessary, don’t let them go or you will be sent back to two-thousand and nine.” Persephone reminded me.

We go to the building and she began to glow, a bright purple. Then we phased through the wall and we were inside E.L.I. I was startled by a voice. We were in some kind of conference room.

“Greetings Zephyr!” Antonio said.

“I know how life is like and E.L.I is here to make it better. I wanted to tell you that I am the cause of all this madness. I have reprogrammed E.L.I today on my tour! It will now obey me! I am GOD!” Antonio continued!

“Greetings God.” the men in the room announced.

“Yes!” Antonio smirked.

Persephone phased us through the wall and we got into the mainframe.

“We need to shut her down!” I yelled

“I know…. But how?” Persephone asked

“Destroy something!”

“are you mad do you know what that could do?”

“Come on, only you can do anything, I cant mess anything up, my rules!”

“Ok fine!”

Persephone blasted the little floating diamond ball above us. It blew up into a million pieces.

“INTRUDER!” the walls flashed and the speakers boomed.

Men came running into the mainframe and looked around. Persephone had turned invisible. They noticed nothing and ran off in search of the intruder, which was us.

“Nothing will work it will just set something off. Do you think humans are smart enough to create a back up strategy?” Persephone asked me.

“I really do not know,” I answered a little upset.

“Well we need to do something.”

“Wait the men are saying something, shh,”

“As long as it is not Chaos.” Antonio gasped.

“Who is Chaos?” a man asked

“The only one who can stop E.L.I”

“Where is he?”

“I locked him in a jail cell north of here,”

“Can he escape?”

“I doubt it especially after I cut off his limbs.”

A creepy smirk came onto Antonio’s face. I was frightened by this.

“We need to get Chaos!” Persephone yelped

“Yeah lets go!” I whispered.

We flew off to the prison and were going to break Chaos out and stop E.L.I !I was wondering what he would look like, it was said that his limbs had been ripped off. Fearing for my life I continued to fly with Persephone. Passing over tall buildings that shone out below. They were an interesting hue of silver and platinum. We were floating down. In sight came a really weird building with windows bared everywhere. The door was awkward and had spikes lining it. Persephone phased through the wall and we were inside. She turned invisible. We walked down the halls. We passed interesting cells with burly old men in them. Only a few woman were in jail. Men committed more crimes than women still, even in the future. We saw that each cell had a plaque that said names. We came upon one that stated “Chaos”

“There he is!” I whispered loudly.

“Lets see what happens.” Persephone said.

Persephone turned visible and the man in the cell leaped in fear! My heart skipped a beat as I laid eyes on him. He was missing all his limbs, he had no legs and his arms were short stubs.

“Who… who…. Who are you?” the poor man stuttered

“Persephone, are you Chaos?” Persephone asked.

“I am him, why?”

“We need your help!”

“How can I help a beautiful girl such as yourself?”


“Did it do what I feared it would?”

“Yes it has taken over but we have some belief that Antonio Rohik is behind this,”

“Yes do you know about Zephyr?”

“Not really all I know is that it is really evil!”

“Zephyr is what lays the rules down today, they are watching us so we do not rebel against the computers. It is said that technology is life. Nobody realizes the evil that computers can hold! We granted them all the power in the world and they enslave us. Humans are not allowed to have sex. It gives you to much power. To much contact with the humans. We are not allowed to have any contact with each other behind doors. Zephyr is watching, always watching. We are doomed to be enslaved by these computers!”

“Is there a president?” I whispered to Persephone

“Is there a president?” Persephone asked.

“E.L.I is everything, the executive branch, judicial branch, and the legislative branch along with the police force. It is said to be God, every living creature shall bow to it!” Chaos yelped!

“How is it so powerful?” Persephone stuttered

“It controls our environment. Everything in this dome is E.L.I’s to do what it pleases with!”

“Wow, you guys did not think that well did you?”

“I guess not!”

“So we need you to shut it down. Do you have the power to do that?”

“Yes I do!”


“Go to my confiscated things in the room to the right of you, in side will be a metal box. Bring the contents to me!”


Persephone and I went to the room with the confiscated items in it. There were a huge amount of metal boxes lining the walls. We began to rummaged through them and after a short time we found a metal box with the words “Chaos Belongings” Persephone ripped it off its post and carried it out to Chaos’s cell. We got there and dumped them out onto the floor and saw its contents. It had a wallet, watch, select couple of pens, a pocket knife, and a flash drive.

“There!” Chaos yelled

“The flash drive?” Persephone asked

“Yes it needs to be put into the U.S.B port, it will be old and cobwebbed but you have to get it in there! Go I can help you no more!” Chaos yelled

Persephone thanked him picked me up and we flew off. We got to the building and knew this might not be easy, with invisibility on our side we should do well. I walked back into the computer room and set out to locate the flash drive. I found it and Persephone knocked me over and I dropped the glasses! I was visible. I fumbled to pick them up when I heard an alarm it boomed and the walls blinked “INTRUDER CONTROL ROOM!” I put the glasses on and we got the flash drive inside the system. We saw people bursting through the door and aim some kind of weapon around the room. They saw nothing thank goodness. The system began to shut down the diamond ball, that must have been replaced from before floated around the room then it exploded. The men began to run and we left, Persephone phased us through the walls and we flew out into the streets. People had began to walk again and they were free from there cuffs.

“Thank goodness that we are out of there!” Persephone whispered.

“Yeah.” I sighed

“That was unreal!”

“A little so what do we do now. Can I go back?”

“Give me your book for a second please,”

“Yeah here”

Persephone wrote “TRUST NO ONE” on my book and then she handed it back to me.

“I am afraid you cannot,”

“Why not?”

“Because I have to be the hero,”


“I am sorry it had to come to this Seth, I need to save the world I only need a mortal to witness my actions. The journal was needed to warn you humans someday if I should fail. But since I am not going to fail you cannot leave me.”

I reached for the glasses. And I went flying into a near wall.

“I am sorry you cannot do that, you need to be invisible to startle no one of my soon actions.” Persephone apologized

“You are mad I want to go home!” I sobbed

“I cannot let you do that.”

I reached for the glasses and dodged her attack I grabbed them and smiled.

“When your glasses are crushed, your time is OVER… bye Persephone” I smiled as I crushed the glasses!

“No!” Persephone sobbed

I was gone and I landed in my bed wondering can she follow me? My head sang

“Your time is over, Persephone is no more. You are free to do what you wish with your journal!”

A figure appeared in the mist of Vermont’s weather. It was the purple hair girl.

“Wait I am confused?” I said puzzled

“I know. I am Persephone and I knew what would happen. I am sorry for the way I acted but I wanted to be the hero, the hero of all century. Your will has bested me. Fairies cannot control free will. Fairies are complicated creatures and you have earned their respect. The journal is yours to keep, do what you wish with it. We will not meet again. Goodbye Seth Kaileen, and good luck with the rest of your life.” Persephone said as she vaporized into the air.

“Goodbye Persephone.” I whispered

I stood up and walked to my bed and sat on it, thinking. I learned one thing though, trust no one. Even someone as beautiful as Persephone. I also learned fairies are weird… but most importantly I learned the truth, what will happen in our future if we should be afraid. This story is what makes a difference, I hope to warn the world of what to come. I have the power to make a difference, and I intend on using it!

The Rise of Rajin (Dystopia)

“We have been trying hard to throw this world back into order. Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan have hit us hard this time; the war has been over for at least twenty years and they still attack! So now we have no choice but to employ weapon X, I am sorry, but we have to kill them.”

I angrily turned down the television.

“Goddamn it, what is this world coming to?” I cried out as I tossed the remote to the ground.

