Day Trekkers

Part One

I was stuck riding the metro bus today and I couldn’t stand it! Then she got on, she was beautiful! As she got closer I noticed more features of her that I enjoyed. She had beautiful flowing blond hair that accented her almost full grown body of a young woman, her thin beautiful lips in a shy smile, then her eyes! Her eyes had me in a trance, they were swirling in color, and not one color but three; beautiful hues of blue, brown, and swirling colors of green. I sat there staring at her in my trance wondering what she could be thinking. Of course I already had a mate so I let it pass. Something about her captured me, but soon desire slipped away and a feeling of protection whelmed up inside? Something that has never happened before? Well for me.

“May I sit here?” She asked.

“Yeah of course?” I said shyly.

I didn’t understand why I would be feeling this way? Human girls don’t affect me like this? There was no way she was anything like me, a werewolf? Oh yeah let me fill you in! I was not of this world; I was what you humans refer to as a Werewolf a creature of power or madness depending on your decisions. I was not alone though. I was part of a pack, we were called the Day Trekkers because of our unique ability to change without the full moon. An ability only a few packs had. It allowed a decent upper hand on our enemies, the Hunters. A race of people widespread that hunted Werewolves down, and killed them. Some hunters were even what we called Tier One which meant they were incredibly powerful and dangerous! However we were also Tier One, one of the few packs with the power to handle these monsters. I loved it; ripping the head off of a Hunter and slurping its juices was a breathtaking experience! However, taking on top hunters was not and easy task, it was incredibly challenging and killing one of them was very rare. But a challenge was what I preferred.

“My name is Chloe`,” she said quietly, “I’m kind of new to this neighborhood. ‘

“My name is Zale, and this neighborhood can have all kinds of excitement, if you look in the right places!” I flirted.

“So what are you riding the bus for? You probably have a nice car or something?” she smiled.

“Um, school,” I said, a little uncomfortable.

“What school do you go too?” She said giddy with excitement.

“Balefire University,” I said defensively.

“Seriously?” she said dumbfounded.

“What,” I hissed at her tone.

“Well no offense Zale, but you don’t seem like the type of guy that would even score the minimum of Balefire University?” Chloe’ said.

“What were you expecting? A nerd with glasses?” I said in offense.

The brakes squealed and we were in front of a beautiful brick and glass building. The words “Balefire University” in silver hanging high. I stood up and brushed past her and walked off the bus towards the school steaming at the nerve of that dangerous beauty. She ran after me in desperation.

“Please stop! I didn’t mean to offend you!” Chloe’ pleaded.

“What could you possibly want?” I said harshly.

“I’m sorry I said that,” Chloe` said as tears filled her eyes, “I’ll be leaving now!”

She dashed off as she wiped her face.

“Hey you, over there, come here!” a taller blonde said as she stomped out a cigarette.

She had her hair hanging loosely on her shoulders, in a wavy mass. She had a grimace on her face and wore a pair of black jeans and a blue semi-low-cut shirt. She stared at me intensely.

“What?” I said uncomfortably.

“I need to talk to you!” She demanded.

“About?” I asked.

Next thing I knew I watched her hand fly at my face knocking me instantly to the ground. Dumbfounded I lied there and held my burning cheek wondering what the hell just happened. My reflexes were amazing, a lot faster than a mere human! How did I miss that!

“Damn it, what’d you do that for!” I cried out angrily.

“What did you do to Chloe`!” she yelled.

“I didn’t do a damn thing to her!” I yelled back.

“I hate guys like you!” she said furiously.

“Guys like me?” I asked with a sneer.

“You guys thing you are God’s gift to women, giving you the right to make a move on any girl you see fitting. Moving on from girl to girl getting what you want and leaving them behind!” she cursed. All I wanted to do was rip her head off and walk onwards.

“Look lady, you know nothing about me, don’t go assuming things you have no right to even consider. Now back the fuck off.” I cursed at her.

“It doesn’t matter what you say I know I can see it in your figure!” she argued.

“You know what sweet cheeks, maybe I am some kind of monster, lusting after everything that walks,” I whispered seductively into her ear.

I felt the aura around her change, arousal filled the air, fear crept inside, and even anger was pretty much dowsed.

“Damn it,” she cried in arousal.

“Is this bothering you?” I smirked sensing the arousal in the ear, “Here maybe this will make it better,” I continued as I just barely touched her neck with the tip of my tongue.

“God!” she moaned, her aura being flooded with arousal.

“I’m going to walk away, and I never want to see you again!” I shouted shattering the mood.

“If all else fails, sex prevails!” I said to myself sarcastically.

“Really now? Stealing my pick-up lines are you?” someone laughed behind me.

“Oh yes of course Kasey, we know how you are with the ladies!” I chuckled.

He was tall and quite built, a little on the bulky side but he was still a chill guy, and not to mention my best friend, even going as far to say we’re brothers. We all looked at each other as family in our pack, some were closer than others, we were an example of that. His piercing brown eyes, stern stare and military style haircut always got me thinking of him as a look-alike to my real brother; who passed away years ago.

“Is this something Nicole should never find out about?” Kasey smiled at me. He was great at keeping secrets and there was a lot of little things I’ve done that Nicole (My mate) should never find out about.

