Naruto: Insurgence

My best friend and I used to play Live Action Role Playing Games (LARPG) based on anything and everything. The best of all, was Naruto. We had a series running for seven (7) years… This is a new Arc I created as a piece of Naruto: Valkyrie.

Story Teaser

“Hyrano, you need to stop this! NOW!” I yelled as I leapt through the trees.

“Sikki, I need to end this. I don’t care how!” Hyrano yelled.

“I’m going to have to stop you!” I yelled as I pulled out three kunai and tossed them at Hyrano.

The three kunai flew through the air and Hyrano stopped them with a wall of water. We both landed on the ground panting.

“You can’t stop me Sikki, I’m stronger than you!” Hyrano yelled through gritted teeth.

“I’ll find a way!” I said with a smile.

Suddenly Hyrano attacked me, punching me with all his might, I kept blocking them. I swiftly kicked him aside and he rolled onto the grass. He was angry, I could use this to my advantage. He did a substitution jutsu and appeared behind me wielding a kunai. I quickly blocked him with my kunai and prepared to end this.

“Palm Rotation!” I yelled.

A ball of chakra appeared around me I twisted quickly with my hands outstretched and blasted Hyrano back. He laid on the ground panting as he quickly leapt to his feet and began to do hand signs.

“Crushing Wave!” Hyrano yelled.

An explosion of water formed behind him and he directed it at me flooding the battlefield with water. Clever, slow me down and knock me down a notch. I smiled at his craftiness and prepared to put it up a notch.

“Bayakugan!” My eyes became pupiless and I could see Hyrano as a network of chakra points, “Air Clone Jutsu!”

Several of me appeared and surrounded Hyrano we each quickly struck him in the main chakra points shutting his jutsu down. Hyrano fell to his knees as the water evaporated.

“Sikki, you’ve gotten better, I guess I can’t play with you anymore. I need to do this you don’t understand, I have to kill him. Do you remember what he has done?” Hyrano pleaded.

“Hyrano, you see it’s not as easy as that. Not only are you incapable of murder, but Amadeus would have your head. You can’t handle things like this! It’s not going to work!” I pleaded with him.

“Amadeus can’t touch me, I don’t care what you think. I’m doing it! I’m killing him!” Hyrano said, “You’re not standing in my way!”

Suddenly cobalt blue chakra began to blanket his body like lightning he flew at me punching me with all his power into the trees behind me. I crumpled to the ground as blood poured from my mouth.

“Am I capable now Sikki!!” he shouted

“You’re getting there!” I smirked as I wiped my face, “you disabled my palm seals. You’re getting good!”

“Get out of my way and I won’t cripple you!” Hyrano yelled as he leered over me.

“I’d like to see that old friend, channel that anger strike me with everything you’ve got! I can take it!”

“Poseidon’s Wrath!” Hyrano yelled.

Suddenly water formed around Hyrano building up larger and larger creating a massive figure to loom above me. He smiled in his water shell and brought his fist down on me. Exploding the ground where I was. Dirt and water was everywhere. The water evaporated and Hyrano stood pleased with himself. He turned around to see me with three chakra powered kunai as I launched them into him. Hitting his master chakra points crippling him once again.

“You’re good, but you don’t think this is going to work again do you?” Hyrano smiled.

Suddenly the world around him became bright and we woke up in the grass lying down. Amadeus stood above us clapping his hand. He just used Genjutsu on us, and effectively too.

“What did you do that for?” Hyrano said embarrassed.

“I just wanted to test your skills against each other!” Amadeus chuckled.

“Well how did we do?” I asked.

“Needs work!” Amadeus said.

Flight of Amadeus

   The sky was turing a deep purple, night would be upon them soon. Amadeus quickly leaned against a nearby tree, looks like another bust. Amadeus had short rustled blonde hair. He wore a signature long-coat, a brilliant white with the village insignia on it. He reached into his inside pocket and pulled out a single cigarette. Bringing it to his lips and lighting it. He took a long breath in and puffed out a stream of gray smoke. He looked up into the falling night sky and stood happily for a minute enjoying this amazing thing they call life. He looked around at the beautifully lush trees around him. This is what he lived for, fieldwork. He continued working on his cigarette and taking in the sights. Suddenly in the corner of his eyes he sees a slight shimmer, a reflection off of something. Amadeus stepped back as a kunai came at him, barely missing him. In an instance Amadeus disappeared.