I shuffled to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. Sacks of darkness accented my eyes, as though I have not slept for awhile. My hair was brushed in a macho way, my bangs formed a wave above my brow and my dark emerald eyes pierced my figure. I was not very strong, nor should I be, I was a program designer, barley any physical labor involved there. I was dressed in a blue t-shirt embroidered with blue flames. My pants were dark and a little tattered but they made me look decent in our so called society.

“The missile is to be launched shortly! Commander Edric, please push the button…” I heard faintly from the living room.

I glared at the television screen and a man appeared, he had a distinguishing disgusting scar across his face. The camera moved back to the president and then something strange happened: the president toppled over and blood flew behind him. I leapt forward.

“What the hell happened?” I asked myself.

“Rajin now rises to power!” the television boomed.

An image was left imprinted on the screen. It was interesting. The logo showed two blue hands holding up a ball of fire, with a distinct red ’R’ inside the ball of fire.

“Ok what now?” I asked myself.

I walked over to my office. In this office was a desk furnished with a computer system, complete with keyboard, mouse and hard drive. Around it was an electric keyboard, a portrait of a panther, a joystick, a desk lamp, and a globe. I reached for the pen holder on my desk lamp and I pulled it towards me. Instantly the panther poster slid up and revealed a huge monitor, the electrical keyboard began to glow with runes, runes only I would understand. The globe slid down to reveal a console of slots, in which I created my media, such as disks. The monitor on my desk became a touch screen and I lifted up my keyboard.

“128 bit encryption pass code please,” my walls boomed.

I began to type my pass code lightning fast.

“Accepted,” the walls announced as the monitor led me to my home screen.

The home screen was an integration system of windows, boxes and bars. I began to move the joystick to the window that read “Program Interface Management” I pressed the red button on my joystick.

“Welcome to Program Interface Management. Please make your selection,” the speakers vocalized.

“This is a horrible time to be catching up on work,” I laughed quietly.

Bypassing the thought, I chose the logo lettered with “Ampad”. I have been working on this program for a very long time, secretly of course. If I was ever caught in the making of this program I know I would be in a lot of trouble. This program was my design of how to overthrow the government. I began to type quickly several codes that would be the basis of the program. I was putting together the blackmail I had of the government when I heard a distinct noise. It sounded as though someone had entered my house, my alarm would sound right? I pulled back my pen holder and my set up went back together. I crept out of my office and I began to sneak through the halls. I could not hear any noises but I felt a presence. Someone was in my house and they bypassed my security. How? I thought, how could they do that? I spent so much time and money on my security system. How could I care at a time like this? The president has fallen possibly dead, an organization by the name of Rajin has somehow come into power, an organization I have never heard of! I began to strut over my carpet and somehow it brought me comfort.

I walked into my living room carefully, there was only a small amount of furniture decorating the dark blue carpet. There was a couch on which I was known to crash on during rough nights. There was a good size television on one of my walls in which it lay blank. I rarely watched television, it did not entertain me. Anyhow my eyes were bad enough sitting in front of a huge monitor almost daily. I saw the chair I usually sat in directly in front of the television several feet away. I began to look in the direction of my front door when I noticed a movement directly to my right. I saw a helmet and I knew. I was in trouble. Next thing I noticed a fist was coming in my direction. I ducked in time and I saw a dark black helmet with images of missiles, beaches, and the leader. After the images words flashed by each one an interesting phase, each word striking fear into my heart. Die, Buy, Call, and Obey! Thought Police. They were an elite organization hired by the government to disband any hopes of resisting our government’s power. I quickly dashed ahead on hopes of fleeing the unfortunate encounter. I began to see figures assemble behind me and even though I thought I was innocent, I ran.

“Give it up we have you now, your fate was decided when you fled,” one of them yelled.

The figures moved quickly behind me and I was running as fast as I could. I knew that I had to get out of there; there was no hope of talking myself out of this one. I quickly felt up my pockets and found my keys. My truck was a good way out. I dashed through my doorway and I began to walk towards my truck. It was a dashing metallic blue, specifically a GMC Jimmy, it had a Sports Utility Vehicle like body, dark grey fabric lining the seats, and the steering wheel had the Independent Trucking symbol equipped. I quickly fumbled out my keys, put a black handled key into the lock, and I turned it. I jumped in, locked all the doors, though I knew that would not stop them, and put my key in the ignition. I turned it and threw my truck into reverse.

“We must stop him; he knowingly committed a thought crime. Use all force necessary!” one of them ordered.

I pulled out as quickly as I could, they began furnishing assault rifles. I threw my transmission into drive and blasted down the road while bullets riddled the back of my truck. I heard the faint sound of glass smashing, and I quickly pulled around a corner and was out of their sight; I knew it was not going to be for long, soon they would be sending in the helicopters. I drove down the road passing trees and old buildings that only appeared as blurs. I glanced over and I noticed that no chaos had outraged yet, did anyone know the President was overthrown? Do they care? Just as though on cue people poured out of their house, swarms of people screaming and yelling and smashing down things, as though that could help. Some were acting some were seriously upset. I glanced back at the road and saw the dock come into view. I heard the faint cry of propellers coming in from every direction. I put my car on cruise control and jumped to the back. Pain instantly gripped me from the impact of the back seats and the speed of the vehicle. The path was a straight line so I knew it would be all right. The sound of the propellers was getting louder. I quickly leapt through the missing window and hit the pavement. The pain I received was more than I thought I could handle, surprisingly nothing was broken.

I lied on the ground for a few minutes trying to get the strength to stand up. The helicopters did not fly past me, they must not have even seen me, nor did they consider that I might have faked my death. I finally mustered up enough strength to stand and I limped into the back alley. I slumped down on the pavement, cool from the shade of the buildings, and began examining my wounds. I had a lot of scratches running up my legs and arms, each one bleeding a little; I had scuffed knees and elbows, my pants and shirt were now torn. Other than that I was fine. I looked around making sure I was alone. I glanced around myself and noticed a staircase. I began to climb up the metal stairs. Each step brought a piercing pain to my scared limbs. I finally reached the top and played with the handle of the door directly in front of me. As I had thought the room was abandoned. I threw myself at the door in hopes it was not locked. I hit the door and no pain gripped me. The door just flew open. I fell to the ground thinking how stupid that was. Standing up I wandered as far away from the door as I could. The walls were almost new. It seemed that whoever once existed here had left recently, the furniture was still intact and only computer desks remained. I threw myself in a bed I found in the back. I felt relief slipping off into sleep.

I began dreaming of what went wrong what could have happened that brought the government down like this. All I could recall was the president’s speech. In detail I remembered our president’s mustache, it poking out above his lip, making him seem more laid back and kind, and the reason I voted for him. Then I remember a red substance splattered in the air. This substance being blood. Was he shot? Stabbed? Bludgeoned? I tried to remember, I don’t remember a gun shot? Nor do I remember someone coming at him with a knife or a club. So how was he murdered? Poison? No poison could not do that, could it? I was furious. How could I miss such important details? Me, a programmer, someone whose whole job revolves around detail. Rajin, echoed in my head. It was said that Rajin rose to power? Rajin? Sounds like terrorism. Frustrated I knew I had to get up.

I opened my eyes to see nothing but blackness. Then I felt something comfortable and pleasuring brushing up against me. I knew them as only one thing. What the hell was a woman doing hanging over me? I was about to leap up when I felt cold harsh metal contact my temple. That was not good.

“You move and this bullet shall forever end your life,” echoed a man. This voice seemed unconcerned, uncaring, and hateful. What to do?

“He will survive,” I heard a powerful melodic voice ring above me. I instantly loved the voice. It held power, love and kindness.