“Oh it’s noting some bitch tried bitching me out and for once your little lines worked!” I playfully insulted him.

“Oh yeah, told you they would!” Kasey laughed.

“So plans?” I asked him.

“As usual we will be having our meeting behind sector three.” Kasey hushed.

“Indeed I guess I’ll meet you there?” I said.

“Affirmative,” Kasey said seriously.

“Have a good day man!” I said as we parted.

The day was uneventful and nothing significant happened. I walked through the art plastered walls of our schools hallways. I continued through the beautiful glass doors and saw Kasey leaning against one of the most beautiful cars I’ve ever seen. Bragging to some extremely cute brunette I didn’t even know went to this school?

“Hey man got your car today?” I said as I walked up to him.

“You mean my beautiful Mazda, hell yeah my girl’s here! Why? Need a ride or something man?” Kasey asked.

“Yeah man if you don’t mind, Dad was feeling horny again and wanted to borrow my car. I wasn’t going to show up at this school in the piece of shit he calls a vehicle!” I answered.

“Yeah man jump in!” Kasey said.

He brought me to the parking lot where this beast sat, painted blue in affiliation with his favorite element it was accented with Chrome and Ice Cube decals, we called it the ‘Aqua Queen’. I thought it was amusing but the car’s beauty made up for it. I leapt in through the window, the leather seats felt nice on my arms and I smiled, missing my Mustang.

“Well let’s go?” Kasey laughed as he turned the key and revved his engine.

Instantly we were speeding out of the parking lot burning rubber behind him and cranking Breaking Benjamin. He doesn’t like to obey speed limits, and when you are basically immortal, who blames him? In no time we arrived at a deserted shed and walked inside. In the middle stood a large stone table.

“Give me a hand in moving this!” Kasey demanded.

Him and I got up and pushed the one ton stone table aside. We crawled down these stairs and he and I pulled the table back from underneath. Continuing down the stairs we were introduced to these amazing dirt and iron beam tunnels. Tunnels built by the Mayans years ago as a secret system to mobilize outlawed goods. We soon reached the end of the tunnels and were introduced to a huge conference room where the rest of the tribe sat.

“Glad you could make it!” echoed a spine-tingling voice.

I knew instantly who that was, Bazaar (BA zar); the leader of our pack the Day Trekkers. He stood tall in the back with that creepy demonic grin stretched upon his face. His long black hair flowed down his back, reminding me deeply of Lucifer himself. His gold pupils seemed to pierce like ice into your very soul! His stern emotionless face was terrifying. He was one scary basterd, perfect for the position as leader! Not one of us would ever dare to rise up against him, except Frazer (Fra zeir) He was also quite frightening, but Bazaar was not afraid of him. Frazer was smaller than Bazaar but not by much. He too had long black hair, accented by the brown eyes people were all too familiar with. He was more emotionless than Bazaar (Bazaar just looked like he wanted to kill you all the time, which he probably does).

No one else was really as terrifying as them two but they weren’t all pushovers either! Tyler was our egomaniacal freak. He was skinny and tall, blond rustled hair, he wore top brand fashionable clothing, give off the idea that he is made of money. (He stole most of his stuff) His face was legendary for being `Carved by Angels’ he kind of reminded us of Prince Charming. However, a lot of us would just prefer he rolled over and died! Not only was he a surprisingly avid fighter, he also could land himself any female on the entire planet, no matter what! He was mate less, probably for good reason. He’s cheated on his mates so many times that they finally left him.

Then there was Kiba he usually kept to himself. He had hazel eyes and brown hair. He wasn’t very bulk, more like Anorexic; a lot of us pretty much think he’s Emo. However besides his poor personality and confidence, he was actually a very good strategist. He has helped us out a lot, dealing with people who basically think brawns before brains.

There was also this guy named Damien, he was not as attractive and bulk as some of us but he was more intelligent than everyone else in the room. He always carried some sort of technological object with him wherever he went. It was because of him we had the technology to assist us in locating other packs and of course hunters. He set it up so that this tunnel would be Wi-Fi compatible and protect us from being noticed by hunters and collectors. He had access to vital records that we needed.

There was also a wild card named Cory, first off he wasn’t originally part of our pack, we saved him one day from an incredibly avid group of hunters known as Assassin, which was later taken out by another pack. He decided to join us, despite his lone wolf attitude, because of our courageous acts. However he was incredible! His skills were beyond superior! He had majestic movement, incredible power and precision, and honestly because of him is why we have actually succeeded so much. He di always kept to himself most of the time, besides a girl in this pack. He was a little hot-headed but if you can back it up, why not!

Now we will move onto the females of our packs. Farrah was quite the character. Everyone thought she was hot as hell, usually dressing in attire that showed off her body, cleavage hanging out everywhere occasionally, and tight pants! She however was cold as ice, a major bitch. And of course Bazaar’s mate. Don’t touch her.

Candice was completely different! She was a little shy and reserved, but she was always innocent and cute. She too had a great body but was not as avid as showing it off like the others. There was only one guy she would ever really talk too, and that was Cory, they were so close it was a surprise they weren’t sleeping together! Yeah! Candice isn’t Cory’s mate, his mate is human.