     Standing on a fragile brach Amadeus appeared behind someone in all black. The person in black tried to glance back, but was only rewarded with a quick rabbit punch to his head. Falling unconsciously to the harsh ground below. Amadeus leapt and grabbed his target whisking them away. Standing with his unconscious trophy by the tree was Amadeus pulling in another stream of smoke and puffing out.

     “I certainly hope thats not all you have to offer!” Amadeus jeered.

Before him appeared three ninjas all ready to strike at once. They quickly lunged at him. Amadeus grabbed ones arm and threw them roughly into the ground. The next target tried his head, twisting his neck to the side to avoid it he greeted his assailant with his elbow knocking them out. The third had thought to show off and was midway through a falling kick. Amadeus managed to fills his stomach with half of his foot crippling the assailant instantly. Amadeus was bored with this and had hoped that this was not it. Although his mind was read appeared a cloud of dirt and smoke. Instantly it revealed a burly man. He had a muscular figure and a buzzed haircut. A sword handle poked out behind his shoulder. His face was scarred and he instantly posed as a treat to Amadeus.

     “Ello, Amadeus!” the frightening figure grunted in an Irish accent.

     “Tragedy?” Amadeus said dumbfounded.

     “Eh, the one in only. Flesh, blood, and all,” Tragedy smirked.

     “Not for long I hope,” Amadeus smiled as he took a final drag of his spent cigarette.

     “I’ll still be here, but I recon you won’t!” Tragedy threatened.

     “You look different? More of a threat I hope,” Amadeus retaliated.

     “Yeah, I’ve been working out a bit more, waiting for my chance to pummel you.”

     “You think you’re up to that challenge?”


     Amadeus was thrashed into the tree he was standing before. Crippling to the ground unexpectedly. Tragedy was much faster than before. Tragedy brought his elbow down on Amadeus’ falling body. The ground was rough and uninviting. A foot was coming at his face when Amadeus decided to spring into action. Disappearing and reappearing behind Tragedy Amadeus kicked him as hard as he could tumbling Tragedy to the ground.

     “Nice moves,” Tragedy smirked as blood threatened to enter his mouth.

     “Not too shabby yourself,” Amadeus responded.

Suddenly Tragedy leapt onto his feet and drew his sword.

     “I guess there is no more time for fun, I have a tight schedule,” Tragedy spat.

     Tragedy threw himself at Amadeus led by his blade. Amadeus just barely managed to pull out a kunai and block Tragedy’s attack breaking several kunai before Amadeus leapt backwards, distancing himself from his attacker. Amadeus was usually prepared for this but Tragedy had thrown him for a loop. He had to regroup and think of a strategy. Amadeus disappeared and hid himself in one of the trees. Tragedy seemed uninterested. Whatever he was planning this wasn’t as important. Amadeus had to buy some time. How to warn the village though? Tragedy turned into smoke and disappeared. Amadeus barely had time to look back when a blade was coming at him. He blocked with the only thing he could. His arm.

     Blood flowed down his arm and suddenly Amadeus began to feel chakra draining from his body. The swords blade began to glow a bright blue and Amadeus had put it together. A major flaw in any plan, he was running out of chakra now.

     “New blade crafted from the finest chakra drawing metals. My own design believe it or not, I think you’re finished. Some longboat you are,” Tragedy smiled putting more pressure on the blade in Amadeus’ arm.

     “You haven’t seen nothing yet,” Amadeus smiled.

     The blade began to glow a bright red overwhelming the blade blasting it away from Amadeus and out of Tragedy’s hands.

     “What happened?” Tragedy said suddenly taken aback.

Red light began to surround Amadeus’ arm and play on his fingertips. Amadeus flipped into the air and prepared his signature attack. Light began to overload in his hands and he came dropping down, fist outstretched heading straight for the chest of his target.

     “Symphony Strike!” Amadeus yelled as he struck tragedy’s chest, arrows of light exploding from his arms into tragedy’s body! Tragedy took it all, not without consequences though.