“That’s good, will he be any use to us?” someone asked. His voice held authority, power, and control. It seemed inviting and dangerous all at once. It sounded like a leader.

“I have tried, sir, his flash drive is way too hard to crack!” someone said upset.

“It is simply a statement no one would ever come up with. Virus Q will rise again,” I said.

“Virus Q will rise again, a very unusual statement, however effective,” he said as he typed it in.

I began to laugh.

“Well played,” the guy said as his computer was forcibly shut down.

“I always need to be ready for moments like this, now please tell this oaf to release me and pull his dirty gun from my temple,” I ordered. Even though I probably had no authority here.

“Well I can tell him to remove the gun but I must warn you, he really likes that gun,” the most powerful voice rang out.

Instantly I felt abused, he brought the butt of his gun with so much power to my temple I screamed out.

“God damn!” I screeched, pain trying to grasp me in its terrible unloving claws.

“I like this gun,” the oaf grunted.

“So what now?” the computer guy asked booting up another computer.

“Well he has already proven to be a threat, however I highly disbelieve he is a Thought Officer,” the leader smiled.

“A Thought Officer what an insult. I just managed to escape the Thought Police hours ago!” I gasped sinking back into reality.

I heard them all perk up when I said that. I wondered if it was the right thing to say. Maybe they were agents and I was in their captivity. They could be thieves, warriors, they could be anything, and here I am spilling my secrets to them as though they were my family. I don’t know how to explain it, but I felt safe with them: I felt like this was the right thing to do, like they could help me. Could they help me? I always wondered what people were like now. All of this going on, what could it possibly mean?

“Release him, he is not the enemy. But we do need to talk,” ordered the leader.

I felt metal unclamping around my wrists, and ankles. I felt belts released from my chest, torso, and arms. I felt kind, caring hands of that beautiful melodic voice, leaving my hands. Then I felt the blindfold leap over my hair. And I saw people, everyone surrounding me as though I was a treasure.

“First of all, what is your occupation?” asked a man hidden behind an office chair.

“I am a programmer,” I said adjusting to the light.

“And what type of programs do you specialize in?” asked the leader.

This man looked as though he had fought in many wars. Scars outlined his face and his muscles bulged as though they were stretched to their very limit. This guy looked plain other than that, he looked no more special than I. However, I knew, it was his eyes. I haven’t seen eyes like that since my father died. Those eyes held power. I knew how he managed to be their leader. His eyes held the power of leadership. They looked up to him.

“I specialize in every program from a simple 3-D game to the complexity of a satellite configuration disk, now my turn. Who are you people?” I asked curiously.

“The time for that has not arrived yet,” their leader stated.

“Would you please execute plan seventeen,” the leader ordered the girl. I just realized I haven’t got a good look at her yet. Soon after it didn’t matter. I was out.They drugged me.

The room was dark, only a faint light lit the center of a table, around it were people in chairs. Each one was incredibly hurt, scars, cuts, and bruises. Each and every one of them had them. My first guess was they were all involved in war.

“Well now we have to make a decision,” the leader ordered.

“I hear you Aceion,” smiled a larger guy. Muscles on this guy seemed abnormal; paranormal, his strength had to be inhuman. His eyes were well shielded behind a pair of black glasses, but, somehow, in the darkness he could see. His hair was cut extremely short, it was just a patch of fur upon his head. He looked like the ultimate bodyguard.

“Kasey, I already know what you are going to say. I must tell you I don’t agree with your choices, but I see where you are coming from. We usually trust no one but please consider this, he ran from the Thought Police. That for one is a good sign he is against them like we are. He is a programmer, maybe he knows more about the Infinite Disk, and I hear that it might possibly be able to stop Rajin!” Aceion peered at him.

“Well what about your opinion?” Kasey grunted, pointing at a skinny man across from him. He had perched on his nose a pair of thick cracked glasses. He looked very small but his eyes only rang out of order.

“I believe we may have a double edged sword,” the man said.

“How so, Devven?” asked Aceion.

“Look at it like this, he is good with programs, he crashed my computer, and he seems very intelligent; he could be useful, however, might also pose a serious threat. We need to be careful, but I think we should accept him.” Devven smiled, “I have a good feeling about this one!”

“Do you think he is worth anything, Lillian?” Aceion asked.

A beautiful girl with long dark hair, a little ruffled, stared. Her eyes were a beautiful hue of dark green or an increased hazel. Her figure was an hourglass, she was thin and beautiful. She perked up at the mention of her name and began to ponder her thoughts on this new person.

“I think we should give him a chance, he doesn’t seem like much of a threat physically, I am sure that Kasey could snap him if need be,” Lillian said pleased.

“It would be an honor!” Kasey cried out triumphantly as he cracked his knuckles.

“Give him a shot and don’t be a jerk about it,” yelled a voice that revealed itself around the corner. He had a normal athletic figure, short hair and serious eyes. As the others, scars covered him from head to toe. He looked like a wreak.

“Goddamn Cory, can’t you stop hurting yourself for a day?” Lillian cried out in concern. She walked up to him, pulled out a small towel and began to wipe blood from a dirty gash in his cheek.

“I will be fine,” Cory said shaking her off. She blushed as she turned around.

“Cory, how swell to join us, may I have a status report?” Aceion asked.

“I apologize for my tardiness, I had a conflict with a former Thought Cop. He’s pretty messed up on the sidewalk,” Cory winced as he braved a smile.

“I hate you,” Lillian cried out wincing from the view of his cut.

“I think it would be best if I get some rest,” Cory smiled as he walked out.

“Wait, how many did you take on?” Aceion asked.


He disappeared.

“That boys got problems, want me to make them worse?” Kasey chuckled.

“Stop it, he’s got more spine than you do!” Lillian sobbed as she left the room.

“Once again we are falling apart,” Aceion sighed as he walked out.

“Look what you did?” Devven insulted Kasey as he followed his leader.

I woke up to the feeling of hot water running down my arms. They felt like only drops. I heard a sob.

“Jerk!” Lillian cried, “Why do you have to be such a jerk?”

I was debating if I should ask the poor woman what is wrong, but I decided maybe it was not the right time. For now I would just listen.

“All he has done is protect us and succeed in his mission, why do you have to treat him like nothing? He has done so much for us, and this is how you thank him? I sometimes wish you would drop dead!” Lillian shouted as she pounded my chest.

I sighed in pain, what an arm!

“I’m sorry,” she whispered as though I was awake, did she know?

“It’s all right,” I gasped.

She leapt out of her skin as though I was a ghost.

“You’re awake?” she yelped.

“Yeah, then again you did just hit my chest, which does disturb people usually.” I smiled at her. My heart was swallowed by her eyes. How could I feel such feelings for a stranger? I sighed as I tried to get up.

“So are you going to kill me?” I asked.

“Of course not, why would I?” Lillian asked.

“You did assist in knocking me out, I’m a little worried for my safety, and wouldn’t you be?” I asked her.

“No, we were just debating what we could do with you,” Lillian frowned. She was with this stranger only a few hours and already she had slipped things.

“You were not supposed to say that were you?” I said noticing her hesitation.

“No,” she sighed, “I better leave.”

“No, please stay, I won’t ask, I just need your company.” I smiled at her.

“No, I really should go,” she sighed, “Work awaits!”

Then as soon as she came she was gone. I missed her already. I began to rip wires from my flesh in hopes of escaping this freighting place. I noticed a pain in my legs.

“It’s so you cannot run, my own concoction,” smiled Devven as he fixed his glasses.

“We need to talk, Devven,” Aceion said walking into the room.

“Yes sir,” Devven said as he disappeared.

“So first of all, Erik, we have made our decision,” Aceion smiled.

“What do you mean?” I asked still trying to get feelings for my legs.