Then there was Arial, she was interesting, bubblier and outgoing then most girls are today. She was my best friend’s mate. Arial was incredibly attractive and not afraid to flaunt her goods! This agitated Kasey furiously, but no one could tame her, not even another Werewolf! She was a constant flirt (Usually when Kasey wasn’t around).

“So we have called this meeting because of the things that have been going on lately,” Bazaar growled.

“I’ll take over from here,” Damien said.

“Go ahead,” Bazaar said.

“If everyone could look at this screen here!” Damien ordered.

“As you already know the Vatican One is our primary target, an elite force of Werewolf hunters with one goal, extermination!” Damien said in fear.

“So what more have we learned because we all pretty much know this,” Frazer sneered.

“Well we have received sightings of them hanging around with a high stakes headquarters located in deep Europe. We thought at first that they might be protecting Vladimir the top hunter and organizer of the Vatican hunting families. However we were not all together right, it seems that at one point earlier they were indeed protecting the elite Vampire King we have all come to know, why a Vampire wants to wipe out the Werewolf race is beyond me. We have also received intelligence that the Vatican One, also have some Vampire high up in rank in charge of their team, realizing what to do about it is completely unknown.” Damien continued.

“So do we have any plan at all?” Kasey asked.

“Well our first encounter with a rouge Vampire ended badly. It whipped out several of our members and severely wounded many others. And eventually whipped out the Day Walkers, the prior elites to us. So our best suggestion would be to try and avoid confrontation with the rouge Vampires until we learn more about ways to kill them,” Damien answered.

“Damn!” Kiba cursed.

“Even I didn’t stand much of a chance against the elite Vampire hunters,” Bazaar choked.

“Wait I know this might seem ridiculous, but what about them?” Tyler chimed in.

“Them?” I asked in confusion.

“Oh sorry, I am referring to the legendary Balefire University Werewolves, Balfour,” Tyler responded elegantly.

“We wish,” Frazer said coldly, “No one knows what has happened to them since the last cold war!”

“True,” Cory said emerging from a tunnel into the meeting room.

“Know something that can help us?” Candice smiled at him.

“Yeah I was friends with one of the Balfour, at one time in my life.” Cory said sadly.

“You were?” Kasey choked.

“Why haven’t you mentioned this before, Cory?” Bazaar sneered.

“Because he turned on me,” Cory shuddered.

“What the fuck?” Kasey cussed.

“Yeah he told me the Balfour were over and to let it go, but I couldn’t his skills were so amazing! However, I used to have a friend who could help us, it might take me a while to locate him but with Damien’s help we might be able to get some vital information?” Cory hoped, “However until then I have nothing else to contribute.”

“No Cory this is good!” Arial said, “With his help we might learn more about your friend, and why he gave up! Aren’t you a tad interested in learning why a legendary warrior like him just up and quit?”

“That’s true,” Kasey smiled.

“I think that would be our best lead sir,” I said.

“I think you are right Zale, consider this meeting abjured, Cory, Damien meet me in Sector C tomorrow evening at exactly eight hundred hours,” Bazaar ordered!

“Yes sir!” Damien and Cory said.

Everyone else dismissed themselves through the tunnels. I continued through the dark forests with only the light of the moon guiding me. It was going to be a full moon tonight, should cause some serious problems tomorrow! I continued forward smelling the beautiful air and the power the moon’s rays gave off. Changing tonight wouldn’t be too painful if there were to be any real problems today! As though I had cursed myself I was tossed against a tree.

“What the hell!” I yelped as the pain made me flinch.

“So you are the sorry son of a bitch that decided to mess with my mate!” he spat at me.

“What the hell is your problem?” I cried out.

“Oh denial, you’re asking for it, I am going to fuck you up so bad!” he swore as he punched me several times in the stomach.

“Who the hell are you?” I coughed as blood leaked down my face.

“The name is Kafore, and you touched my baby girl so that gives me every right to kill you!” Kafore laughed menacingly.

His fist flew at my face and he clocked me a few more times, the blood flowing faster now, from my mouth and my nose. Then he decided to let it happen a few more times, with socks to the stomach.

“You like this little bitch?” Kafore laughed.

“So what law grants you this permission to kill me huh?” I asked fearing the answer.

“Oh you must be unfamiliar with the Werewolf law; it’s all the rage now days. Anybody that touches a werewolf’s girl has permission from the pack to kill them, no matter what,” Kafore filled me in, “You touched my Chrissie now you get to die.”

“Well Mr. Kafore let me introduce you to my werewolf law,” I chuckled as my body tensed up.

My body tightened and pain filled me, my muscles rippled out and fur covered my entire body.

“No fucking way!” Kafore said, as he dropped me.

I got on all fours and smiled at him with my sharp teeth and red eyes. I looked over in bloodlust and saw a beautiful wolf covered in white fur, pink eyes glowing in the dark. My expression went cold.

“Everything clicking in place now is it?” said the newly formed werewolf in front of me.

“You’re the doll I had against the wall this morning aren’t you!” I asked.

“Yes you were you asshole!” she screamed.

“Yeah man we followed your scent you piece of shit!” Kafore yelled.