     Tragedy had sustained a lot of damage. But that didn’t hinder him any he grabbed Amadeus by the throat, another flaw-he left himself wide open-, and he tossed him into the ground as hard as his battered body could. Amadeus laid in the dirt allowing the pain to evaporate from his body. He was tapped out, no more chakra, heavy damage, he had failed his mission as a long-coat. He had failed to protect his village. He couldn’t let his failure let him down, he had to get away and warn someone. He quickly threw himself to his feet and ran, as fast as his painful body would let him. Running like the wind trying his best to get away. He had ran into a slight roadblock. Tragedy still had chakra and appeared before him, his blade drawn charging the fleeing Amadeus. Gritting his teeth, he had no choice but to fight him off to escape. He dodged his blade and punched Tragedy in the back sending him into the ground. Running as fast as he could Amadeus was trying his best to get away. His body was giving out. Unconsciousness threatened to claim him. He tumbled to the ground, pulling himself up desperately.

     “I didn’t want to do this,” Tragedy screamed behind him, “Terror Quake!”

Suddenly Amadeus was swallowed by the ground, falling to a pit of glowing kunai below. Impaling him he laid in painful mass of flesh and blood. Amadeus had been defeated. There was nothing more he could do. Unconsciousness had taken him and his mission was a fail. Some long-coat he was?

With Aid of a Longcoat

“Well Amadeus, I had really hoped you would have put up a much more satisfying fight!” Tragedy said, panting because of his wounds, “I guess I better finish this mission then!”

Suddenly the ground around Amadeus began to glow as Tragedy’s sword drained the last remaining chakra he possessed. Tragedy grabbed his sword handle and lowered it to his hand, siphoning chakra from the metal replenishing his energy.

“Goodbye old rival,” Tragedy said as he lifted his sword and aimed it like a spear at Amadeus.

Suddenly Tragedy was blasted backwards into the enormous trunk of an elder tree. Several kunai came at him pinning Tragedy to the tree. A figure emerged from the darkness. Pulling a metal instrument from his long-coat and revealing a chakra lightsaber.

“Don’t you worry, death will befall you shortly,” was all the figure said as he rushed him, thrusting the chakra lightsaber into his chest.

“You think, a little, cough, blade will stop me?” Tragedy sputtered blood dripping from his mouth.

“I think it’s already over, resistance is futile,” the figure announced pulling the blade from Tragedy’s chest just to stab it into him again, “drain him.”

Vines began to sprout from the blade surrounding the tree and Tragedy. It began glowing bright light as life-force was absorbed. The tree began to heal itself, losing years of battle scars and carved initials of would-be-lovers. The branches sprouted longer and the leaves began to become a darker green, vibrant with life. Tragedy still wouldn’t give up. Fighting the vines obsessively.

“No, it can’t end like this!” Tragedy cried out, “Tragedy Bomb!”

Tragedy’s sword began to glow a bright red and exploded with a ball of bright red light, blasting the mysterious long-coat into the skies above. Tragedy grabbed the lightsaber and plucked it from his chest. Flexing his muscles he managed to break all the vines. He grabbed his sword and cut the chakra lightsaber draining it of all it’s energy. Tragedy put his hands on the blade and siphoned all the remaining chakra from his blade and began to dash as far away from here as he could. He didn’t get to far when he noticed his assailant hot on his tracks.

“Trip him!” they yelled as vines furiously tried to claim Tragedy.

Finally falling to the ground Tragedy looked around for some sort of escape plan. His chakra reserves were low, and he was in quite a bit of pain, there isn’t much more of this he could take. The figure managed to summon his chakra lightsaber once again. Tragedy smirked as he realized he had a vibrant source of chakra to feed off. He broke himself free and charged his attacker. The figure didn’t even flinch suddenly as though magic, the blade was once again in Tragedy’s chest.

“You’re not getting away this time,” the figure smiled, “Chakra Storm!”

Tragedy was whisked to some bright ball of light surrounded by clones. They each had their own form of the chakra lightsaber. They all attacked him mercilessly at once. Strike after strike, draining Tragedy of his precious chakra reserves in aid to cause ever more pain. Finally there stood the figure, his blade cocked slightly at his chest. His lips moved but Tragedy already felt the blade in his chest, it was over. His blade stumbled from his hand as his life-force evaporated into the evening air. Collapsing on the ground laid the spent Tragedy. The figure walked up to him and called out. Suddenly Anbu Black-Ops appeared to dispose of the body. The figure ran with all his might towards the trap Amadeus had found himself in. The figure noticed that Amadeus still had a very weak spark of life energy.

“Defiant until the end old friend?” the figure smiled.

Using streams of chakra the figure managed to retrieve the battered Amadeus and threw him over his shoulder. Dashing on his way back to the village. The little spark withering slightly with each step. Finally managed to cross the gates and rushed Amadeus to their hospital and had healing ninja surrounding him siphoning their chakra into Amadeus with a hope that maybe, he could survive.