“It won’t work,” Aceion smiled, “that creation is foolproof.”

“What do you want from me!” I said outraged.

“We want you to join us, I have a really good feeling you would be useful to us, of course you may leave if you choose. Then your fate is in your own-hands the Thought Police will be after you, and we will refuse to assist you,” Aceion suggested.

“I’m leaving,” I said.

“Fair enough, here,” Aceion said as he stabbed my leg with a needle.

Feeling instantly returned to my legs and I began to move around. I stood up and began walking out.

“Goodbye Erik, and good luck,” Aceion smiled as he waved me away.

I continued and walked through the door.

“Flash drive?” I said to Devven.

“Here,” he said as he fumbled out a small metal device.

“Thanks,” I walked out.

“Devven, he will come back to us, I want someone sent to protect him, he has no idea how important he is,” Aceion said.

“Who sir? We are all really busy!” Devven cried.

“I’ll go,” boomed a voice behind them.

“Sounds good to me Cory,” Aceion smiled.

“On it, peace!” Cory smiled as he left to follow Erik.

I continued walking through the seemingly normal streets wondering and pondering if I did the right thing. The streets were littered with debris and blood as though a war happened while I was gone. I looked around at the partially burned buildings and the graffiti complimenting (and insulting) its canvas, which happened to be the sides of buildings. I glanced behind me because I had the feeling I was being followed. I saw no one behind me and I continued forward. Unfortunately the sight that greeted me was as horrible as I once feared. There were lines of people in black blocking an ally way. All at once their masks looked at me. I saw the words obey, and die flashing. I knew, they were after me again. All at once they marched towards me. I prepared to fight as much as I could because I had nowhere to run. Cory came behind me and instantly took out several of the Thought Police. I saw bullets whiz past me and he pulled me aside.

“I have orders to get you to base safely, so my suggestion is run, go up that wall and dash across the roof and head to where Lillian is, ok?” Cory said.

“Ok, Cory, I am going to get out of here but I want answers after ok!” I ordered him.

“Lillian will tell you everything, now get out of here,” Cory said as he began firing at more of the Thought Police.

I ran up the wall using the ladders of apartments to get up. I finally made it onto the roof and I dashed across the gravel. It felt rough and uneasy under my feet. I kept ruining looking for any sight of Lillian. I saw smoke stacks and teens making out but I never noticed Lillian anywhere. I jumped across a small gap and landed on a smooth roof top. A beautiful woman stood by a smokestack bearing a rifle and a pistol. She tossed me the pistol and yelled.

“Follow me and whatever you do, don’t lose me! I am your only ticket to safety, I expect you know how to shoot?”

“Well, um yea,” I stuttered.

I have never shot anyone in my life before and here I was holding a pistol willing to shoot someone down to get away to a group of people I don’t even know if I could trust yet! I sighed and began following her. How she moved was amazing, she has such grace and control over that beautiful body of hers. Even balancing on beams I never thought someone could, I looked horrible compared to her. But all the same we arrived safely in an old warehouse where I met my captivators. I had many questions but first of all I had to ask the main questions.

“Who are you and what do you want with me?” I outraged in the direction of their leader.

“Ok I understand we have a lot of explaining to do, but I must be quick after your confrontation with the Thought Police we need to get out of here,” Aceion said nervously.

“Ok?” I wondered.

“First of all we are called the resistance, we have formed because I had foreseen this day in a dream. I spent my life preparing for this day, yes I have been told I am crazy and I have been sent to counseling many times over. I however believe that that was work of the government. All the same I have prepared for this day. Our mission is to throw this world back into order. It is my Anthem. Now for your next question, you’re here because we need your help.” Aceion rattled off.

“How can a lowlife programmer like me help?” I asked.

“Because you can help finish this program, and integrate your own program into it, this can stop Rajin,” Aceion announced.

“I thought you wanted change like this?”

“We never wanted change like this; we just needed the other branches to step down. Executive, meaning the president was our last hope. The president’s votes were rigged, Amir works for us.”

I was struck by this, the president worked for the Resistance!

“I know it’s a surprise to you, but I promise it’s the truth, we have been trying to set this world back into order for many years now. So far we succeeded, until Rajin came into power, we know nothing about them, they seem like a wild card and now we are lost, that’s where you come in.”

“We can take down Rajin? Wait, isn’t the president dead?” I asked confused.

“We have beliefs that he is unharmed but we don’t know for how long, Devven fill him in I have to do rounds.” Aceion said as he disappeared.

“First of all welcome back to our temporary establishment, the building we are located in is referred to the Resistance as area seventy-three, as long as you remain here your presence shall be unknown, and trouble presented to us will be minimized,” Devven smiled.

“Ok?” I said lost.

“Now to fulfill your desires for information. The first thing you must understand, accept and learn is that there are three branches of the government, each with a specific temporary power. I trust you learned this in your intermediate high school career?”

“Um yea?” I smiled.

“Judicial, Executive, and Legislative. Each one possesses power in our government, Judicial was created to punish those that wish to go against the other branches, they were the ones that created and initialized the Thought Police, and their mission is to stop organizations like ours. Legislative, they make decisions and help the government stay in order. The Executive’s mission is to organize and execute the other organizations. Otherwise, they make change. We were hoping that overruling the Executive branch would result in order. Rajin seemed like a wild card that we did not expect so we need to stop Rajin before our plans are shot off course, and inappropriately taken care of. Got that?” Devven asked.

“Ok, so Rajin you have no information about?” I smiled at him.


“And I can help with a program?” I asked dumbstruck.

“That was our expectations,” Devven smiled.

“We need to head to area seventy-seven right away,” Aceion announced as he burst through the room.

“Thought agents?” Devven asked referring to his laptop perched near him.

“I am afraid to say I don’t know,” Aceion said disappointed with himself.

“What do you mean?” I asked Devven.

“It means they have initialized a new agency, possibly with the same goal, destroy us!” Devven said as he began stuffing the laptop in his bag.

“A new agency? Like?” I said confused.

“No more questions let’s get out of here!” Aceion ordered.

“What about the others?” I asked.

“They already know, now let’s move!” Aceion outraged.

We began shuffling out of the warehouse. I constantly followed them to a larger SUV parked outside, windows had a film over them that showed a normal everyday scene. It looked as though a normal family of four sat inside. Aceion threw open the door and Devven began shuffling things inside.

“Get in!” Devven ordered, pushing me into the backseat.

Aceion leapt inside and Devven followed. Throwing it into reverse we began driving away. Noticing that the warehouse had been infiltrated, I seemed to realize, they never suspected a cover up?

“Why don’t they ever expect this out of people?” I asked Aceion.

“This one is not accustomed to following rules,” Devven chuckled.

“They don’t expect it because they don’t expect us to even think of such things without them knowing. Basically, they don’t think we are capable of such things,” Aceion said.

I thought of it and it made perfect sense, they were meant to stop this before it happened. However this time they failed. We were flying down the road with the view of dirty streets and people in dark attire wondering around looking for things they need to set right. How many Thought Agents there were, sent shivers down my spine? The chaos has happened and all that were upset (or pretended to be upset) received assistance, those who seemed please with the outcome of events would be punished severely.

Driving into a large warehouse I began to wonder how come the Resistance had not been caught yet. It seemed as though they had many little secret places, wouldn’t you expect someone to notice something? We rushed out of the truck that was parked while I was lost in thought and shuffled into a metal doorway. Instantly upon entrance the door closed behind us. I began to take in my surroundings. There were bodies lying on the ground, riddled with holes as though they were shot.

“No, not them too!” I heard Aceion cry.

“Oh my god Lillian!” I cried out without even realizing what I said.