“Dude I’m sorry, she pissed me off and I just was playing around with her was all; I had no intention of stealing your girl!” I apologized, cursing Kasey’s pick-up lines.

“Doesn’t matter, it still happened Werewolf code means we have every right to pursue you and take you down,” said a werewolf that had jumped behind me.

“I understand but do you really think I will just roll over and take it?” I laughed, “Bring it!”

“Kill the son of a bitch!” Kafore shouted.

I instantly found myself in a sea of blood and drool.

Part Two

I remember waking up on the ground with a piercing headache pounding in my skull, which only meant one thing, I had gone Werewolf. I sneered and struggled to get up. Guess I had a lot of remembering to do, and the worst part was, the only time I am strong enough to do that is with my mate. She is going to love this!

“God damn it,” I cussed as I managed to stand myself up.

Slowly gathering the strength to move. Dragging my drained body to the Cabin, I managed to walk to the door. I opened my cabin door, a feat in itself, and stumbled through.

“Damn it Zale, what did you do!” a girl cried out as she ran towards me.

“I don’t remember,” I sighed.

“Must have gone Werewolf then?” she said in grimace, folding her arms over her blouse and slapping her denim jeans in distain. She then proceeded to fiddle with my tee-shirt

Although I knew she was upset with me her little pout made her look so much sexier. Her name was Nicole, she was my mate. She had the most beautiful long hair, and gorgeous bright blue eyes. She was about sixteen, and her body was still a little young, but all the same, she was more beautiful than any girl I have ever seen before. I had a huge crush on her when we were in sixth grade (She was in Fifth). Three years before I was bitten. I always stared at her, dreaming of her and me, one day I actually had the guts to ask her out to a Winter Dance, she said yes! It was an amazing Dance, we continued to date, but of course when Middle School came around she didn’t know what she wanted anymore and we broke up. However when I was bitten for the first three weeks of the change you basically feel invincible. Of course I wanted her back! That night I asked her to the schools Junior Prom, we danced our asses off and had a great time. Hell I barely remember much of it. My most permanent memory would have to be her amazing lips touching mine and the electricity that coursed through me from it! That kiss helped me regain control of the beast that I had inside me. She was almost like a balance for me. Whenever the Full moon came all that year we would meet up and despite the risks she would kiss me. Her electric angel lips slapping me back into reality! However one night, during a full moon we had crossed a line, it was in tenth grade not even a year after we began to date and I found myself lying in her bed naked, without any recollection of us even having sex! Since then I have basically made the werewolf my little bitch, I would never let that happen again! However, thank god that didn’t ruin everything!

“So what do we do now baby?” rang Nicole’s heavenly voice snapping me out of memory lane.

“I need your lips,” I smiled pulling her close to me. Being as romantic as I knew how.

“Maybe I’ll let you have them,” Nicole teased.

My heart raced with the very ring of her voice. It was amazing to be this deep in a relationship! Suddenly I felt the amazing magic that followed her kiss. Kissing deeper and deeper my heart raced. Suddenly it all hit me at once. Throwing me to the ground, the expression on her face stopped my hearts race.

“Baby are you ok!” Nicole cried, small tears falling from her beautiful blue eyes.

“Yes, just give me a second,” I cried as the memories overloaded my head.

I remembered everything!

Kafore had attacked me! I remember him hitting me against a tree. The white werewolf, she was the girl I had against the wall yesterday! Kafore was just following our code, what happened? I remember turning into my werewolf, suddenly bringing upon myself an entire pack against me. I remember tossing a few around like chew toys! I didn’t touch the girl, I remember that, I could never attack a girl, werewolf or not! The fight should have been against me, but I was beating them. The bloody details infected me, I watched a replay of me toss Kafore into the air, and body slam him into a tree. While attacking the throat of one of their pack members. Things went bad! The arrow that went through the skull of one of the pack members, there were hunters!

“Goddamn hunters!” I cussed loudly.

I instantly attacked Kafore knocking him out of the way of the arrow whizzing by him, then I remember talking to him.

“I need your help!” I cried out, “I know I screwed up but we need to put that aside if we want to live! Get the girls out of here, you and me, let’s do this!”

“Ladies get the hell out of here!” Kafore growled.

“We want to stay!” I remember a girl werewolf declaring!

Another came running behind her and yelled.

“Not this time Kristina, let’s get out of here!” the other wolf ordered!

“I hate to do this but I know I don’t have much of a choice!” Kafore cursed.

“Watch out!” I remember screaming!

Ducking three arrows came at me! I managed to dodge them and using my incredible speed I managed to get one by the leg and drag it off, proceeding to rip out its throat out once we were out of the battle! Then dashing back in, I remember for some reason there were only three hunters that day! Easily we took them down. I met up with Kafore and we got to talking.

“Hey man, fuck this shit!” Kafore said.

“What?” I said hostile.

“If we pick ourselves off like this then we are no better than the hunters! I call a truce, hell man, talk to your pack, I believe it would be more beneficial if we worked together!” Kafore said sincerely.

“I agree what’s your rank?” I asked.

“Tier Two,” He responded.

“Look I am sincerely sorry for what I did to your girl, it will never happen again! I’ll see too it!” I apologized.