Amadeus awoke in pain in the hospital wing. He felt his chakra levels were dangerously low. He struggled himself up looking out the window seeing bright sunshine.

“Hello Amadeus,” a voice startled.

Amadeus looked over to see his proud and happy Hokage! He was a ridiculous man, short brown hair, ridiculous smile on his face, big blue eyes. It was as if no matter how awful the situation, he always managed a smile.

“Hokage Orion!” Amadeus spoke, surprised.

“Quite a fight you had there, huh,” Orion said, his uplifting voice almost shaking the room.

“Tragedy, was so different,” Amadeus said, his head hung low in defeat.

“Yes, he was under the possession of an ancient sword, sealed away almost ten decades ago! It’s power is maddening, it makes the wielder attack in blatant bloodlust in desire of feeding the sword chakra,” Orion said almost seriously.

“I can’t believe how powerful that made him!” Amadeus said upsettingly.

“Well if it makes you feel any better. If it wasn’t for your first attack against him, Sakamae would never have stood a chance. It’s because of you we were able to take down this fantastically psychotic powerhouse!” Orion said favorably.

“Well I feel like a total disappointment!” Amadeus said hanging his head low.

“Well don’t! You were amazing! Now we need to talk about something, I have a preposition for you!” Orion said, more serious then ever before.

“Give me my coat,” Amadeus ordered.

Orion handed his coat over to Amadeus. He pulled out a single cigarette and placed it between his lips.

“What kind of proposition?” Amadeus spoke as he lit his cigarette.

Mahus Clan’s Revenge

I’ve never been any good with introductions… So I decided, why not throw our heroes in a perilous battle with unguessable odds? Sounds fun right? 

Suddenly Malik threw hand signs as I looked over at him. “Thousand Arms Jutsu!” He cried out, light came out in strings around his body forming into arms that rushed at me. 

This guy possessed Yin Release a very complicated Chakra Nature, usually best for healing but he was using it for attacking. I stepped back in awe as I realized, this mission was not going to be an easy one. 

“Byakugan” I cried out as my eyes turned white suddenly everything was clear and I could see his Chakra Arms coming at me, “Palm Rotation.” 

Chakra gathered around my body and blasted all around me deflecting the attack with ease. His face dropped in disappointment.

“So, you’re a Hyuga then?” He said with a frown. 

“Your guess is as good as mine, my name is actually Sikki Habaku, and I don’t know how I posses the Byakugan, however it spells doom for you and your wretched plans!” I said confidently. 

“No matter boy, I’ve been saving this trick for a little while now, but I guess you leave me no choice. This village must fall,” he said as he did hand signs at an unusually fast rate my Byakugan caught it all but unlike the Sharingan, I could not replicate it. However, unusually so I pieced together his Jutsu? Something the Byakugan could not do? He was doing a summoning Jutsu! 

“Yin Style, Summoning Jutsu: Wrath of Canahagura!” He yelled quickly cutting off his hand and dropping it to the floor. The blood pooled around a Summoner Star and light erupted from the ground. 

A Summoning Jutsu that requires a hand sacrifice! I was terrified, who was this Canahagura? Above me I was cast in shadows as a bird-like creature descended from the skies landing behind Malik. Light played from both their bodies as they stitched themselves together. He was absorbed by the creature he summoned! I felt very weak, like the air around me was poisoned. I quickly coughed into my hand, specks of blood emerged. 

“This is Canahagura, the Bird Demoness of Yin, her very presence poisons those around her, reverting your Chakra to a quick acting poison. You will not be alive long child. We will succeed in our mission, once I wipe the floor with you, the poison will spread like wildfire through the village. Wiping out your precious Shinobi!” He laughed manically. 

The creature rushed me, blades of light exploded from her wings as she sliced through me. Tossed to the ground blood pooled around my chest. Suddenly everything felt heavier, the poison was faster now. I crumpled to the ground blood oozing from my mouth. I looked as my Byakugan turned off, my chakra was no longer available. Nothing but poison reside inside me now. 

Amadeus quickly leapt through the trees, Hyrano scaling behind him. 

“What is the deal Sensei? Why does this clan want to hurt us?” Hyrano asked. 