There laid out upon the ground was Lillian, her hair matted with dirt and her arms covered in blood. Scratches complimented her form and I felt water build inside my eyes. Were they tears? I jumped to her side and noticed she was not moving. The tears came.

“No sense in crying, I promise she is all right,” I heard a confident voice ring out.

From behind the smashed furniture Cory emerged, holding his arms in severe agony, blood poured out in a small stream.

“Here,” I said ripping my shirt.

I handed Cory a piece of cloth to absorb the blood. He wrapped it tightly around his wound and tied it well.

“Thank you,” he smiled at me, “Lillian is fine she is just unconscious.”

“Wow, Cory, don’t you have a limit?” Devven asked curiously inspecting Cory and Lillian’s figure as though, like a computer, he was creating a damage report.

“They both shall be fine” Devven smiled.

“But that’s not important right now,” Aceion looked up.

“How can it not be important? Two of your members are hurt, and it’s not important!” I outraged.

“Not as important as you!” Aceion and Devven yelled simultaneously.

I got lost in their words. Why was I so important?

“Now we need to talk, Devven come with me,” Aceion ordered.

“Right behind you sir!” Devven said quietly.

I was led into a room located in the back; it was mainly empty except for a small collection of crates.

“Please sit, Erik, and, Devven, please set up the equipment,” Aceion ordered.

“Yes sir,” Devven smiled as he began to set up his laptop.

“You are probably wondering what we keep talking about on how important you are to us. Well as you might know Rajin is a blip in our systems, we don’t know where they came from or why. All we know is that we can shut it down. The resistance techies have been working on a disk that homes in on an old abandoned weapon. This weapon is hidden away in a temple located in a pyramid under the sea. It was built by an elite race of Mayans and then disposed of. However, we came upon difficulties, that’s where you come in, I hacked your flash drive and noticed a collection of programs with unique signatures#, and I have a feeling incorporating those signatures into a world measurement of longitude and latitude. Do you think you could do that?” Devven asked.

“How do you know my signatures are what you were looking for?” I asked.

“Because we tested it, I don’t know if it was coincidence or not but your exact signatures homed into our weapon. Now all we need to do is transport the disk to the Pentagon and allow the federals to handle it,” Devven smiled.

“How do you know you can trust the Pentagon with such power?” I asked.

“We can’t, it is a big risk but I think it is our only hope. We have several back up plans but informing you would waste time and you wouldn’t understand. What we need to do is get you out of here,” Devven said as he booted up the computer.

“Here use my computer and incorporate your signatures, we need to move so please do it as quickly as possible. Here are your flash drives. He handed me a small metal incasing, my Titanium U3 Flash drive. I plugged it into the USB port and got to work.

“Predictions of time are one hour, sir,” Devven said as he entered the room where his leader sat.

“One hour, really? Do you think he is that good?” Aceion asked.

“I have a lot of faith in him, I believe he is capable of so much, I believe he can do it.” Devven smiled.

“I’ll take your word,” Aceion smiled.

“Here it is,” I said as I entered the room.

“Already?” Devven asked taken abash.

I handed him the disk and Devven gave me a weird look and smiled, he underestimated the young man.

“Great work, now we need to get out of here!” Aceion smiled, “Lilly, Cory, and Kasey are already in the truck.”

“Ok let’s go then,” Devven suggested.

“What will we be taking?” I asked curiously.

“We have the portable headquarters,” Devven answered.

“Portable headquarters?” I asked confused.

“Come we must go, you’ll see soon,” Aceion reassured me.

We headed out and I noticed a large RV parked in the front. This must be the portable headquarters. My curiosity was sustained as we walked towards the RV. Aceion led me inside and I noticed that it was a newer model. Kasey sat up front clutching the wheel in his deadly grip. He chuckled as I entered, sending chills down my spine. I noticed to the sides the walls were reinforced to protect them a little more. Aceion led me to the back where a command center took the place of a bathroom. There were monitors decorating the walls and a keyboard, mouse and control deck located on a desk built into the side of the RV.

“This is my headquarters!” Devven smiled as he slipped himself into the bathroom.

Aceion told me to make myself at home and headed forward I noticed a closed door and curiosity claimed me. I cracked it open, unaware of my surroundings and crept inside. A beautiful figure lay sleeping inside. A man looked at me and stood up.

“I think I should leave you two alone, I promise she is fine,” the familiar voice said.

“Thanks, umm?” I stuttered.

“It’s me,” Cory said revealing himself.

“Ummm, thanks?” I stuttered once again.

He disappeared and I walked to the bedside. She lie still in a slumber that I prayed brought her comfort and security. I crouched beside the bed and grabbed one of her hands. I wasn’t aware of what I was doing but her smooth skin made me feel better, secure, and less alone.

“I don’t know what has gotten into me, all I have been able to think of is you, I barley know you and I already feel as though I am in love with you,” I spoke as though she were listening. “I wish I could explain how I could feel this way with a complete stranger but I don’t know how.”

I continued to clutch her hand within mine. The warmth she radiated made me feel good. I couldn’t explain how I could feel this way. I picked her hand up and kissed it gently. All I could think about was Trinity and Neo, I chuckled at the thought and proceeded out.

“You don’t need to explain,” I heard her whisper.

“I am sorry Lillian I didn’t mean to wake you, I really am sorry I think I should go now,” I smiled at her, capturing her beauty as I made my way out.

“Please don’t leave me,” she cried out as her eyes watered with tears. “I need to admit something,” she continued.

I was speechless.

“I feel the same way, I can’t explain it. It is this weird feeling as though I have known you forever, I know of only one way to show if it’s real,” Lillian smiled as she stood up and came towards me.

I felt her warm hands clasp my face and pull me towards her. Then I felt an immense softness on my lips and noticed she was kissing me. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her as close as I could as I enjoyed her feel. Her singular passion. Her unique kiss. I felt the passion and feeling whelm inside of me. I kissed her back, I didn’t make the decision to say that was right or not. She was too amazing to pass up.

It happened so quick I never thought of this decision. I saw her lying nude in her bed. Her body amazed me, even with the harm of her past adventures. The scratches and bruises that accented her body all I could think of was that amazing body exposed to me, I realized I was lavishing her body and rising the passion. The quiet moments of our kiss grew into lustful passion. Soon we were making love.

I awoke lying next to Lillian, completely naked with only the covers protecting me from exposure. I had one arm wrapped around her waist just below her breasts. I pulled away and fell deep in thought, I knew what I did. I made love to a stranger I had confusing feelings for. But why was I not worried or upset? I think it was because I felt in love with her. Why I felt in love with her I couldn’t understand. Another thought struck me, what will Aceion think?

I walked out of our love nest and went to confront Aceion. He sat in the corner, and he looked up at me.

“What happened is irrelevant to the situation at hand, I do hope that your feelings for her will not affect your judgment,” Aceion said calmly.

“I am sorry, I really am I promise it won’t affect my better judgment,” I apologized.

“I want you to understand something love is not a mistake, it may be confusing but don’t think of it as a mistake. I just don’t want it to change your mission,” Aceion smiled.

“All right sir,” I tried to look up at him, but I couldn’t meet his eyes.

“Sir, can we talk?” I heard a beautiful voice sing out.

“Yes, Lillian, we may,” Aceion smiled as he walked towards her, I parted.

“Getting all kind of benefits aren’t you neophyte,” Kasey chuckled as he snapped his knuckles.

“I don’t want to cause trouble,” I stumbled out, thinking I probably already have.

“Oh well you didn’t do a good job with that now did you?” Kasey smiled as he raised his fist.

“Hurt him, your head will invite my bullet,” I heard Devven say while holding a gun to Kasey’s temple.

Kasey snarled.