“I understand man, look between you and I she is kind of a bitch, I can see how she would be in that situation!” Kafore laughed, “But don’t do it again!” he continued coldly.

“Promise!” I yelled to him as he dashed off back into the woods!

The pain I was feeling lifted. I stood up and smiled.

“Thank god that’s over!” I cried out as I stumbled to meet back up with Nicole.

“You ok baby?” Nicole said as she got up and brushed aside my hair.

“They were hunters,” I said hanging my head.

“Thank heavens you’re ok!” Nicole said concerned.

“Yeah same here!” I smiled at her, “What do you say we curl up together and watch a movie?”

“Sounds good, just let me slip into something more comfortable!” She winked as she slipped to the bedroom.

I bet it’s hard to believe that we live together me being seventeen almost eighteen and her only sixteen. But she really didn’t have much of a family. Her dad and her were never close and sadly her mom was addicted to heroin. However she survived and took care of her two younger sisters, Lace and Crystal, while her mom shot up in the bedroom. She than grew a fondness for living alone and decided to come live with me. She had her aunt take care of the two sisters for her, while she shackled up in the Cabin with me, living a somewhat normal life, as normal as it can get with a werewolf! Her sisters got to visit whenever and Nicole still went to see her mom every once in a while, and secretly (obviously I knew) searched for her dad who had walked out years ago. How she managed a three point six GPA and deal with her family issues and hell even me, was beyond me! She was so strong and that quality is what keeps me from ripping things in half! She came out of the bedroom wearing a pair of cloud pajama pants and a lacy night shirt. How I ended up with this goddess was beyond me. I sat down with her on the couch and wrapped a blanket around us and snuggled close to her. As unmanly as this must sound, this was my bliss!

“So hun how was school?” Nicole smiled.

“School,” I laughed, “How about you?”

“Mr. Kinney was being rough on us today, I only managed a ninety-seven on my vocab test, too much distain!” Nicole smiled.

“I think I got a seventy-four on my vocab test with Mr. Davis!” I laughed.

“You better have that grade up soon, or we are going to have a problem!” Nicole pouted playfully.

“I’ll get right on that!” I joked.

Sitting in the quiet for a while we continued watching the Scream movie, I looked over at Nicole and brushed aside a hair.

“Do you know how amazing and beautiful you are?” I smirked.

“Yes,” Nicole said as she entwined her hand with mine.

I softly kissed her and smiled looking into her beautiful eyes.

“Are you trying to get laid tonight,” Nicole said accusingly.

“Not particularly,” I said with a smug grin as I reached below the blanket and ran my hands down her thigh.

“Flirt,” Nicole said blushing as we kissed again.

Of course one thing led to another and I found myself with her naked body in my arms as we laid on the couch. I looked over at my crying phone, begging me to get up!

“Hey baby, we passed out on the couch,” I whispered in her ear.

“I see that,” Nicole smiled at me, as she pulled the covers over herself.

I couldn’t resist kissing her. Suddenly she stopped me and spoke up.

“I love you,” she said.

“I love you too,” I smiled back at her.

With a quick kiss she smiled at me and stood up taking the warm blanket from me.

“Suppose we should take our showers and get ready for school!”

“I suppose so,”

I got up and headed to the bathroom and quickly took a shower, running into her as I dried off.

“My turn,” she blushed.

I got out and went to the bedroom to get dressed. Tossing on a Carbon Black brand shirt and a pair of Southpole jeans I stepped out of the room. I walked out and tossed on my long sleeve dress shirt (kind of like my coat) and stuffed needed things into my backpack. I sat on the couch with a piece of toast and waited for her to get out. It always seemed like her showers were so much longer than mine. This was the saddest time of the day, we both went to different schools and never really got to see each other until the evening. Finally seeing her walk out wearing her fancy Abracombie and Fitch clothing, she smiled at me and grabbed her purse and backpack.

“Ready?” she smirked.

“Are you ready?” I smiled back.

We both went outside and jumped into my Toyota, back from my dad borrowing it yesterday. Putting our seat belts on I flew down the dirt road towards the main roads. Driving for about fifteen minute we came to a beautiful building made out of dark red brick, bamboo, and glass. This was Charleston High School, a bit fancier than my school, Deerington High School, but this is where this brainy goddess belonged. A bright future was in her wake.

“Have fun at school babe,” She said as she walked out into the campus grounds.

“I’ll try, don’t get into too much trouble brat,” I yelled to her.

I put my car in drive and proceeded on the main roads towards my school. Pulling into the campus parking lot I stepped out. Looking around I felt an uneasiness.

“Are you Zale Carrington?” said a man in an expensive suite who appeared behind me.

“I don’t go by that name anymore, it’s Zale Eno now,” I told Him quite coldly.

“Doesn’t matter anyway do you know this student?” He said as he showed me a picture of a burly man, I knew only as Kafore!

“No sir I have not, why do you ask?” I lied.

“He has some explaining to do about something that involves the Government and his Folks evading taxes,” the man said, clearly lying.

“Funny how you come to me? He doesn’t even go to this school,” I said catching on to his little game.

“You are not going to be civil are you?” the man threatened with a sigh.

“Wait what?” I sneered as he pulled out a gun and aimed it at my stomach.