“It was all a startling discovery, the Mahus were practicing the complicated art of Yin Release, a Chakra Nature reserved for healing, and turning it into a weapon. We could not fathom why they would want to do that, as that is exactly what Yang Release is, they are designed to be balanced. They came to me, for answers. Since I posses the Yin Chakra and have molded it into a formidable weapon over time, however. It’s not wielding it as a weapon that was an issue, with enough practice any Chakra Nature is a weapon. They wanted it to be basically a biological weapon. Turning it’s positives into a negative.” Amadeus said.

“What did the Hokage think?” Hyrano asked. 

“At first Hokage Orion was on board for this, despite his peaceful nature, as it would give us a heads up if this was to be used covertly in the future to harm us. But they had been way more involved then we thought! Worshipping a race of creatures known as Harpies.”


Their story is dark. When they were partnered with the old villages as an asset, they healed their wounded. They were never appreciated though, being treated as nothing more than healing deities to harvest as they pleased. They wanted to push the boundaries of their abilities bringing back remains of foes to revive and torture at will for information. However, their is a law you must never forget. Equivalent Exchange. You cannot have something without giving something of equal value in exchange. Chakra is not a forever flowing river, and the Harpies knew this. So they ruthlessly thought up a plan. Slowly they began to poison those that came to them for healing. Until the population dwindled without cause. A fellow Ninja stumbled across tapestries of their plans and quickly warned the Hokage who hired the Seven Sealers to seal the Harpies away. Causing bitter resentment from those who worshipped them.”

“Wow, I had no idea, they should definitely tell more about this is school. I wonder if Sikki is doing okay? We haven’t heard from him and I’m quite worried. He’s very efficient.” Hyrano said a flicker of despair in his eyes. 

“It would probably be a good idea to check on his status,” Amadeus said with a slight frown. 

Sikki was on the ground panting beneath the creature that sprung above him. The poison was quickly coursing through his body and it left him weak as the villain spilled off his plan.

“Poison is an interesting thing. It takes a lot of studying to know you’ve been poisoned, especially if it is in low doses. You are a mess, and would give it away quick but that’s because you’re so close to Canahagura those in the village just through these woods shall feel this soon. I also forgot to mention, only the But don’t worry, it will be over soon. It’s been a pleasure fighting you Sikki, I wish you were more powerful though. Pity that.” Malik said with a smile as he and the abomination began to part ways. 

“Bummer,” I cried as unconsciousness begged for me.

 A light began to caress my body, the black poison oozing out of my pores. I stood up carefully wiping the blood from my lips. I smirked as I looked up into the clouds and saw rays of light raining down on me. I looked over at my assailant who was suddenly stark with shock. 

“What is happening? What are you!” He asked in fear. 

“I don’t know but I feel so much better now,” I smiled. 

Quickly I bit my thumb and struck the ground as the chakra regenerated inside me. 

“Air Summoning Jutsu. Haleigh, Wyvern of the Wind, I call you forth!” I announced. 

The ground exploded in light as a whirlwind appeared before me, suddenly a massive bird struck through its wings outstretched as it began to cycle the air around us into the vacuum of its beak. Absorbing the poison in the air into its body for purification. 

“Byakugan, Air Palm Jutsu!” I said as wind gathered around my fingers I rushed him and started poking each of his Chakra Points disrupting his flow of Chakra the cry of the Canahagaru echoed in the wind as Malik’s body was blasted from the creature to the ground. It turned into vapor as Haleigh sucked it into its body. It’s white feathers glinted with black as the poison was being filtered through its body. It screeched loudly as it struggled to contain the poison. 

“Air Transfer Jutsu!” I yelled as I siphoned my Chakra into the creature, suddenly it’s feathers began to glow as the black dissipated from its tips. I sat exhausted on the ground as it waddled over to me, laying it’s head in my lap. I caressed it softly as I thanked it for saving us all. It evaporated into the wind. 

“What happened?” Malik cried, his Chakra was gathered inside him, but his network would not allow him access to it. I was surprised to see he had anything left, that summoning must have taken a lot out of him with how much he was panting. 

“So you’re the one behind all this,” I heard a soft voice from behind. 

“Malik, one of the Mahus clan,” I said weak from battle. 

“Jesus Sikki, couldn’t you wait five more minutes?” Hyrano chuckled, disappointed that he couldn’t partake in the battle.

“Sorry Hyrano old pal, I couldn’t let this one get away. He was planing on poisoning us all. I’m not sure if he is the only one that can summon those creatures but we need to let Orion know, like hours ago,” I said with a frown. 