“I think I should go now,” I said as I walked off.

“Now I think I’ll go too, watch yourself Kasey, you are replaceable,” Devven smiled.

“So are you,” Kasey countered.

After gathering myself I sat down at our table. I sat and began to think of what just happened and if it really was a bad thing. I had sex with a member of the Resistance, the sex yes was good, but the decision was that bad? I plundered the thoughts and sat upright.

“We need to move,” Aceion said out of nowhere.

“What are we here already?” I asked anyone that was listening.

“Yes, now grab the disk and let’s get out of here,” Aceion ordered.

“Do they know we are here?” I asked.

My question was answered when a marine walked onboard and grabbed Aceion. The marine had barley any hair on top of his head and was attired with dark armor and an army coat.

“Do you have it?” the marine ordered.

“We have it, not one person was given the disk, we each have a section,” Aceion lied.

“Are you to escort us inside?” Devven asked.

“Yes, but first, weapons must be removed,” the marine ordered.

I began to watch the members of the resistance remove their weapons. Everyone held a pistol, Kasey had a shotgun somehow hidden in his coat, and it was a take apart. He threw it onto the table and smiled. He began to peel off a selection of knives, ninja stars, daggers and kunai, hidden in various areas. He began to laugh as he pulled grenades, shock missiles, and various explosives from the inside of his coat. His laugh increased as her smashed the marines face into his knee.

I was scared to death.

“Good work Kasey, Erik, put this on,” Aceion ordered as he handed me the marines clothing.

“We trust no one except this one guy,” Aceion said as he furnished a photo.

The man had dark skin and long hair; he looked as thought to be from a band. His eyes were a dark blue and his face was stern and original. I knew him, he appeared on television often, and he was a pentagon “grunt” as they called them. Basically he was a worker in the pentagon with no official power.

“How can a grunt help us?” I asked.

“Yeah he’s a grunt but he has access to all the computers and could easily use the disk, I have a lot of faith in him, and I think he will prove himself to us,” Aceion smiled.

“Let’s go,” Devven suggested.

“Lillian, Kasey you are with me. Cory use the way of the shadows and assist Erik in his mission, best of luck to all. Lillian, Kasey we are to infiltrate them and receive more data on this Rajin. Devven you are the backup, stay in contact with all members,” Aceion said.

“Yes, sir!” we all exclaimed.

“Come on lets go,” Cory said as he jumped from the rig.

I began to follow him into a huge structure located in front, it was the infamous Pentagon, and we were all about to risk our lives to get into it. I walked inside acting as though I knew where I was going, I didn’t really notice my surroundings and just kept focused in front, noticing people walking around. I made my way towards the back I really didn’t know where I was going but had a good feeling I was going the right way. Continuing forward I noticed a door that caught my interest. I walked towards it and say a keypad on the door. It looked like a touch screen computer, this would be tough to crack. I began to think of the probability of the password being combinations of likely numbers but that didn’t look so good. I noticed slight wear marks on the screen, over 0-5-1 I typed it in. The door opened. I walked inside and noticed a man sitting in a chair he turned around surprised by the intrusion. Everything matched this was him.

“Hello, I came to give you something from the Resistance,” I smiled at him handing over the disk.

“What a clever boy, you however are not clever enough,” the man chuckled.

My hair on my arms stood up and I felt a cold rush through me as though I was touched by a ghost. Then the door behind me closed.

“Wait?” I said confused.

“Yes finally I get to convey a speech with a smarter person then the clowns at this facility,” the creepy man chuckled.

“What is going on?” I asked.

“You fell for the trick, your brought a mole the disk, and now it shall be mine. They think I am part of the resistance, however I am not, I work for Rajin!” the man laughed.

“How dare you!” I cried out.

“Listen kid, it’s not your time, they lie and the government is the one you want to follow. The Pentagon admins have been planning this day for a while. We knew about your executive branch trick, so we had to trick back. The pentagon admins’ didn’t think they would have to use their tricks but when you proved more dangerous then we understood they had too. And now the disk is mine!” The man laughed as he clutched it in his hands.

I heard banging and the door collapsed.

“Get the disk and get out!” Cory yelled as he furnished a gun.

I lashed out for the disk and had it in my hands. I quickly fled the scene. Of course I didn’t get far when I noticed Thought Police were after me? How the hell did they know we were here? I sighed and ran forward. I “accidentally” tripped and slid a disk under a tile and quickly got up, I didn’t think anyone noticed my actions. I continued to run and made it to the outside I tripped over a big rock and quickly stood back up, noticing the Thought Police on my tail I knew I had to get out and fast.

Lillian stood on top of a peak and took aim at the Thought Police, picking a few of them out. Quickly running out of ammo she leapt down I grabbed her hand and we ran faster. The woods were getting closer.

Aceion and Kasey were blasting clip over clip of bullets at the outnumbering agents.

“Kasey, get Erik, make sure he is safe, we will handle them,” Aceion said as Cory came by his side.

“Go, we can do it,” Cory reassured him.

Kasey walked off in search for Erik. The Thought Police were overcoming the Resistance, Aceion had finally lied to one of his members. Aceion and Cory could do no more the power of the Thought Police overcame the resistance. Kasey came across a Thought Agent and was riddled to death with lead. Collapsing at the immense power Kasey knew he failed.

Lillian and I had made it to the edge of the forest. Thought Agents surrounded us and I knew it was over. The gun I held slipped from my hand and I grabbed Lillian by the waist and pulled her close to me.

“I love you,” I whispered to her as we leaned into kiss.

“I love you,” Lillian whispered as she accepted the kiss.

I heard a gunshot.

Lillian fell.

I heard another gunshot.

I fell. The world around me vanished as I lie on my grave.

Sixteen years after…

Somehow Lillian had survived the gun shot, and so didn’t her child. She was picked up by Devven who, though badly wounded, was alive. He saved her life and they lived on.

Lillian and Erik’s son was now sixteen, he sat in front of the television and heard something that caught his attention.

“Erik Michael Quinn, a man that brought the world into order. We dedicate this to him. Sixteen years have gone by since the rise of the terrorist organization Rajin, after a decoy set up and investigation the real disks were recovered by a Carl James Marriet, a supposed member of the resistance. Later on him and a guy by the name of Devven Ace Territson activated a hidden Mayan weapon and brought Rajin headquarters down. This ended Rajin’s rise of power. All these events had led to an investigation of all the government branches in which exposed a plan to take over the world and dictate it for control. The government has been rebuilt and the theory of Thought Police has been reconstructed. You are all once again free to your own accord. We thank the many men and women that sacrificed themselves to bring the world once again into order. Transmission out.” the television boomed.

“Was that my dad?” Ethan asked. Lillian nodded. “He was a hero!”

“Yes he was, you know, you look just like him,” Lillian smiled as she hugged her son.

All that went around in his head was what if this happened again?