“Listen here boy, you tell me where he is and we can go on our merry little way!” the man sneered.

“Excuse me, what are you doing pointing a gun at one of my students?” a man said. He too was in a suit but her wore a pair of thick glasses and had green eyes. I knew him as Mr. Davis, he was my writing teacher, though I didn’t know much else about him.

“Yes sir, I am, I am with the government I can do that!” the man scrambled.

“May I see your badge to carry a concealed weapon?” Mr. Davis asked quite ticked off.

“I um don’t have one!” the man stuttered.

“Then leave before I call the real authorities!” Mr. Davis said threateningly.

“You won’t see the last of me,” the guy cursed.

“Mr. Eno, would you please go to class, I will escort this one of the property and alert the proper powers,” Mr. Davis smiled.

“Thanks sir,” I said as I walked towards the building.

I finally ran into Kasey in the halls and started talking to him.

“We got attacked last night,” I sighed.

“Who is we?” Kasey asked.

“Kafore and I,” I answered.

“You mean that burly kid that is secretly a werewolf?” Kasey smirked insulting the man.

“Yeah, see I fucked up yesterday, I pinned a girl to the wall, and it turns out she was a mate to a werewolf pack,” I said sadly.

“Way to go dude, want to get killed!” Kasey said quite pissed slamming me into a locker. This was what we did, look out for each other!

“Anyways, we were fighting when suddenly an arrow flies straight into this werewolf’s head! I tackled Kafore out of the way of another shot and we teamed up to take the hunters down, succeeding of course I went home, however someone is looking for him right now, and for some reason they know I was there! This suited man,” I said worried.

“Wait, what someone is at this school looking to collect werewolves? In public come on!” Kasey said as he threw his arms into the air.

“Yeah he had a gun aimed at me man, this isn’t funny!” I cried out.

“Shhh, shesh come here!” Kasey said as he led me to the men’s bathroom.

“So wait run this by me again?” Kasey said, “You got attacked by a pack, then hunters, and now some collector in a suit is after you?”

“Yes,” I said desperately.

“Get out of here, that’s all I can say, get to the hideout and find Bazaar!” Kasey said, “Don’t take the car run by foot!”

“Ok, will you cover for me dude?” I asked.

“Yeah man, I’ll say you’re sick or some shit! Don’t worry about that get out and find Bazaar!” Kasey ordered me, “Here,” he said as he punched out the bathroom window!

“Thanks man!” I said as I leapt from the window, turning werewolf as I went down.

Dashing away I ran as fast as I could, dodging trees and branches, leaping into the air with one goal in mind, get as far away from school as possible. Running through the woods I felt a sharp pain go through my leg, causing me to stumble to the ground and do a face plant into the soil.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” a cold voice shuddered.

“What’s going on?” I asked slipping away.

“You’re going to take a nap,” the cold voice rang though my head.

“Fuck!” was all I could say before blackness engulfed me.

Suddenly turning back into a human I laid on the ground, with no hope in my mind, as inky darkness swallowed me whole.

Part Three

Waking up I noticed I was tied up in an empty wood shed somewhere.

“Where am I?” I spurred as pain filled my body.

“Hello werewolf,” I heard beside me, his accent heavy with hatred.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“That doesn’t matter, it ends here, your kind cannot exist on this planet,” He said behind me, “A new world is in route, and your kind is not allowed!”

“I am guessing that you are a hunter of sorts?” I said angrily.

“Yes I am one of the leaders of the hunters!” The man said as he cocked a gun.

“So one bullet behind the head I suppose,” I spat.

“Yes one bullet made out of pure silver, that should put you down!” the man laughed.

“Guess you have done your research than?” I said a little worried.

“Indeed I have Zale!” the man chucked as the metal barrel was put up against my head. A sound rang in my ear and I felt darkness swallow me, this time for the last time!

Bazaar sat in his seat quite upset about something.

“Bazaar sir what’s going on?” Damien asked as he typed away at his laptop.

“Something doesn’t seem right? That’s what I hate about these instincts they are all fuzzy and hold no explanation!” Bazaar cursed as he smacked his fist against a nearby table.

“Bazaar its Zale!” a voice rang out in the halls.

“Cory, what’s going on?” Damien asked.

“Kasey called me no more than ten minutes ago, he said someone was after Zale, some guy in a suit, and yesterday he was attacked by three hunters!” Cory said.

“Some guy in a suit?” Bazaar pondered.

“Kasey called to see if Zale made it here ok, which he didn’t!” Cory said.

“Well then, we have a pack crisis on our hands!” Damien said upset.

“Yes we do,” Bazaar scoffed.

“I’ll see if I can get his scent,” Cory told them.

Cory had turned werewolf in the tunnels and leapt out of the hole. Sniffing in the air for a catch of Zale’s sent. Suddenly smelling his blood Cory got pissed and ran after the source. Running as fast as he could after the source of the blood. Worry flooded him as he got closer and closer. Suddenly the smell filled his nostrils he looked down and saw a small pool of Zale’s blood. Anger infecting him like nothing else he dashed west where he had picked up a faint smell of people, hopefully the ones he was looking for, and not some horny teenagers. Towards his destination he saw a small wood shed with a hunter guarding the door. This was it. Like lightning Cory ripped out the hunter’s throat and drank heavily of his blood increasing the power he had now, and decreasing his chances of regaining control of his beastly side. Running in without thought he came face to face with the leader.