“Good job Sikki, it’s not often a Chunin takes on a level six ninja like that, how the hell did you win?” Amadeus said pulling a cigarette to his lip and lighting it. 

“I don’t know honestly Sensei, all of a sudden light rainied on me detoxing my body of the poison I was inflicted,” I said confused. 

“Light?” Amadeus said, his cigarette handing loosely from his lips as worry pained him. 

“Yeah, don’t know but it saved my ass. You should have been here sooner, I almost died!” I cried out.

“Sorry man, we really tried to make it here sooner.” Hyrano said disappointed. 

“Well, we need to let Hokage know right away, can you travel with us Sikki?” Amadeus said with a little grin. 

“Yeah, I’m not completely broken you know!” I laughed as I struggled to stand up. That battle had drained me completely I wouldn’t be much use in a battle right now, it’s in Hyrano’s hands now if we were to be attacked. 

Hokage Orion stood in his office looking out the window, over the leaf village and all it’s glory, not a care in the world. Not even realizing their entire village was almost assassinated by the Mahus. Two Anbu Black-Ops came to him. Worry painted on his face. 

“Their is a disturbance in the forest Hokage, Amadeus and his team is on their way with a briefing of what had conspired. I’m afraid we are in grave danger, per usual!” The Anbu said disappointed. 

“Oh fear not my fellow Anbu, I will relay my orders to you as soon as I am brought to speed on the events that had exploded in the forest. Thank you for letting me know. 

Amadeus and his team leapt through the woods at upmost speed trying desperately to reach the gates of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. 

“Substitution Jutsu now!” Amadeus yelled. 

Hyrano and I quickly did the hand signs as two Kunai filled the air. Hitting nothing but logs as Amadeus landed on the forest floor. 

“Yin Release, Phantom Walker,” Amadeus said as he surrounded himself in shimmering light, making him practically invisible to their attackers. 

“Damn it, he knew we were here, what is he a fucking Sage?” A man said coming out of the bushes with a grimace. 

“This is Amadeus Mozart we are talking about, we were foolish to think we could surprise him, he’s probably listening right now you fools!” A man said as he stepped from the shadows his eye was gashed with cuts, his nose mangled from battle, and his hair untidy as he held in his arm a large concrete column. 

“Prepare for battle you fools,” the man said as he held up his column to fight. 

The two men beside him quickly did hand signs as they locked eyes with each other.

“Yin Release, Two-Timing Combo!” They yelled together as chakra strings flew through the air connecting the two enemies. Suddenly their bodies became one giant monster.

“Yin Release, Speed of Light Jutsu!” The leader exclaimed as Chakra built around him suddenly he disappeared.

“Byakugan,” I cried as I strained for the last of my chakra, “Hyrano, the two soldiers combined themselves to this monstrous beast and their leader activated a Jutsu that makes him ridiculously fast, your Sharingan should be able to see him!”

Suddenly a pain pierced through my chest as my Byakugan sapped a bit of my Spirit Chakra I fell to the ground panting as it shut off. Hyrano had activated his Sharingan and watched as Amadeus approached the assailants.

“Yin Release, Phantom Light Symphony,” Amadeus whispered as invisible arrows of light gathered around his hands he ran up and punched the unsuspecting beast as his arrows of light pierced their flesh.

“Amadeus hit me,” they cried in harmony.

Suddenly Amadeus was stuck from the soil crashed into a tree as blood oozed out of his mouth, the leader appeared in a shimmer crashing his column onto him Amadeus was instantly out, unconscious in the soil struggling for the light. Hyrano leapt out of the forest and quickly did some hand signs.

“Water Style; Water Shuriken Jutsu!” Hyrano yelled as water formed behind him lashing out at their attackers.

“Water Nature,” the beast said as it struck them.

“I’ll take care of this guy,” the leader laughed as he disappeared and appeared behind Hyrano, his Sharingan just barely caught a glimpse of him as Hyrano looked over in fear at the cement coming at him. Water came around him and blocked the attack, it began to ripple corroding the cement quickly. The leader leapt back pulling the weapon from the waters grip.

“Jesus, no!” He cried out angrily.