Hacker Story (Writing Spark)

In this world identity is everything! Your ranks in the leaderboards, the stats of your characters, and your team, decided your fate. Ever since the new GameSlayer Computer Game System was released, life is all about winning! Apple and Microsoft were actually working together to make a Computer Game System! I couldn’t believe it! I brought it home, and I realized that Apple and Microsoft were meant to be together, Apple’s hardware and ease of access, and Microsoft’s software made the perfect combination. When I set it up, my breath was taken away! Ever since then I began to make a name for myself.
Everyone called me Aequitas, Latin for Justice. This was the only name people knew! My name really was Archer Garrick, just an average seventeen year old teenager who was simply very clever! I hid my identity in the gaming world, so that no one could dare to approach my family or friends for information. I told all my friends if they were ever asked who I was to tell them that they have never met me, I was just another gamer. I had three friends in which would make up my team, Halcion, for the quarterly Team Matches Q the once champion of the gaming world, Kiba the skilled, Colt the powerhouse, and Collin the intelligent. Everything was great! But that would all change.
It all began in a simple death match I joined. I wasn’t in a championship or a tournament, just a round for fun! I remember my character for the game was a Spartan, a warrior from the future, with advanced armor and advanced weapons. I had just made a new achievement in ways to kill someone’s character creatively. When suddenly my screen changed!
“Aequitas you have been suspended!” something rang!
A policemen in the game literally stunned my player!
“For what reason!” I shouted in my distorted voice!
“For creating a fake identity!” the policemen said.
“We are the cyber police!” the police officer said bearing the Cyber Police badge! They hacked my system digging for information, I uploaded a virus into the GameSlayer in hopes of protecting myself.
“Very clever Aequitas but this adds more to your sentence? Think we can’t notice a virus being used in your system, Don’t worry we have everything we need!” the Cyber Cop smiled as he deleted my character.
My door was kicked down and I was instantly on the floor! Helpless as they cuffed me for Cyber Prison! I saw my world collapsing all around me as the only amazing thing I had ever done was about to be shut down! My surroundings would soon change from the usual computer screens, character posters, and fan boy figurines, to a cement holding bay. Someone walked in and I recognized him right away.
“Hello, Aequitas, or should I say Archer Garrick,” the man smiled.
“Hello Commander Grant” I responded.
“So I guess you probably know you are deep in the shit piles of Cyber Prison?” Commander Grant smirked, “So now we have to figure out a fitting punishment for you.”
“Wait just a minute! When was this law put into effect” I scoffed.
“The law was put in effect about a month ago. I know, it took a while to catch you but we wanted to make sure that you broke every law possible.” Grant smiled.
“It was not of my knowledge that this law was put in effect?” I said defensively.
“Well by Agreeing to Terms in Conditions that you had to authorize when you first made this account, mentions that we may change the law as we feel without any consent or warning, therefore you don’t really have much of a defense there,” Grant said, “But I am a reasonable man, maybe we can strike up some sort of deal,” Grant smiled coyly.
“What kind of deal?” I asked.
“See, I know a lot about you Archer, and we all know in the leaderboards of the GameSlayer community you are some kind of a god!” Grant said.
“Yes what does this have to do with my supposed crime?” I asked.
“Well Archer I hate to say it, but we need your help!” Grant pleaded.
“What?” I hesitated.
“If you help us, I wipe your slate clean and you can go free,” Grant said.
“Ok I agree,” I said immediately knowing I could not survive this prison.
“Come with me,” Grant smiled as he led me out the door.
He brought me through these bleak halls and to a strange room. The walls were lined with large glass panes in which data plastered them. There were also several computers lined up. It was filled with people in uniforms. All of them with the words DIABLO RECTEAM written on their sleeves.
“What is this place?” I whispered in awe.
“ Sergeant Cedric, give this civilian DIABLO RECTEAM status,” Grant demanded.
“Yes sir!” said the serious looking Sergeant as he walked to a computer typed something.
He walked over and handed me the newly created badge and a uniform.
“Now we need the rest of your team, we have already traced their emails and they should be arriving soon, now Cedric would you inform him of our situation Grant said as he looked over to the Sergeant.
“What you see in front of you is the most advanced AI system ever made, its name is DIABLO. There is a sinister organization called Codename Chinamen, they have infiltrated DIABLO somehow, and changed it into some kind of video game! That’s where you come in, we require your pristine skill as a gamer.” Cedric said.
“We believe they are after an incredibly sensitive field in our system, our Cyber weaponry” Grant said concerned.
“Please explain to me why they made this into a game?” I asked confused.
“Codename Chinamen used to be a game company they got shut down for subliminal messaging codecs in their games. So of course this is where they advance, this is their only home field advantage. But what they didn’t expect is for us to get a gamer to thwart them!” Grant smiled.
A group of people walked in. One was fairly tall, muscular and although he looked tough, he was really a geeky guy. Next to him was my friend Kiba, he was just as muscular and just as tall, but his military style haircut made him seem more threatening, yet again we all know he is a geek. Then there was Q the most famous gamer of all the ages! After somehow defeating him in the GameSlayer world he joined me. Q was taller than Kiba and Colt but not as muscular and he had really long hair. Finally there was Collin he was the bread and butter in my team, everyone thought he was the leader and therefore no one would suspect me! He was fairly neat and clean cut, he however was probably the smartest of them all, besides me of course! Cedric led us over and touched a panel and the glass parted, inside was a set of controllers and headsets. We quickly grabbed them in stood in front of the huge computer screen.
“We are using a cheat code to insert you in level five. Your mission, take down Codename Chinamen! Remember this isn’t just a game anymore, if you fail us, we might all be in grave danger!” Cedric informed us.
“Yeah I know, but it seems like the best option, everyone ready! Let’s get our game on!” I cheered.
“Hoorah!” everyone followed.
The huge HD screen lit up and we found ourselves immediately in the middle of some kind of dark structure.
“Collin” I said in the mic, “I want you to find out where the hell we are? What advantages might we have?”
“Already done,” Collin chuckled, “Level Five takes place in a giant seaside cave. Our advantages would be good cover! Disadvantages would be ricocheting firepower”
We walked deeper into the cave looking around for any sort of trap CC might use. Immediately we were being shot at. Colt chuckled in the mic and went right into battle, with Q backing him up. Blasting shotgun rounds into the unfortunate terrorists. Colt vaporized a couple, stating they have been removed from the game! We walked around the rocks that were providing cover. Stepping out we were attacked! I made the shot right between their eyes. We looked at each other and continued forward. Then things went sour! A rocket blasted right by Q and Colt exploding directly behind Kiba, the explosion sent Kiba forward where a bullet met him. I then found myself in a knife battle between a soldier that had snuck up behind attempting an assassination they were right these guys were good! But we were better! I stabbed him in the throat, he vaporized. Collin had rushed in to disarm the psycho wielding a rocket launcher, shooting him in the face. Behind us was seven of their soldiers rushing in with their guns blazing. I blasted them off one by one as I struggled backwards. Q came to the rescue, blasting them away as though they were target dummies. Colt was rounding men up like cattle and filling them with lead. After the onslaught I noticed more were on their way. Damn I couldn’t see Colt anywhere! It was only Collin, Q, and I against an army.
“Archer! Go after their leader, I noticed him fleeing! We will handle these guys!” Q said as he began firing at the incoming armies they had sent against us
“Good luck!” I said as I dashed off towards where he had taken refuge.
A soldier leapt at me but I was too quick I shot him in the neck. I had managed to get into another knife struggle with another soldier. Ending up with another body to add to my collection. Then I came to two men with really fast shooting guns! Rounds coming at me like wildfire! I managed to get behind a bolder and cuss softly as I tried to get a shot on them! Then something amazing happened! Colt was in front of me smiling as he was blasted with lead, somehow he got his shots in! I rushed forward!
“Let’s end this!” I yelled into the dark cove,.
“Indeed let’s,” a voice echoed back, “Only one problem, it’s dark in here, and you can’t really see, but it seems my night vision goggles are working great!”
“Yeah I bet,” I cussed, moving outside to the side looking in, “What’s your name?”
“They call me Cobalt,” he laughed.
“Why are you doing this?” I asked.
“Ever wonder about what the government could be hiding? You see years ago we were all friends, but then a company started making freaky games!” He hissed.
“You mean Codename Chinamen?” I chuckled.
“Yes, of course! But we were shut down, why because we managed to discover a secret mesmerizing codec that your US government would love to get a hold of! So we were slaughtered off! The US Army came in blazing, slaying all of the workers and managing to steal our codecs so now we are hear retrieving it from an experimental cyber weapon they call SASTA, in which if it worked correctly would enslave all people to obey every word of the government! Imagine the power that would hold, your precious GameSlayer was the main ingredient!” the leader said.
“My arrest! It wasn’t coincidence.” I whispered to myself.
Three shots filled the air each one landed in me.
“Why are you telling me this?” I asked.
“Because..” he slurred, my bullet striking his chest.
I placed my controller down and removed my headset.
“You know those were all lies,” Grant said leaning on the doorway.
“I know,” I lied, “Am I free to go?”
“Yes, by all means,” Grant said.
I walked out with all my friends, clutching a flash drive with today’s game in my hand.