“Monster!” He cried!

Two bullets filled the air, Cory managed to dodge them and tackle the hunter.

“You are too late creature; I sunk a silver bullet into the werewolves’ head! What now? Killing me won’t bring him back!” the man chuckled.

Cory took a moment to notice his features, the few seconds of control he was granted allowed him to notice a distinct tattoo on his left arms. It was a V with the Star of David around it, the words “Assassin of thy Saviors” was underneath. Looking into his face he noticed many scratches and bruises. Then control slipped away and Cory ripped open his throat and drank all of the man’s blood. Several hours had passed and Cory had feinted. Getting up he noticed Zale lying next to him. It had gotten darker since worrying Cory further.

“Zale, wake up, are you ok?” Cory pleaded.

Zale said nothing. Feeling his pulse he realized it was too late.

“You sure made a right mess with this didn’t you!” said a man with an Irish accent. He was tall and wore a pair of dark glasses and had a fancy suit on. His hair was ruffled and black and his eyes were a dark green.

“Who are you?” Cory asked as he sat up.

“The name is Noah Davis,” he said.

“What do you want?” Cory asked.

“Well I don’t want anything, but I can save your friend!” Noah smiled.

“I don’t think so, Noah,” Cory said as he picked up a casing of the bullets that were shot at him.

“Well what you don’t know is Zale is incredibly unique he possess a very amazing gift that many werewolves do not,”

“What would that be?” Cory asked confused.

“Well I’m not wasting time telling you! You most locate Nicole; bring her here, and fast!” Noah ordered.

“Um ok, be back as soon as possible!” Cory said as he dashed towards Nicole and Zale’s cottage.

“Yes friend you have a very unique gift, and although you have a flawed resource it is still there, though I am not sure how you are going to take things when it happens,” Noah said crouching next to Zale’s dead body.

Cory had ran as fast as he could and it still took him twelve minutes to get there, not having the power to transform created a temporary inconvenience for him.

“Nicole!” Cory yelled.

“Cory what are you doing here?” Nicole said as she pulled her robe tighter around her, “It’s getting late!”

“Zale needs your help!” Cory pleaded.

“Oh my god what’s happened!” Nicole said as worry filled her.

“Not enough time to explain! Rode a werewolf before?” Cory smirked.

“Um no,” Nicole said.

“No better time to try?” Cory smiled as he turned into his beastly counterpart.

Nicole jumped on and wrapped her arms around his neck and they were off! Reaching the wood shed she jumped off and Cory turned back into himself.

“Good job, now Nicole, my name is Noah Davis,” Noah said.

“Um, nice to meet you?” she asked worried.

“Zale is dead,” Noah said quietly.

“What!” Nicole yelled out as tears poured from her eyes.

Running inside she sat on her knees next to Zale’s body, tears flying from her eyes as sadness swallowed her.

“However, you can save him,” Noah said, “But there is a price!”

“I can save him?” Nicole said as she wiped the tears from her eyes, “How?”

“It will cost you one year of your life,” Noah said as his head hung low.

“What?” Cory said!

“She is human it will cost her some time, if his mate were a werewolf it would cost him a day!” Noah informed him, “What do you say Nicole?” Noah asked.

“I’ll do it!” Nicole said as she struggled a smile.

“Ok you might want to look away,” Noah said as he whipped out a large pocket knife, “I have to take the bullet out, wait outside with Cory.”

“Ok,” Nicole said between sobs.

Cory and Nicole walked out and Noah began to dig into Zale’s head, after several minutes with limited light, he managed to drop the bloody bullet onto the wood shed floor. Noah stood up and walked to the door, opening it slightly.

“Come in Nicole,” Noah told her.

Nicole followed him inside and saw the bullet on the ground; she sat next to him on her knees and smiled at his body.

“What do I do?” Nicole asked.

“Kiss him with everything you have, put all your love, compassion and feelings into a single kiss, to his forehead,” Noah told her.

Nicole leaned over and thought hard on what they had been through, thinking back to that night in the cottage. Zale brushing aside her hair, his kiss electrifying her own. She smiled at the thought and leaned in close to Zale; she thought hard on everything and placed her lips on his forehead. Pain filled her immensely like she had been struck in the head, she felt the pain of the bullet going into him, her skin burned hot and her eyes watered. Pain filled her entire body, each crevasse each part, flooding her with sadness, anger and worry. Suddenly she felt her skin tighten. Then all of a sudden it was over. She looked up at Noah and she felt different, taller, and a little older. She smiled at Zale and looked around.

“Now run,” Noah told her.

“What?” she yelled.

Cory had already went werewolf and grabbed her throwing her on his back and running as fast as he could towards the hideout his pack shared. Running inside he quickly turned back and closed the hatch, locking it tightly. Sitting on the ground Cory wiped his forehead and smirked as he passed out.

I woke up in the middle of the woods, several animal bodies, and one human body surrounded me. I freaked out and dragged myself against a tree. My breathing increased and anxiety kicked in, I couldn’t remember what had happened in the last twenty-four hours.

