Old Works

Before I got serious about blogging, I had been writing since I was old enough to type. Since the collection of writing I’ve done is extensive I have dedicated a section to old works I have completed! This will be organized in order of when they were written, and I carried over my major pieces.

Day Trekkers

Vampires were always known for their incredibly feats. But sometimes darkness can engulf even the most powerful Vampires. Join this posse of Vampires as war and romance bloom on their planet.

Werewolves and Vampires have lived in harmony for many decades, so why is this ruthless Vampire Lord named Vladimir hiring hunters with the sinister goal of Exterminating their species? Join the elite as they defend their species!

Demons and Angels, polar opposites, constantly at war with one another. When an unlikely pair is forced to join sides, it’s anyone’s guess to how it may effect the impending war breathing down their neck.

Follow a ‘stereotypical’ teenager and his ‘stereotypical’ life in which is changed by the mere step into the Dimension. Soon he must make very ‘unstereotypical’ decisions to save his friends!

A collage of pieces I have written throughout time. Each with it’s own unique flair!


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