Restless Love and My Dark Angel (High School Romance)

I met her on the school bus one night. I was stuck doing a make-up test after school, no one bothered to give me a ride, and in matter of fact my parents barely noticed I was alive. So I was stuck riding the late bus. I walked onto the scarred steps, down the scuffed walkway, past tattered seats with graffiti accents. Positioning myself towards the back, where the emergency exit door was. She was sitting there, minding her own business, her eyes darting around, as though searching for something. I leaned over the seats to get a better look at her. Gazing at her in awe.

She wore a small leather jacket, pulled tightly around her. Her slender body appeared weak and defenseless. Her arms folded neatly in front of her. Her long, attractive legs tightly incased with damaged denim, crossed ahead of her. I found myself, awkwardly, fantasizing about her underwear, wondering if they were as black as her appearance. Straying onto her bra, in which I knew, had to be dark as well. Her breasts were in my thoughts immediately. Those big round beauties tightly pulled against me. I found myself creating scenarios about this beauty, fueling the burning passion of lust. Such thoughts caused me to scold myself. She wore a dark eyeliner, and dark eye shadow. I found myself lost in those hazel eyes, and I knew something was wrong with her. Her lips were accented with a charcoal lipstick, smeared on as though it was to intimidate. Lips, I longed to kiss, but knew I never could. Fantasies I wished to play, but knew I shouldn’t.

Casting its rays upon us was the faint light of the bright moon. In a graceful charity, moonlight danced on her frame. She glanced at me, and pulled tighter to the window, her eyes struck with fear. I frowned and leaned back and got lost in thought. Thoughts of her played in my head, fantasies, scenarios, wonder. Wondering what she was doing on the bus tonight? Wondering how her day was at school? Wondering what she would be going home too? Did she have hobbies, goals, dreams, fantasies, desires, anything? I started to become obsessed. Inside me a burning desire. I wanted to know more about her, I had to! Causing me to want to scream, I curled up and a ball, and cried, silently as obsession filled my head.

I looked out the window at the passing buildings, my interest eating me up inside. It was silent, no turning wheels, screaming motor, loud growls, just the sweet silence of idling. I looked up and saw her, the mystery girl I wanted to know so much about, gracefully, shyly walk off the bus. I stared at her through the window. A fat hairy man came out and yelled at her, such venom filled his words. An older lady was next to him, eyes black from abuse, tears filling them. The mystery women slithered inside in fear. My palms were numb from the cool window pane. Staring at her as her only refuge roared off.

I had quietly crawled into my bed that night, curled up with my dog, crying. What horrible life had she been given? I pulled my pillows tighter to myself and climbed stressfully into a cold slumber. My horrible dreams played in my head. My arms being torn off by vicious creatures with no identity! Blood pooling below my body as though all my veins exploded at once. I dashed awake burning like the midday summer sun, sweat built up on my forehead. I looked around and found my clock. Its display showing, three am. I struggled to fight myself upright. Rubbing my eyes I seek out my pills. I found a dark amber bottle in the light of my clock. Poured out two oval pieces, etched upon them “SLEEP EZ 200mg” I slipped them in my mouth, rose my glass and swallowed the pieces. Instantly I crawled back into bed and feel once again in a tortured sleep.

The sun stung my eyes; I looked around and realized I was running late. I dashed into my bathroom, threw the door shut and splashed my face with cold water, trying to remove the grogginess. I snuck in two caffeine infused tablets and was on my way. Gathering my belongings I snuck onto my bus. I crawled into my seat and began to rest my eyes until my caffeine tablets would take effect. I was rudely awakened by a nudge in the ribs.

There she sat, wearing all black. Her blouse revealing to me her humble cleavage. Accenting her legs a tight black mini-skirt. I managed to force my eyes up to look into her hazel beauties. Darkness engulfed them all, eye shadow, eyeliner, and even restlessness. Her lips as dark as night.

        “I noticed you were looking at me?” she whispered her voice a soft caress.

        “I am sorry about that, I didn’t mean to offend,” I stuttered.

        “No, it was rude of me to back away like that, you see, I haven’t had the greatest past, and I just have accepted that guys were nothing,” she whispered.

        “Can I ask what happened?” I whispered back to her.

        “I suppose so, you see in sixth grade, a guy forced himself onto me, I was dating him at the time. He tossed me against the wall, and forced himself into me. Ever since then, I have been afraid.” She cried.

        “I am so sorry to hear that?” I said.

        “It’s not your fault, but thanks for the encouragement,” she smiled.

        “Hey, um what are you doing after school today?” I asked.

        “Nothing why?” she asked shyly.

        “Want to hang out, take the late bus home tonight?”

        “That sounds like a great idea!”

I found myself realizing, that my desire for her could be satisfied, I might be able to learn a lot about her. After gathering our supplies off the bus I walked her to class. I made a new friend today, someone I had a strange obsession for. I smiled as I sat in my desk. I pulled out my journal and wrote.

She was always running up to me. Her step filled with energy and bounce. Behind her the lockers were a blur. Her beautiful hazel eyes and rebel smile accented her angel-like face, boring into my soul with such softness only she could radiate. She would always say, “I love you,” as she leapt at me. I could grab onto her and feel her loving embrace. I can always remember how she made me feel, her soft touch running through my hair, her warm breath inches away from me.

Her silky smooth hair running down her shoulders only so slightly caressed me. She always wore dark clothing, accents of a dark skirt, black shirt tight to her body providing some enjoyment of her beauty. Her dark jewelry accenting her black shirt, she was as though a child of the night. She always had a caring, and inviting melodic voice. It absorbed me and transformed me into a happier person. Even though her dark outlook was there, her kind heart was hidden below as strong as ever. I always felt so much better around her, almost like she was an angel.

I always saw her with a bunch of friends, loudly laughing with them in the school cafeteria. Of course, faced off with her enemies she was like a cobra preparing to strike. Her atmosphere could break into a dark frenzy and her words could be like wire cutting the flesh of her victim. Only my kisses could break her out of such a violent trance. At home, at the rare times I was allowed to visit, she would be preparing lunch for her three little sisters and a friend who seemed to live there. She manipulated her work with such grace and carefulness as though she was a conductor of an orchestra. Her moves were pristine and well done. I would always ask to lend a hand; she’d kindly decline and ask me to take a seat as she fetched me a glass of her homemade sweet tea. She was always so nice. However, just like all little sisters they bickered constantly, only providing me some entertainment. I can remember the days she headed to the library, wondering around looking though the selections for something that could catch her eye. Of course, she had moods. She could be having a bad day and she could be a little mean.

I always knew that it would be worth school that day. All the drama and atmosphere of that school was nothing compared to its prize. Just to have that beautiful woman embrace me. Her touch on my skin filled me with such emotion. I constantly thought of her beautiful hazel eyes wishing I could gaze into them all day long, listen to her calm voice that put me in a love coma. I always think before I go to sleep about that beautiful night child I fell in love with, missing the atmosphere she provided me. She’s amazing.


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