“How are you doing?” an Irish voice sang behind him.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Well young man, you died!” said Noah as he appeared from behind the tree.

“That’s not possible!” I cried out as I wiped my blood and dirt encrusted face.

“Oh it very much is!” Noah said, “Nicole saved your life actually!”

“Is she ok?” I said sadly.

“Yea, she is a little older now but all in all she is ok!” Noah smiled.

“A little older? How long have I been out?” I asked him.

“Nearly thirty hours now, the blackout was caused by your beast side taking over, struggling for its life. See Zale you have a gift, you managed power from having a mate! That doesn’t happen very often, completely dependent on her to help you tame yourself, without her you wouldn’t be able to be in a normal society. Many werewolves rely on their mate for sexual intercourse, but sometimes they fall in love, however unlike them you have the deepest part of love, so deep in fact without her you would need another girl just to stay alive!” Noah said informally.

“That’s so weird!” I said, “So what is my gift?”

“Your two souls are entwined together, her life is your life, she can take it away or give it at will, with a price of course, she decided to take one year off her lifespan to save you, so now she is your age,” Noah said, “With that said you should get to the cottage and wash up, Nicole is with Cory right now and it’s best you two stay away from each other for a while, this gift is so rare that I don’t know what would happen if you got together again so quickly. I hope not much will change but with her donation. I’ll see you later Zale.”

Noah walked into the woods and I struggled to stand up. Managing to stand I felt dizzy and weak. Struggling I dragged myself to the cottage it took me a half hour to get there. I walked inside and dragged myself to the bathroom. I jumped into the shower and washed up. Getting out I got to my room put on some boxers and passed out on my bed.

“Cory are you ok?” Nicole said standing above him.

“What happened?” Cory asked.

“Well you’ve been through hell!” Nicole smiled.

“I bet,” Cory smiled as he struggled to sit up.

Sitting up he realized he was in one of the rooms in the underground tunnels of the Day Trekkers. He was laying on a very thick sleeping bag and had a throw wrinkled at his knees.

“Thanks for getting me a place to sleep,” Cory smiled as he stood up.

“Are you sure you can do that?” Nicole asked him.

“Yeah I feel so much better now! I think I will get some air,” Cory told her as he walked out to the hatch and pulled it open. Stepping outside he decided to go for a little walk. Walking out a bit he found a bush full of raspberries and snagged a few. Adding to the energy he was slowly getting back. Cory looked around at the beautiful bright woods and smiled at getting a chance to release the beat, taking some pressure off of him.

“Greetings werewolf,” a voice echoed behind him.

Quickly spinning around he saw himself in the arms of some man who was floating!

“A fucking Vampyr!” Cory cried out as he was bashed into a tree.

“Well now aren’t we somewhat intelligent!” the Vampyr smiled as he bashed Cory into the tree again for good measure.

“Now listen up!” the Vampyr ordered.

Waking up I found the light from the window blinding me. I sat up on the side of the bed and saw that I only got about an hour of sleep. Cursing at my insomnia I walked out into the living room and looked out the window.

“Probably shouldn’t go to school today,” Zale smiled as he walked to the phone, picked it up and dialed the school.

“Hello Principle, this is Zale, I am a junior, and my homeroom teacher is Mr. Davis, writing?” I said into the mic

“Hello Zale, what’s going on, you don’t sound too good,” the man on the phone said.

“Yeah I don’t feel too good either so I won’t be in school today,” I told him.

“That is ok, get well soon!” He said.

I hung up and got comfortable on the couch, turning the TV on and passing time watching some television. I managed to doze off again and woke up in the later evening. Glancing at the clock I noticed I got five hours of sleep and I felt a little better.

“I wonder what the hell happened yesterday.” I asked myself.

“You went through hell that’s for sure,” a dark voice said behind me.

Fear grabbed me in its unfaithful grasp!

Cory struggled to get free but he couldn’t manage it.

“It is no use I’m too strong for you, Mr. Cory!” the Vampyr smiled, “Here is the deal, you give me Nicole or I get to kill you!”

“Go to hell!” Cory said as he spat in the vampire’s face.

“How rude!” The Vampyr screamed as he slashed Cory’s arm!

“Damn it!” Cory yelled out in pain.

“Let’s try this again!” the Vampyr laughed, “Tell me where Nicole is!”

“Hey I think it would be best if you laid off him, Vampyr scum!” Bazaar’s voice pierced the air.

“Bazaar how nice to see you, want to watch me kill your favorite little doggy?” the Vampyr taunted.

Instantly Bazaar had gone Werewolf and attacked the invading Vampire. Cory smiled and jumped in.

I stood still and cursed to myself. Trying to go werewolf without success!

“I’ve come to kill you! My partner feels he has a very interesting way to make sure you die this time,” the Vampyr said as he came from nowhere and wrapped his arm around my neck.

“Damn it!” I cried, without the ability to go Werewolf he was done for!”

The door was flew open and standing in its arch was a burly teenager. In his mouth was some sort of vegetation and on his face was the scariest most impressive smile I’ve seen!

“I think you messed with the wrong wolf!” Kasey spat angrily!


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