Hyrano was shocked, he didn’t do that? He wasn’t this fast yet, his Sharingan was just barely unlocked and it didn’t pick things up as quickly as a veteran Uchia’s would, not to mention he was an Escalade, not an Uchia, he had no idea how he had this either! Where did the water come to protect him? He didn’t have time to understand it as the leader was already upon him again, the water balled around Hyrano blocking the attack but turning to vapor as it surrounded the cement.

“Nice try boy, I’ve made the Yin Chakra heat up, so your water can’t degrade it any further. Nothing but water vapor for you, now time to die!” He laughed as the cement was hovering over him.

Sikki leapt into the air, “Byakugan, Palm Rotation!”

The pain struck him as Spirit Chakra surrounded him defending the two from the attack. Sikki fell to the ground as blood dripped from his nose. He tried to stand up and stare at the attackers.

“Well, you look a bit in rough shape,” the leader said trying to stand up from the blast.

“Sikki, what’s going on?” Hyrano asked.

“Nothing, lets finish this guy,” Sikki panted.

Amadeus was conscious and pulled his pained arms to his chest and pulled off a hand sign, “Yin Release Chakra Transfer Jutsu!”

Suddenly Chakra entered Sikki’s body, the Byakugan turning on and everything coming clear again.

“Hyrano, ready!” Sikki said putting his hands together.

“Sharingan,” Hyrano said as he followed each of Sikki’s hand signs.

A blast of wind built behind them water sucked inside it as a typhoon appeared, Chakra Needles poked out of the typhoon as it exploded. Blasting needles of Chakra at the foes hitting them in each of their Chakra Points. The two people were separated and the Chakra dissipated from the leader’s body as they no longer had access to their Chakra.

“This is disappointing,” the leader said with a frown.

“Sorry sir, we don’t know what happened?” The two said dumbfounded.

“They posses Ocular Kekkai Genkai, it was foolish to approach them like this. Master Camarillo is going to be disappointed,” the leader said struggling to stand up.

Suddenly three Anbu-Black-Ops appeared in the forest behind the three heroes. They sat next to Amadeus looking over his wounds.

“You are under arrest for Treason,” the three Anbu-Black-Ops said in unison.

Chakra wrapped around their arms and hands as they were slowly paralyzed. They picked up the three ninjas and leapt towards the Hidden Leaf Village. Sikki and Hyrano picked up the mangled Amadeus and followed them.

“We need to find out more about this Camarillo, we are probably in great danger,” Amadeus said softly.

“Don’t worry about it Sensei, get some rest, we will meet up with Orion and figure something out,” Sikki said, “also, thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Amadeus said with a small smile.

The approached the hospital as two healing Ninja retrieved Amadeus and we followed them to one of the tents. Hokage Orion sat in a stool next to the bed helping them get Amadeus comfortable.

“The Anbus let me know the situation, what else have I missed?” He asked triumphantly.

“The Mahus Sir are rebelling against us. I fought one earlier who planned to poison us all with a Harpie,” Sikki said with a sigh.

“Amadeus told me a bit about the Harpies, but I thought they were sealed away, and they mentioned Camarillo, does that sound familiar to you?” Hyrano asked.

The color left the Hokage’s cheeks as he looked out the window, contemplating the amount of danger we were all in now.

“The Seven Sages of Sealing, locked away the Harpies we knew, but that doesn’t mean their aren’t others out there. Camarillo however, is one of the Seven Sages of Sealing. I’m concerned with his involvement of this, as they are ridiculously powerful Ninja, this could be simply a misunderstanding and he might be undercover, but I’m not certain of what is happening with this. I must speak to the council on this matter immediately. I’m sorry Amadeus, Hyrano, Sikki, this is now an D-Rank Mission, you can no longer be involved,” Orion said as he walked out the door.

Sikki and Hyrano sat down beside their Sensei, contemplating the information they had received.

“The was easily at least a C-Rank Mission,” Amadeus chuckled softly.

“You need some rest Sensei, what are we to do now? I feel like we need to help them!” Hyrano said angrily staring out the door.

“We need more information,” Sikki said trying to think of a plan.

“Stop it,” Amadeus coughed as he sat up, “this is a D-Rank Mission, you haven’t even been cleared for a C-Rank, let alone a D-Rank, back off.”

Hyrano and Sikki looked at their mangled Sensei with worry on their eyes. They looked at each other, a little plan forming between them.

“Sorry Sensei, get some rest,” they said to Amadeus.

“Well it’s not like I can stop you or anything,” Amadeus said slyly as he pulled a cigarette to his lips, “good night boys.”


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